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  1. Id say Avenatti for president. The Dems need an outsider ASAP. Someone with a brain, honesty and values. We all know people have lost trust in politicians. Anyone who talks against the system or the Washington elite seem to resonate more to the everyday audience. That was Trumps only strength but he doesnt have a brain, neither honesty and values/compassion.
  2. I have always wondered if they call a fan or group of fans for the listening of a new album. M usually says she has friends and obvz her manager and team. But what about the fan base who ultimately is the target audience?
  3. @Rock wow, thats real nice of you. Thank u so much.
  4. Mirwais really gave her a sound. No one had that sound back then. I think she went even deeper with Music (the Mirwais tracks anyways) in terms of edgy, ground breaking music. Just thinking of the folk electronic mix.. how new it was. She really paved the way. After listening to Skin anybody would think you cant top that and then she gives us Impressive Instant. Thats one of her best dance tracks ever!
  5. Unless she has studio time booked somwhere in the world can we say the album is pretty much done? And of course i welcome any spread and interview. Didnt she do the Harper Bazar spread almost 1 year before the release of RH? That was iconic! And she got tons of press for it so its all good.
  6. Your hate for MDNASkin is blinding you. We never hear anything about Material Girl either but that doesnt stop it from being a very successful clothing line at Maceys. Just because you dont like it or not interested that doesnt make it necessarily a flop. Im not discussing the reasons why so many fans are not into these skincare products because thats irrelevant to the actual success of this business. And they did have articles about MDNASkin and they all seeemed to be very positive.
  7. She ll post a picture with grills and hat on.
  8. Because radio wouldnt play any of her new music nomore. Mtv or music channels rarely played her videos. Some other wannabes came along.. i mean should i carry on? lol
  9. But this is not about the blaming game. The she didnt sell much or have hits because of Warner or Interscope way of thinking is very limited and subjective.
  10. Yes but anybody would have sensed she was on the way out. I know its a very shameful thing to even think but sadly thats exactly how they must have perceived in this ageist industry. I think the problem with RH was the leaking. That completely destroyed the momentum of the first single. It was a shame. Interscope wasn’t responsible for the leaking and if they were Madonna had materials leaked under Warner as well.
  11. Exactly. The weight was there because there was a demand. People loved Madonna. The more they loved her the more they promoted her and supported her. Kids, adults, blacks, whites. It was all new back then. This huge female pop artist captivating the world. Warner did what they could. In my opinion they did great. Not saying EMI or another big record company could have done even better. Thats just suppositions.
  12. Never said Confessions wasn’t successful in the US. It wasnt Music though and yes it was huge in the rest of the world but Madonna came back really strong with a very sellable album and a brand new image who record company wouldn’t promote or support that?All im saying Madonna always delivered guys. You just trying to redicule me with things i never even said like Warner is shit or did nothing. My point is how could you the fuck not? You have signed fucking Madonna. Who records company wouldn’t promote the shit out of True Blue with this sexy blonde who already sold millions of records only months ago? Who wouldnt promote a song like Like A Prayer? This sexy chic going all darey and mystic? Vogue, guys? Come on. Now Madonna changed the game. Warner just went along.
  13. Well, of course when you put it like that it makes sense but let me suggest you how Warner literally dropped Madonna after American Life in the US. I think the Warner team in Europe decidely did a better job but Europe has always been more accepting towards artists over a certain age. I personally think her popularity is not necessarily subjected to how her record company works with or for her. I think there's so much more than that to discuss the underselling of her last records or lack of hits.
  14. Rebel Heart is a great album as well. Id say its as good as Bedtime Stories. Never said those were not good albums. I was basically stating that M wasnt always the biggest seller under Warners. I dont understand this acrymony towards Interscope. Surely they can do a lilttle bit more to promote her but the real issue is another one imho. The problem here is her age. The music industry wont support or promote artists over a certain age, certainly females. Thats not an Interscope priority.Thats how this world goes. We can all bitch about, blame, attack, hate on the record company, the managers, the producers, etc.. we are all barking at the wrong tree.
  15. Madonna was in her early 20’s when she was signed to Warner and you really think any other label would not have achieved the same? You think if EMI for example would have signed her she would have never become who she is? Yes Warner did help but I personally give M most of the credit.
  16. Well yes if we are all comfortable blaming Interscope for the demise of her last records so why not blame Warner for the failure of the albums she did under them? Truth is it’s easier to point fingers and criticise record company or management but maybe its all down to general public. If a record or album doesnt resonate with an audience id say thats exactly why theyre not successful anything else its all down to speculation. Analysis are good but we also have to consider the times and the level of popularity M enjoyed when she was under Warner. Her cultural impact. Her age as well of course.
  17. Oh please let’s stop this Warner worshipping now. Its pathetic. Where was Warner for Erotica, Bedtime Stories, American Life, Confessions ( States side), Hard Candy? They fucked her up as much as Interscope. Too easy to support and promote her when shes the number 1 pop star in the world. But as soon as she showed signs of slowing down they completely left her to her own demise. American Life anyone? Even Warner Europe didnt do much for her during Erotica and Bedtime Stories. But oh yes see her becoming this restrained balladeer with You’ll See and then theyre back licking her ass again. They were just bloodsucking bigots who would always try to tame her and stop her from being political as soon as records sales were going down. Its all business after all and Interscope is no different.
  18. Well of course i dont agree with berating people about God or religion. And yes it has to be a completely personal experience. But I still believe that if the whole of humanity reached their true consciousness which is love and acceptance for any human being this world would be a better place for all of us. And thats not something you can force on people.. you either have it inside of you or not.
  19. Exactly. The post is messy and comes across weird but then again she might be feeling a certain way for a number of reasons and then she looks at the world around her and she finds no solace and shes basically venting her frustrations freely. As i said most people wont get it as we are living in a society where anything has to be laid down perfectly for us with no room for interpretation or personal thinking. Especailly if we don’t necessarily agree with something we are willing to go down a war path rather than trying to understand what someone might be coming from.
  20. Your talking about a man made God inflicted upon us by the patriarchal society. The true God is all about acceptance, love, beauty, enjoying life in its true essence. Its all about how our consciousness interacts in this reality. Unfortunately these big religions have been spreading wrong ideas of God throughout centuries.. thats why this world is still fragmented.
  21. What you mean “blame” on Kabbllah? lol I think the suicide comment was a direct response to whats going on lately. And yes as Kabbalah preaches all our problems as humans come from disconnecting from The Light ( God if you like). And since we are living in a Godless society with no spiritual understanding a lot of people fall into desperation and contemplate to even kill themselves. Thats how i interpreted it anyways. Overall the post is a free rant about the state of things; most people wont get what she means. Or maybe they just disagree but only a few can truly understand it and embrace it.
  22. This. Hope shes going to give us a song about this state of things.
  23. It did have 70s Disco elements throughout the album though. Hung Up sample was from Abba; Sorry had the bassline taken from a Jackson 5 song; Future Lovers had the I feel Love sample. Those were very palpable references.
  24. I agree with you. I was thinking of the people who were disappointed with Orbit for MDNA. And i dont think this specific disco sound is what we are going to hear but obvz its too soon to say.
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