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  1. Yes and all that has been happening since forever in those parts of the world. While we have been spending time making money and having fun those people never had a choice and now it's coming to us to make us aware of what's going on in the real world but most of us would rather either ignore it or succumb to fear or hate.
  2. I think it was meant as keep calm and not succumb to anger and hate but believe in unity above all. Brexit has happened and we just have to accept it. UKIP is actually dying down. And the murderer of Cox has been apprehended and convicted. Stressing and worrying over those things won't change anything. We just have to be defiant and positive.
  3. How so? It's hate that is fucking everything up NOT standing against it.
  4. This is a very interesting read and on point and I stand by it. If you guys have time I would read it and think about it.
  5. But let's not forget how people even here in the West had to fight to go against that mentality. We used to have gay persecutions as well. Homosexuals would get the electric shock treatment only 60 or 70 years ago. And let's not forget that there are still people who would be too happy to ban homosexuality for good even in the West. It wasn't an easy process. Intolerance and hate and rage are always given as a solution because it's the easiest way to cope with things and to run from the truth. If the West has become acceptive of gay people and so tolerant towards them to the point of giving them the same rights as heterosexuals is because the principles of true individual freedom have become a human right. By paradox the people who are so against Muslims and are always ranting on how they're trying to take over the West they go against the same values of acceptance and tolerance in which our democratic countries are stemming from. In short hate is hate regardless of where it comes from. I condemn all sort of hate. Sorry to hear about your friend by the way. Hope he's getting better.
  6. Again you're not talking about Islam. It's wrong to kill and commit suicide in Islam as well. You're talking about a cult inside their religion. Can you imagine if all these Cristian cults that believe that the only way to salvation is to end your own life and the one of your children are passed around as true principles in Christianity? Again there's a lot of ignorance from us. It's all because of the media and their political agenda. Many people if not the majority have fallen into the trap. It's rather transparent.
  7. Maybe because she doesn't want to focus on it that much. These terror attacks happen everyday in the impoverished world but we really don't pay much attention to it as if the lives of those people are not as important. She also made it clear in the past how she feels about terrorism so she might not feel the need of keeping repeating the same thing. Too many people are using these attacks for their political gains so she might not want to fall into the trap.
  8. Yes and I have seen the KKK doing manifestations as well. That doesn't mean all white people are racist and we are going to segregate all the black people in the future.
  9. Yes we progressed because Christianity paved the way to move forward as human beings. We nolonger believed in a God who oppresses us but more in a God of hope, of love. The New Testament and more effectively the Gospels were all about that. And once again you're making the assumption that these people live a certain way because of their religion. There are also a lot of brainwashing and ignorance going on and in the process it's all been more than convenient to the West. Their governments are corrupted with little consideration for their own people. We often complain about our countries but we truly had it better by yes 500 years. Those people have been simply exploited and condemned to be poor forever. Their standard of living is outrageous. I think we all should stop and think about how privileged we really are and what it would be if we were on the other side of the spectrum and feeling this injustice on our own skin.
  10. We used to have radical Catholicism and Christianity in our history though. The Middle Ages and also the Crusades proved that. Buddhism is not conceived as a religion but more a way of living. It's radical in its own belief. True Christianity has never been radical anyway. And this ISIS is not about Islam. They take pieces and phrases from the Quran and they use it to spread hate, intolerance and division. Same thing as certain so called Christian groups are good at doing by the way.
  11. But if that so what good would that be to the Muslims living in the West and aren't they the ones we supposedly have a problem with because they came to our countries? It simply doesn't make sense. It might be a possibility for Muslims living in Muslim countries but even so why are they getting targeted by these crazy men as well? I think all good Muslims condemn terrorism regardless of where it comes from. And trust me there are a lot of good Muslims.
  12. Yes they might have sympathisers and such. Still doesn't mean every Muslim is happy. They're being slaughtered because of terrorism as well. You're talking about a murderous cult whose members have little to do with religion. There are a lot of politics involved. It's certainly used in the West to confuse people; to lead them into fear and hate. It should never be about what the're doing but how we react to it. Don't be full of rage but be full of hope. Madonna knows best. Lol
  13. So? What's being Muslim got to do with anything? If some freak cult person goes on a death rant would you say oh yeah but he was a Christian? Dont discriminate or stereotype. That very dangerous way of thinking is spreading like a virus these days. We have to fight it.
  14. Very true. They were. They were there for about 5 days or so. I think Living For Love and Bitch I'm Madonna were the most downloaded in the US. All the songs were in the top 10 but I don't think any of them ever reached the number 1 spot. Needless to say that had no impact on the Billboard chart whatsoever. Never had a chance with no airplay or streaming.
  15. In Debby Harry case I think it's all down to jealousy. Yes as childish and stupid as it sounds I can't think of anything else. Madonna always admitted to Debby Harry to pave the way for her but maybe for Debby that's not enough and she is possibly after some royalty or something. A lot of women in the industry have always commented negatively on Madonna. If it's not pure jealousy it must be down to the fact they just don't agree with Madonna political stance or just knowing how polarising Madonna is they don't want to be associated with her in any case just so they won't be criticised themselves if that makes sense. Its refreshing to see there is a whole new generation of women who do appreciate Madonna and even stand by her convictions and career moves. Those women in the end will have the last laugh.