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  1. Yes that's what I thought. She did say those things but she must be feeling outraged about the script as a whole. I still can't figure out how they could have put Jellybean and Dan Gilroy in the same recording studio recording Borderline among all songs?!? That's so fabricated and once again it gives this idea of Madonna being a manipulative slut.
  2. I think it goes within the territory that any project with the Madonna name on it is welcome because it keeps Madonna in the limelight and I will certainly be watching it as I have watched Innocence Lost and all the other unauthorised documentaries. Once again the broblem will be with the way Madonna is portrayed. Innocence Lost gave a very contrived idea of Madonna and there was some sort of negative vibe about her presumably because of the death of her mother. There's also this very tough image of her which over times was annoying if not alarming. I happened to watch Innocence Lost before watching a VH1 program called Madonna Rising which she filmed around Ray Of Light and I was kind of shocked of all the things she admitted she had to go through when she was living in New York in the beginning. It the end it was not just about her wanting to be this superstar and screwing people over. And I feel this film will paint exactly the same idea.
  3. But are people really that dumb or they're just playing dumb so they can jump on the bandwagon of a Madonna bashing? As Madonna has said many times we should stop seeking people's approval but do or say what's right for us.
  4. Hope? Sounds like the Obama campaign slogan.
  5. All the Shasha and Orbit remixes. All the rest is forgettable imo.
  6. You sound like an anarchist. And there has been many times in history in which change came about through a peaceful process.
  7. Isn't anyone wondering how strategic these terror attacks seem to be? They happen just in time for the elections in which some politicians can actually benefit from them. Yes when we think of it only people gain anything from these attacks are politicians with their hunger for power. Be Wise As Serpents And Harmless As Doves.
  8. i think Marylin Manson is also a fan.
  9. Yes because wars and conflicts have only always worked for the winners but as I think we should have learned by now the results of wars have never solved anything. They always ended up causing more problems. It's a never ending vicious circle which ultimately will destroy us all. So yes the alternative to war is peace.
  10. Nah sorry not interested in conspiracy theories.
  11. Miracles do exist and that's my belief and yes of course I will go to vote.. that's a given.
  12. I'm sick of this illuminati mentality saying that the powerful are controlled by higher forces. So effing what? They're in charge in front of our eyes. If someone else is pulling the strings it's their prerogative. They're responsible for it and they have to be held accountable. It's their choice after all. If I had a gun held to my head while I'm forced to press buttons to activate the atomic bomb I would say shoot me. Yes they do make all the important decisions and even if they're controlled they chose to be controlled. i really can't with some people...