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  1. I don't think MDNA era was all that bad, the album did well and the tour was magnificent. She did some interviews during the tour and also the fb chat. The only thing it lacked was a promo tour (what for when we have an actual amazing tour?) and magazine covers. Add 2 magazine spreads like the ones we've gotten so far and count me in for another MDNA scenario. Anyway, in the end, isn't music the most important?
  2. MDNAs title was announced in middle january during that Graham norton interview just two months before its release. So if the album IS going to be released around november, we shouldn't expect much till september or october the latest
  3. Apparently Taylor swift's album will be released on 13/10 in the UK
  4. Awsome, I'm gonna read it now! I've read somewhere a month or so ago that Adele wasn't going to release her album this year, I don't recall where so it may not be accurate tho
  5. The lyrics change in Some girls are so clever, she really is not like some other girls. Didn't know LS was a finished song too, however it has M's name written all over it, it's perfect for her
  6. yeah she does sound great at times, but her voice overall sounds a little too manipulated on the album It's interesting that all of her team is going to be there... I guess that if she does a photoshoot or something she'll most likely post some bts pics on her instagram
  7. I can't wait to hear M's voice on the new tracks... There's something about her voice, it makes me feel like I'm home I hope they don't fuck her voice up too much like on MDNA
  8. It'd be brilliant if she'd sample In the closet to make what she wanted to do with that song
  9. I was about to say that maybe Sia is releasing her album by surprise tomorrow but it already has a release date so... Anyway, I don't think this has anything to do w/ Madge so I won't get my hopes up
  10. Omg I don't know what to think right now the only thing I know for sure: SHE'S COMING!
  11. Hmmm, I think he was just talking about a concert or something like that, since he captioned it on a picture of him on a live show. I guess we'll have to wait till monday to get some new information (IF she did an interview with V)
  12. In my opinion, she won't "Beyoncé" her album, but I do see her doing it with the 1st single... It will be a massive "OMG Madonna's got a new song out!!!!" and the world will go wild buying it
  13. I think this is what could possible be happening, but not a performance, maybe something more like a message to anounce the single
  14. They should unveil the mistery tonight, otherwise people will lose insterest. If it goes down in a week or two no one will remeber a billboard snippet
  15. "If I ran away, i'd never have the strength to go very far..." is her most beautiful bridge imo
  16. I was about to say it could be Frank but... neither "shape-shifting" or "legend" apply to him... And with Swift is the same. "Lay me down" by Avicii has a funky disco sound just like the one in the snippet, so it could be an Avicii produced song, in case it actually is Madonna's song
  17. It doesn't sound like any of the producers revealed so far on the album, but you never know. Plus, the description does fit M and it sounds really Madonna, like a mix of Music Inferno and Hung Up We'll have to wait and listen... Edit: People on twitter are guessing... Mostly say it's M and two mentioned... Janet
  18. Ariel co-produced Sky Ferreira's 'Night time, My time' full album and most of the tracks on Haim's 'Days Are Gone' ... However this turns out to be I'M SOOO HEERE FOR IT!! I have the feeling thhis is going to be such a fun album!
  19. Good good! He also posted this http://instagram.com/p/ntQXfzqMr7/ I think M really got him I'm dying to hear the results!!
  20. Me. I Am Madonna. Yes, Madonna... The Elusive Nymphomaniac.
  21. I had no idea where to post this, but here I go I saw it on twitter and some say its from the Truth Or Dare commercial... What do you think?
  22. We can also assume that the album cover will be shot by Mert&Marcus with Giovanni Bianco on the graphic desing
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