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  1. Well, the spoken intro is one of my favorite parts Candy shop as an opener? Not so much
  2. I wonder which song will open the album, she always has great openers
  3. this woman has practicaly been living in the studio all this months! She has never recorded the amount of demos she has recorded for this album before right?
  4. yeah, the MDNA listening party was in march, when we already got the single and the album cover and tracklist. It's either coming #reallysoon or it was an illegal listening party
  5. I was going through the Rebel Heart tag in tumblr and there's SO MUCH gay porn
  6. But will the recent leaked picture of the pizzeria affect its big opening???
  7. I can't wait for the official announcement!! What's the single cover going to look like?? So many questions will be answered in jan/feb SO excited!!!!
  8. The real g_o_n_e will tell you the truth; the fake one will tell you a lie. Discover which is your beloved insider and he’ll be saved... Fail and they both will be dropped into this vat of boiling sharks...
  9. YES PLEASE. just a day before my birthday wich would make it even more special omg what on earth! Just imagine a cruise with the Ciccones! The only drink they'd serve will obviously be from the Ciccone vineyard
  10. O.M.G. seriously, those pictures in the article were the best ones they could find? M's one isn't *that* bad, but the Simon one tho
  11. Offer Nissim is most likely to be one of the remixers, his remixes for GGW and TUTR were good. I'm hoping for some Diplo and Blood Diamonds remixes as well! Maybe Skrillex and Steve Aoki too, they're friends with Diplo
  12. But will Madonna step up her remix game because of Queen Naomi? I want to live (for love)
  13. In a few months, when the album is released, we'll find out who said the truth and who was making shit up. Meanwhile, let's just enjoy this precious time of waiting, anticipating and hesitating! The rumors and insider info just add a little spice to it, as long as nothing (else) leaks nobody gets hurt. Just roll with it!
  14. Is M singing a little spanish on any song? I want a Diplo ratchet trap version of Spanish lesson
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