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  1. I'm soooo excited about everything right now. Everyone should just stop complaining over an album you're yet to hear... How many people were complaining about Unapologetic BITCH and BITCH I'm Madonna (ft. NICKI MINAJ) and now LOVE those 2 songs? Cut to march 10 to everybody dancing and sweating with Holy Water and S.E.X.
  2. Well MoZella surely made a big contribution to the album! Has she posted anything abut it yet?
  3. that was what everybody thought, but the other writters talked about writting this song with M.
  4. aaaw she's so sweet! I thought she wrote SEX too but I guess she didn't
  5. I say without hesitation that we'll get Joan of Arc, Best Night and S.E.X. Stone me to death if I'm wrong, well, better don't, because I could be wrong but I'm almost certain that we'll get those 3 songs
  6. IKR? This shows you shouldn't judge something before you listen to it... And that you shouldn't listen to it before listening to the finished product
  7. Rebel: Devil Pray Unapologetic Bitch Illuminati Bitch, I'm Madonna Iconic Body Shop Holy Water Vedi Veni Vici S.E.X Heart: Living For Love Ghosttown Hold Tight Joan of Arc HeartBreakCity Best Night Wash All Over Me Inside Out Messiah Rebel Heart Did I get it right?
  8. I just couldn't be happier with the tracklist!!!! Even Holy Water is going to sound amazing!!!! Just wait!
  9. You shouldn't judge without listening to the finished product
  10. You know what? It's perfect. We still have the songs that didn't make so everyone should be happy
  11. he's one of the most famous boxers ever, i'm shocked he's rapping in a song
  12. Amazing! I'd have never expected these two songs to go so well together
  13. It's awesome how she's the most expected performer!!! Can't wait for all the articles PRAISING her the day after the awards...
  14. I think with GMAYL, everybody knew Megaforce directing it even before they shoot it
  15. The image on the LFL remixes on her youtube channel have changed from the Bedtime Stories-looking pic to...
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