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  1. If the tour isn't announced after the Grammys/RH release date, then she won't tour this year, or just later than expected.
  2. Didn't someone here say that an artist can perform (alone) if he/she performed the year before? Where's the grammys damn book of rules for christ sake???!!!
  3. I imagined her in the video with a really simple look (ROL/Music era-like) but now I can't get all those surrealist Marie Antoniette images out of my head!!
  4. All of this corsets and designs made me think this is going to be a Ray Caesar inspired video, which would be beyond awsome! Didn't she post some of his works on instagram last year or so?
  5. LOVING the first one, the secong not so much... But let's see how it looks on her! (perfect, most likely)
  6. Omg I love her so much but please NO fan names! The mere image of her in an interview saying "I love my fans. They're my rebel hearts, they're brave, they inspire me to go on!" or something like that makes me wanna throw up She'll never say something like that and I don't believe she'll call us Rebel hearts but yeah
  7. The release of LFL was weird because it was last minute and they were not prepared for such event, but it IS the 1st single, it will be the 1st video and the 1st live performance of the era
  8. oMG seriously I thought it would be kept a surprise and here she comes all officially announcing like "yeah, whatevs, see u there" I'm #dead
  10. I think you're right, maybe she didn't want it to sound too religious, and hopefully there'll be a version that includes it, but in the end we have the demo, so there's that
  11. YES please!!! I think she had them bleached for the Ellen Von Unwerth shoot, so she'll do it a lot this era, hopefully for the video too!
  12. I've realised that the message of the song is kind of similat to Rescue me's message, "the hope after the heartbreak"
  13. that's what I was thinking!!This designer sure has some beautiful pieces
  14. Even if when the performers are announces M is not on the list, don't lose faith. I think she's going to be a surprise performer, she WILL perform, I mean, why would she and Guy mention the Grammys in almost every interview then? Like Donatella said, Madonna doesn't just say something without a reason
  15. Yeah but this particular song (LFL) needs a big classic M theatrical rendition, in my opinion. Maybe if it was reworked or a different song, a simple live performance would work, but LFL just screams for a big show
  16. I think Best night should definitelly be included in the album. Has a lot of potential and could be a really really interesting song
  17. She made 3 magazine covers just promoting ArtForFreedom, you know she'll really bring it this time, she's really passionate about this album
  18. I realised Dubtronic was THAT Dubtronic a few months ago. You are really talented D!
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