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  1. I danced my ass off to Vogue... I need to lay down
  2. Unapologetic bitch makes me want to dance so much!!!! So do LFL and BIM, but right now i'm having an unapologetic moment
  3. only M could have the pope live on a performance! He could show up with the choir and when the song ends, M throws him off the stage and shouts "FUCK your dogmas!"
  4. For me, it should be (in no particular order): Living For Love Devil Pray Illuminati Unapologetic Bitch Bitch, I'm Madonna Ghosttown Rebel Heart Wash All Over Me Messiah Borrowed Time Revolution Iconic Veni Vidi Vici Inside Out Joan of Arc The One That Got Away Heartbreak City Tragic Girl S.E.X. I'm obviously open to surprises, but these would be my 19 from the demos we've got
  5. yeah the booklet could've been better, but hc and al are by far the worst. Erotica, bs and music are my favorites, along with the immaculate collection and celebration
  6. love it! When it was first released i actually liked this one more than the deluxe one, but that definitelly changed over time. Have yet to buy the standar edition cd
  7. can't wait! Can't wait for u2's performance as well. i"ve heard the public will have no escape from them, their performance will be streamed in every single tv channel in the globe live
  8. I can't wait for jan/feb and the promo to begin! This is going to be such an amazing year! From the demos and the final songs we have, we can be sure that both lyrics and production are going to be beyong amazing on this album
  9. I think M likes Miley because she sees her young self in her... Specially with all the hate she got from the overly sexual Bangerz campaign. Miley can come across as very stupid, lost or whatever, but she actually seems like a good hearted person
  10. i hate the "bitch get off my pole" line, what's a "pole" by the way???
  11. Well, I think he meant after the new year (as in sometime during the first 2 weeks of january), not on NY's eve. Everybody's going to be partying, even her, not sending questions on twitter
  12. Shadow Black ‏@lasthawking 5 minhace 5 minutos @guyoseary as is the relationship of Madonna with Katy? they already thought about doing music together? :l 0 respuestas1 retweet1 favorito Responder Retwittear1 Favorito1 Más Acciones de usuario Siguiendo Guy OsearyCuenta verificada‏@guyoseary @lasthawking that would be great. Nothing yet. That fan was NOT looking for that answer
  13. I love Two Step behind, I wanna sing it out loud to a lot of people lol but it should stay out of the album to avoid the media creating more controversy tbh
  14. So, I was on scrolling down on twitter and found the most amazing and hilarious accound EVER. This tweets have made my day @MadonnaFanFic
  15. I bought it only because of the artwork tbh
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