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  1. Id say Avenatti for president. The Dems need an outsider ASAP. Someone with a brain, honesty and values. We all know people have lost trust in politicians. Anyone who talks against the system or the Washington elite seem to resonate more to the everyday audience. That was Trumps only strength but he doesnt have a brain, neither honesty and values/compassion.
  2. The US will soon build a dome with an impenetrable glass. It will keep everybody from entering and from leaving by the way. Oh the life!
  3. Judging from the results the whole country voted for those two racist fascists so yes the whole country is to blame. Yes theyre using democracy to destroy democracy... the paradox. And im sick of hearing that the rural areas are to blame because they feel isolated and they lost their jobs and the sad stories.. i come from a rural area myself so i know exactly how narrow minded and ignorant they are. They blame evrything and everybody but themselves for their problems. They say theyre religious and go church regularly but they practice the complete opposite of what their religion preaches. They’re hypocrites and the real snowflakes... And yes theyre fucking up everything. And no amount of money or jobs and in some- if not many or all-cases drugs and alcohol is going to keep them happy. They will still be ignorant and nasty. Im done with them.
  4. Italy has become a fascist state. I made peace with it as soon as i have heard fascist 5 Stars Movement and racist Northern League won the elections. Italians are very racist and ignorant. I am ashamed of being Italian myself but guess the west is going through a dangerous turn of events where ignorance, racism and pure selfishness are becoming the norm for way too many people.
  5. The problem is guns and bullies. Get rid of those. Problem solved. RIP
  6. My problem is we dont have a true leadership in this Syrian war. Assad is described as a dictator from the west. Russia is defending his regime and that complicates everything; the west would never want to come to a conflict with Russia as theres too much at stake. Its not an easy situation. If Russia wasnt in the picture Syria would have become another Iraq war. And we all know how that played out. Still Russia is not there to protect the people but to protect Assad and his twisted regime. So its a huge mess where unfortunately its the people who are paying the price. But in the end both Russia and the West are hypocrites as no one wants to help the refugees. Nobody wants them in Europe. People are fed up with them and blame them for the alarming rise of immigrants as many people from Africa and Asia come to the west as asylum seekers. But instead of wanting to help these people the west is slowly giving power to leaders with fascist and racist agendas.
  7. I agree with you but dont fool yourself that Russia, China or Iran are better than the West. These rulers are all the same. Doesnt matter if east or west. Theyre all enemies of humanity.
  8. Both Trump and May are using this Syrian crisis to save face. Trump has been accused of being a Putin enabler/ Russian collusion, etc.. so hes desperate for credibility. May has been trying for 2 years now to shake away from the Brexit fiasco so what a better opportunity to call for the EU to unite and bomb Syria? Im not saying that theres no evidence of the use of chemical weapons against the Syrian people.. i mean who knows for sure? But these airstrikes, attacks couldnt come at a better time for both Trump and May.
  9. Oprah was never considered in the first place. Its how the media likes to spin their news. And all right wingers - including Mr Fake News President- went Oh Oprah is running for president and of course Trump had to state that he would beat her and blah, blah, blah. Oprah never even suggested she would run. In fact she denied it straight away. Dems never seriously considered her. I think whats more desperate is how the USA is trying to save face with an aggressive Russia taking over Syria, a lost trade war against China, a wall which will never be built ( thank God for that by the way.. US racists must be so disappointed in their fuhrer), opioid crises, gun violence at its peak courtesy of the NRA still in power, NK dirty games and Israel still killing innocent Palestinians. Is hate crime still on the rise? Or cops still killing innocent black men?
  10. This. The media needs to stop talking about him for 2 minutes and let us all take a breath. This constant bashing is not helping. If anything its starting to lose credibilty on all the valid points we all have on why hes not fit as a president. His supporters are standing by him nomatter what after all. They need to shut up and let things run its course. Focus more on his policies and conduct as a president now... talking about past affairs and Russia probe is not going to have him removed.
  11. Somebody please give her back a taste of her own medicine...
  12. Yes it is. More and more companies should join in. If the government won’t solve this gun control issue someone else got to do it. People alone don’t have the resources and the power. These big companies selling guns have blood in their hands too. It’s about time they take responsibility and change things. Hopefully this is the beginning of something.
  13. This woman should be ashamed of herself. She’s defending her greedy ass as if she truly believes she’s guilt free. This woman’s hands are full of blood. This woman makes a profit out of mass shootings. Never forget that. They can’t say mass shootings are fake news so now they’re saying the media loves mass shootings. Truth is people are saddened and outraged by them. Don’t get it twisted.
  14. I’m sure Madonna message was deeper than that. Didn’t she release a statement about the use of guns as props for the gig? Madonna’s always been anti guns.
  15. Yes and that should be the start to solve this problem. If the US lives in society which glorifies weapons and in the process are so easily available what sort of message does it send to their own kids? People are focusing on the mental issue as if it should be the discussion. Duh! Obviously anyone who all of a sudden decides to go on a killing spree is mentally deranged. Lets talk about guns control first. And yes in this case let’s talk about racism, white supremacy, NRA groups. The mental problem should be discussed after we take away the garbage from our society.
  16. Unfortunately the US -alongside pretty much any other western country I have to say- is only focusing on immigration issues. There’s this widespread mentality that all our problems come from immigrants. Gun control laws are not a priority in the US despite the amount of people getting killed daily. If Obama couldn’t do much after the Sandy Hook tragedy rest assured Trump won’t do anything. He got into power thanks to NRA donations and support he’s not going to stand up against those people. Politicians don’t care about us.. all they want is power and money.
  17. Which I think it ll make it all more interesting. I love the show as I used to watch it as a child so I never understood the social/political themes that were comuniticating but I thought it was fun af. Maybe we ll see the usual outspoken Roseanne become one of those Trump loons while Jackie will be more reasonable and be totally opposed to it possibly even be a fervent Democrats and Hillary supporter. It’s hard to say but I’m bearing in mind how the show completely went shitty in the last couple of seasons. I think 3-4-5 are among the best. Then it all became pointless with having loads of babies around; winning the lottery and become multimillionaires and still living in the same house!; Dan cheating/being found out and divorced and ultimately even dying. It all became like a stupid soap opera and they completely lost focus. It became boring and uneventful. Obviously that’s my opinion. Still I’m looking forward to watching.
  18. I’m sick and tired of this Republicans vs Democrats war. Since when we need to politicise the way we treat or we refer to other human beings? This is not about Republicans and Democrats. I’m sure many Republicans feel disgusted in their insides when they think of Trump. And the myth of the economy growth in the US is just another smoke and mirror used by Trump and his minions to brainwash gullible Americans. Obama paved the way for this growth. Trump didn’t take America after a recession like Obama did. And of course all he did was to help the likes of himself cutting trillions worth of tax to the very wealthy. Americans are in for a rude awakening when they realise it was all a big ploy to get the rich richer. Even a 6yo can see that. I wonder why Trump felt the need to say he wants immigrants from Norway. What can a Norwegian bring to the US that an immigrant from Africa can’t? Oh yeah the colour of their skin. Pathetically racist through and through.
  19. I don’t get how some people can say we should focus on his work as a president and this is only tabloid trash. For a start he’s tabloid trash. He made a career out of being a tabloid fixture. He even became president because of people going to vote for him cus he’s a celebrity. People have seemed to forget that. The people who went to vote for him are also the same people who are going to eat up this stuff. But yes anything to distract us from the awful truth that is bad president.. possibly the worst ever in the history of the USA.
  20. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/trump-claims-steve-bannon-lost-mind-fired-article-1.3735372
  21. I find it appalling, crazy and yes criminal that this man is still allowed to run a country. The damage he’s been doing to the USA will be irreparable if he doesn’t ge the boot asap. In just one year Trump has proved to be a neo Nazi sympathiser, a child molester defender and supporter, a global warming denier and a dangerous enemy of the lgbt community and of course his anti immigration policies have exposed him as the bigot, racist and ignorant man he truly is. He didn’t get rid of the Wall Street swamp he made that swamp richer and more powerful. We are still on the brink of WW3 thanks to his lack of diplomacy and intelligence to deal with other countries. Doubt he had a real impactful hand on the stock market and employment growth; those were doing fine under Obama as well ( although he can’t stop bragging about how he did this and he did that). I dint know about you guys but I’m starting to lose hope on the Russian probe too. I thought he would be finally get caught on his criminal dealings as a candidate and a businessman. I truly expected him to get arrested for some criminal shit he did but this investigation seems to be taking forever and is not going anywhere. Why is this Muller taking so long after all? He practically got all Trumps associates testimonies, bank accounts details and emails and still nothing? Meanwhile racism, poverty and drugs are sweeping across the US. Some countries are starting to give up and join the evil US mentality. I noticed people are getting more and more indifferent to the whole thing and they might as well let him carry on. A lot of people are also so sick of this Trump bashing so they won’t get involved as many of the issues are not affecting them. Sorry for the rant guys but feels like we are still stuck in a nightmare with no end and no hope.
  22. That’s not the point though. Does Trump promote peace and respect? Not in the slightest so I don’t believe they’re doing it to establish a more peaceful and respectful internet. If anything they will use this move to control the public even more deciding exactly what people should hear and see so there will be more brainwashing and misinformation. Governments will always say they’re changing or doing something to help their citizens in truth it only serves their own agenda. Americans wont be happy with this move and like the travel ban it will be appealed and possibly won. Trump can’t always get away with murder. We only have one thing and that’s the Internet and they’re trying to take even that away from us.
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