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  1. Earlier today I went to the mall and they were showing the MDNA Tour on a giant screen
  2. I love this little things! Who's gonna come in 30 years to talk about how they made Rihannas or Katys first cover? No one will remember those
  3. omgggg!!! So excited!! And if that's the looks for the video, I'm in!
  4. YAAAASSSS FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!! She looks so good! Ellen is the best ever!!!! The second cover is LIFEEE!!!!!!! I hope she's on the cover of the national edition this is soooo gooooddddd!!!!!!!!
  6. She looks gorgeous in that backstage pic!!!
  7. Even if i can't stand Taylor, I loved the performance! Simple and beautiful, looooved the look
  8. hmmmm interesting, didn't she and guy had something to do with spotify?
  9. I'm blasting the album for the first time in 5 days and I'm all emotional with Joan of arc every song is soooooo good!! I just want to dance and cry and laugh and sing and lay on the floor. She delivers so much and different emotions with each track. I can't with this woman, she's G-d
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