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  1. It's still very scary that 20/30/35% of Americans are more or less embroiled in the far right ideologies and views. Maybe Trump came about to expose that nasty side of America. In Europe of course we have racists and bigots but very rarely get a shout from government officials. Americans should be educated on the issue asap.
  2. I appreciate your comment and everything you say but I never stated Obama or even Hillary was good for America and its international policies. I only said in previous posts that Hillary was the better choice. I never fooled myself into believing the US is a perfect country regardless which side is in power. I think there's no nation on Earth that is yet to achieve a government that truly works. I think it's all a work in progress still. But I also believe that as long as we have our values of freedom and acceptance/respect/ love for every human being we are already half way there.
  3. Trump knows very well what he's doing. And the WH is all behind him because they all know and have the same agenda. They want civil war in America. If major riots break out they will implement martial law. That's what he's been looking for. So he ll be the tyrant and fascist he always wanted to be. Mr blame on both sides president has showed his true racist colours ( we all knew that but now there's no benefit of the doubt) and he wants all his racists, homophobes and bigots filled fan base to know that he's with them no matter what. His job has always been to empower them, to make them feel protected and highly supported. He seems to say "Racists, bigots, islamphobes, sexists, xenophobics, etc.. be who you are and fight to have your world back once again. I'm by your side" People sitting on the fence don't realise that the statues have little to do with it. Trump himself demolished important and nice art to build his properties all over NYC. Confederate history should have been treated exactly like Nazis history in Germany. Germans didn't have a problem getting rid of Nazis monuments... why Americans find it so hard to get rid of their nasty fucked up backwards history...is it because history hasn't changed after all? And the same principles that reigned high during the confederation times are still present in today America?
  4. Yes yes yes. Social media is not different from society. It's exactly the tech mirror of society. Whatever is going on in social media is going on in the real world. Social media didn't start anything. It only enhanced whatever was out there in the first place.
  5. Yes but he's got nowhere to hide now. During his rallies people didn't take him seriously because everybody thought he was a laughing stock and he would never win. Now it's a completely different thing. He's president and he's been pressed left right centre to take a stand. The longer he awaits the more damages he will suffer.. Trump played with fire and he's bound to get burned. He used white power rethorics to get those idiots to fully support him and run a very biased online and political campaign to get him elected. They would fill his rallies and make him feel as popular as the next big superstar. Even his Make America Great Again slogan was a tongue in cheek shout out to all the people who wanted to go back instead of moving forward. No wonder all the racists and bigots followed him. Trump only option is to condemn his basic fan base or he won't last long.
  6. Right wingers who are sympathisers to these racists, bigots and white supremacists citing freedom of speech are just as bad and should be condemned in equal measure. You don't get your freedom of speech to spew out venom against other human beings. Why not give a platform to ISIS then? What about paedophiles? And rapists? Murderers? Robbers? Thieves? Shouldn't all those people have a voice and march to defend their identity as well? After all they're only evoking their first amendment right? Since when racism is something to be proud of? Isn't inciting racism a criminal act? This world is going crazy.
  7. Man made religions will always condemn homosexuality. It's the sex thing. When they say it's written on the * I always remind myself that Jesus never said a thing about homosexuality. If it was the worst thing ever for a man or woman to be why not mention anything? He condemned people with money; it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. In front of Jesus eyes rich people are the worst. Theyre all hypocrites and yes Jesus condemned hypocrisy as well. So logically the rich and the hypocrites are greater sinners. These people say they love God but they don't love their "neighbours". They're liers. If they can't love their "neighbours" that they can see how can they love God that they can't see? To love is not to judge and if you say you love someone but deep inside you're judging them. Then that is not love; that is judging.
  8. But why is NK so confident about attacking the US? What if they would actually have had the bomb all this long and not telling? The way this is going is kind of scary. They need to start a dialogue and see what their problem really is. Trump is an idiot.
  9. I know.. with all the spies and secret agents they have they haven't managed to get rid of the two most dangerous men in the world. They're just as bad as each other. People who voted for Trump should be made mandatory to be sent to NK and wait until their master Trump will drop the bomb but as in a reverse of fortune for the mighty US we might actually see NK dropping the bomb in the US. If I was the US I would start a treaty with the UN promising the dismantle of any nuclear weapon alongside any country that has any. This nuclear warfare has to be stopped for the sake of humanity. I can't believe people are not outraged over it. These idiots won't suffer any consequences in their bunkers. We are going to be the one dealing with death and radiation and anything in between. The world has to come together against these nuclear threats.
  10. This. The questions should be about how many are they? I dont think they're that many. I hope so anyway. Maybe they're just becoming stronger and louder. I just can't explain it... Certainly Trump didn't help. But to think so many Americans actually went to vote for him raises some questions. It's also true many Americans are completely apathic to all this and they go about their lives with not much concern and that plays a hand in all of that. Those people are to be held responsible.
  11. I think the real problem is that people don't respond to liberal ideals anymore. Since democracy and freedom have been taken for granted for quite sometime people don't feel the need to fight for those ideals anymore; actually they'd rather see those freedoms being taken away from minority groups than move forward to a more compact and unified society. I agree with you that Pence is better than Trump but let's not believe for one second he doesn't have an hand in whatever Trumps doing. He might possibly be strategic here and let Trump run loose to the point of self destruction in order to take his place or he might actually very well agree with what he's doing. The problem with Pence is what if he's still going to push the same policies as Trump? Won't he be taken more seriously from the Republicans and even Senate because he's a true professional politician after all?
  12. Let's face it if they had another presidential election now in the US Americans would vote for Trump again. I'm starting to have no doubts about that. It's just the state of the world. Yes there are still decent people out there; people who want to change a corrupted system and build a society where equality, acceptance and unity is at its core but sadly most people don't believe in those things anymore and Trump who certainly represents all that is wrong in society has become the poster boy for all those people who are fed up with being politically correct and want to fuck it all up. We see it everyday; violence and abuse against immigrants or Muslims on a regular basic just shows how deranged people have become. Fact that we didn't see a massive big revolt of any kind when Trump announced the trans ban in the military is a statement of how much apathy is going on in the US. The Women March was a very good start but then what? Nothing. If anything it only served for a way to condemn the likes of Madonna for taking part of it. They didn't focus on seeing how many people actually joined the event. Or as an opposition campaign. In the end Americans dismissed it as just another publicity stunt from liberal celebrities. We all saw the results with the Katy Griffins treatment. The media has been exposing Trumps clear inability to lead, his dodgey connections with Russia, his eagerness to always listen to the likes of racist, bigoted Bannon and of course his vile conduct as a human being but nothing, absolutely nothing has been done. Americans just put up with it and they just let him be. Maybe they even think he's funny and entertaining as a reality tv show. Trump is still in power because the people who wanted him to be in power they still want him to be in power if you know what I mean... Americans did and are still doing absolutely nothing to get rid of him. They're complicit to whatever he wants to do. I'm starting to believe that maybe most Americans have no heart. Then again this is just not a US problem... the evil mentality is pretty much rampant all over the globe lately. And Trump is the rightful leader of it.
  13. Keep saying that to yourself, pal. But the entire world begs to differ.
  14. For sure but all the Muslims I know who haven't been affected by Trump policy as the live in the U.K. hate Trump on a matter of principle. And Trump more than often has accused all Muslims to be somewhat connected to ISIS because they don't report anything. We all know how the US president feels about anyone who is not white and heterosexual and rich and male.... And of course his Saudis friends don't care about Trump policies as long as they keep getting richer and richer.
  15. Trump is preparing his larger than life visit to the UK. He thinks he ll be celebrated like royalty... little he knows everybody and their mother despise him in Britain. Even strong and stable Theresa May is shaking in her leopard printed shoes knowing the humiliation Trump will have to suffer in the UK. Trump hopes all the brexiters will be giving him the best ever welcome a US president has ever received on English soil. Unfortunately for him brexiters don't live in London but in rural U.K. and they'd rather watch an episode of the Jeremy Kyle Show than catch a train to London and cheer him on. Besides they're all broke; they can barely afford their phone bill let alone a trip to London. Trump will be greeted by the Londoners and the Muslim community. Both of which hate him with a passion after his obsnoxious remarks against the London mayor and his administration discrimination against Muslims. Now the LGBT community will definitely join forces, too. He won't make it alive out of London. Trust me. His ego will be so hurt he might even declare nuclear war on us. His trade deals promises mean shit to the UK people.
  16. I'm not that interested in the Hillary Clinton book. I'm more interested to watch Michael Mores next documentary about Tump. It's been rumoured to contain quite alarming revelations which might actually destroy him once for all.
  17. When Trump will make it lawful for anyone to have the right to deny business with a LGBT person or group Gays For Trump will issue the following statement: "Today, President Donald Trump announced that American citizens will have the right to deny doing business with homosexuals. Under new Religion Freedom laws from now on anyone can refuse to serve and/or work with a member of the LGBT community. President Trump decision is indeed an act of hate and discrimination but he doesn't owe anything to the LGBT community and his hate towards it is justified. We trust and stand by our president." What a self loathing, hateful group of people. How can they even be real?! Thing is this particular tweet from Trump twitter was liked by around 120K. Even if you want to add another million of people for good measure they are a still a vast minority. How can a president be so hell bent to satisfy a real small group of people when hundreds of millions of US citizens have already moved on from the Dark Ages?
  18. What a load of BS. America is slowly but surely turning into its own Christian version of ISIS. Doesn't matter how it's called or where it originates. If you spread intolerance, bigotry, discrimination and division you're just as low as ISIS. Shame.
  19. Exactly. Everybody's is acting as if it's shocking news. I actually fear this is not even the worst... this is only the beginning unless he gets impeached. Asap.
  20. The problem with this religious right movement is that it has so many holes in it that the average person would never stand by it. Our western societies have evolved so much from that crap. Most people would never accept their ultra conservative views. When we watch the news and we see the reactions to their plans or the Women March for example we just realise that we are in fact the majority. Most people are decent. Most people are tolerant and accepting. We need to look at this as the beginning of their fall. It's true the West has come to a crossroad but that's only because those ancient, racist, sexist, homophobic, bigoted values are slowly coming to an end. This is their last battle and they know very well they're losing. No wonder they're even attached themselves to Mr Trump; desperate measures for desperate times. The only way for them to win is by starting a nuclear war... then yes that would change everything but as it stands their plan means shit to society in general.
  21. Funny is as much as Trump has always stated that the system is rigged; that there are higher forces in the government, that Wall Street controlled the left elite etc.. he still has to come out and expose all those things. As a sitting US president shouldn't he have learned those things by now? But by paradox he comes across as the actual shady one with God knows what sort of skeleton in the closet. And I fear there are actually much darker stories of Trump that the press is either too scared or rather clever not to publish. CNN seems to be ahead with all the dirt on Trump but when you look at it it only riles up the people who already hate Trump. His supporters seem to be unmovable. But what if they uncover something more sinister? What if his true intentions are to form a White House coalition and get the coutry. And run it as a dictatorship. Will his supporters still stand by him?
  22. Totally. There is something so fishy about him and he's clearly not as stupid as many people would believe. I'm still wondering if he's ever going to let go of the North Korea problem. They have reported he lost his patience and he feels China is not doing enough. I fear for a nuclear catastrophe. If there's a president who would drop the bomb that is him. His tweets are a little past time of his. People lose their minds over them so that they lose focus on the real dangers this man poses to the world.
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