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  1. Imagine if we don't get the complete tracklist until the full album is released
  2. don't hate me, but personally I don't really feel Falling free. It feels kind of uninspired imo, like she just wanted to make a ROL-like-mystical-epic-closer song just for the sake of it
  3. if WAOM becomes a Devil pray kind of song it's going to be beyond amazing omg (I'll light a candle here in the dark for M, dahi and diamonds to hear my prayers)
  4. The album has 19 full songs, that's what Guy said. If it was the deluxe edition it would be labeled as deluxe. If there's a deluxe edition with even more tracks they'll most likely put and extra cd in there, i mean, if they (with no need to) did so with MDNA...
  5. She can still change it, she changed MDNA's tracklist with one song for sale, don't know if more songs out make a difference
  6. Of couse she was, but the demos for GGW and Some girls (Before M's input on the songs) are on youtube and they're mostly the same, but those are the only "hit factory" songs on the album I think
  7. Acciones de usuario Seguir Gary TrustCuenta verificadaā€¸@gthot20 New singles going to radio! @elliegoulding "Love Me Like You Do" (Jan. 13), @Madonna "Living for Love" (Feb. 10), @maroon5 "Sugar" (Feb. 17)
  8. I always imagine a video like skrillex&diplo's "take u there" but all happening in a luxurious hotel. Lots of crazy effects. M with the L'uomo vogue curly look with the leather hat and Nicki as a sexy cop gone wild. Diplo could appear as a cop too beacuse I need diplo in a cop uniform thank you
  9. That could happen, I mean, she could've released six songs previously leaked, but instead she gave us Ghosttown (from which we had no info at all), so there could be a lot of new songs
  10. Ghosttown and Devil pray are getting a lot of love from the gp, but I'll go with Rebel Heart
  11. I haven't listened LFL on the radio yet, and there's a local radio that plays M almost everyday but no LFL so far... I guess they're waiting for the video
  12. Yes! Very Bionic (which is a good thing, that photoshoot was amazing)
  13. I wouldn't care much for airplay for now, it's all happening in february
  14. Unapologetic bitch makes me want to dance so much!!!! So do LFL and BIM, but right now i'm having an unapologetic moment
  15. only M could have the pope live on a performance! He could show up with the choir and when the song ends, M throws him off the stage and shouts "FUCK your dogmas!"
  16. For me, it should be (in no particular order): Living For Love Devil Pray Illuminati Unapologetic Bitch Bitch, I'm Madonna Ghosttown Rebel Heart Wash All Over Me Messiah Borrowed Time Revolution Iconic Veni Vidi Vici Inside Out Joan of Arc The One That Got Away Heartbreak City Tragic Girl S.E.X. I'm obviously open to surprises, but these would be my 19 from the demos we've got
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