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  1. I don't want to get too exited over those instagrams... She's such an #unapologetictroll! But a double album would be amaziiiinnnggg!!
  2. A collector who posts in a spanish forum called MadonnaSect has been saying that he had some of the demos recorded this year by M and held a little listening party with one of the users a couple days ago, who posted his thoughts on some of the songs: "Unapologetic Bitch: Reggae. Weird. In the beginning it doesn't sound like it's M singing! But of course, it's her. It starts with a jamaican vibe and the she starts vocalizing (which reminded me of Diana King for a moment). There's a cool contrast between the title of the song and its melody. Rebel Heart: I think this is the most commercial one, it's cool and cute. Here's guitar and voice mostly. Iconic: It makes you feel like it's going higher and higher, but the chorus gets you down. With that title you would expect something more epic, but it didn't sound so at the time. Veni Vidi Vici: A wonderful spoken intro, with melody. She doesn't rap, she talks. It has a surround mystic atmosphere. She names her old songs talking. The closest thing to the way she speaks in this song is the spoken part in Sanctuary, but don't take me too seriously. This is the one song that has got me the most hyped from the bunch. Autotune Baby: The baby cry and the autotune thing are amazing!! But the chorus sounds like a different song, with a guitar. Two Steps Behind Me: It has a pretty cool melody. It's obvious who the lyrics are about. Her voice is like really solemn. Never Let You Go: I don't really remember this one but I did like it, that's why I remember the title. Heartbreak City: The one about Brahim. It's ok, but too elaborated to be dedicated to him. Trust No Bitch: It had some Michael Jackson vibes, like a darker and deeper Madonna (And not in a Erotica way). Very different. Messiah: I'm not really a slow song person. This sounded like a mix between Falling Free and Devil wouldn't recognize you. If you like slow songs you're gonna love it. The demos are all really different from each other and don't sound like something she's done before. There's a lot of guitar, but I suppose it's there to set the base in the demos and will be gone in most of the final songs. M's voice sounds amazing! I don't remember much about the other song I listened, but there was one that ended with the line "you're faker than your boobs" (Note: The exact english line was lost in traslation), another one sounds good for and interlude. There was a Pharrell track that sounds like Hard Candy 2. I also heard Holy Water, Devil Prays, Body Shop and Illuminati." I personally trust him, that's why a wanted to share the post with you. I hope the demos won't leak before the album's release!
  3. According to MRama, "S.E.X." "Iconic" and "Trust no bitch" are tracks from the album
  4. If the auditions are for the video and they're happening this month then the single is definitly coming out this year!
  5. The only song I'm not really interested in so far (assuming the description is accurate) is Devil Prays, seems a little too preachy for my taste
  6. I just can't wait anymore!!! Listening to her hypes me so much!!!! Oh and the song descriptions are making me lose my mind!!!!!!
  7. Maybe A$AP Ferg will only appear on a remix? I don't like much his style but his appearance on the remix for My Song 5 by Haim was quite good.
  8. U2 is not the same as Madonna on any level. They're both legendary music acts but M is a popstar and if she would've done this giveaway she would've been blacklashed af!
  9. There are so many song descriptions!!! I have a reaaaally strong feeling we'll get the album this year (in time for black friday, that's for sure). I hope the Avicii tracks get to be on the album!
  10. So there's a song in the middle of being a piano balad and a "Turn down for what" song... I WANT THIS NOW PLEASE THANK YOU This album is going to be so much fun!
  11. If she wants to score a #1 she needs to have a good song with a radio deal, a video that goes viral and a few tv/award show performances. That, along with the name MADONNA, should work
  12. I guess now we'll just have to wait till Lola moves to college for M to get back to work
  13. I'm hoping for something... Just a little something this Saturday. You know you want to tell us more about the album Madge!
  14. Do we think there will be a George Michael reference on the album?
  15. Imagine if she'd release the single on Sep 30 unannounced through Artforfreedom!
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