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  1. Strange... I just got a CD by Azealia Banks ('Broke With Expensive Taste'), and it's got everything; a 15-page booklet (+ a cardbox cover and back cover), lots of photos, all lyrics, all production and writing credits, acknowledgements... Everything! Many CD album liners still print lyrics, credits, and in quite some cases, photos.

    Madonna's studio albums used to have lyrics and a few photos until 'Erotica' that had several more pictures. It remained that way until 'Music' that did not have lyrics. And now, even credits are missing... Why so cheap? We're talking about MADONNA here, not some very low budget artist. If Banks, Depeche Mode, Fall Out Boy and other acts can afford complete liners, why not M? Is it M's doing or her record company (Interscope, and Warner for pre-MDNA records)?

    You're awsome and i love you!!!

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