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  1. Ugh, stop with the "hire beyoncé's team" nonsense. Her album didn't leak because no one cared about it, not because she's a marketing genius. Period.
  2. Hmmmm I think the real thing actually features We-r-superstars, Two steps behind, The beat is so crazy and Arioso! That's why there's no official statement on these leaks lol
  3. Beyoncé made a surprise release without leaks because no one cared about her anymore. 4 flopped, and if it wasn't for that surprise release, people wouldn't have given the album a chance... Madonna is Madonna and the public is always waiting for new stuff all the time. She has creepy collectors that pay for mp3s of new unfinished stuff and all. That combined with a shady team... Well, you know what happened
  4. yes... I feel so bad for her, she's so excited about this new material and people keep on leaking everything. More than sales or promo, I'm actually worried about her, I don't want her to give up on making music because of this.
  5. Do you guys think she should release this on iTunes asap or stick to the current schedule?
  6. I'm glad everyboby likes it so much! Please M, put this on iTunes asap! Get those headlines!
  7. Miley, taylor, lana, katy, etc. All of their albums leaked a week before release the earliest. That's the standard. This is just bad bad bad
  8. I wanted to listen to the album for the first time on physical, but this leak will spread everywhere sooner or later. They should just put it up on iTunes asap...
  9. Should I go to bed? Will it take me far? Should I lose my sleep? Will this be on iTunes within an hour?
  10. this is so bad, we're 5 weeks from the release!! If they release it now on iTunes the physical versions won't be ready anyway
  11. 1 Living For Love 2 Devil Pray 3 Ghosttown 4 Unapologetic Bitch 5 Illuminati 6 Bitch, I'm Madonna 7 Art Of Freedom 8 Joan Of Arc 9 Holy Water 10 Eye Wide Open 11 We-R-Superstars 12 The Beat Is So Crazy 13 Two Steps Behind 14 Addicted/The One That Got Away 15 Borrowed Time 16 Heartbreak City 17 Messiah 18 Rebel Heart 19 Revolution 20 Wash All Over Me 21 Inside Out 22 Arioso I WANT THIS EDITION!!!!
  12. Just discovered Never Let You Go, the melody reminds me of some song from my childhood, it's beautiful
  13. It's the final version so I didn't want to spoil myself but judging by all the reviews here (and the new lyrics) it's a very interesting track! You're gonna make me sin!
  14. omgg I died Personally, I loved last year's look. On the red carpet she looked like the supreme witch that she is and on stage she was a beautiful singing angel blessing the couples with her magical voice, thank god she ditched the rehearsal dress!
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