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  1. Beyawwwwwwnncé Thread

    Stunning. Shes so hot. This woman will always look amazing. If only she could ditch her husband and get some credibility and start a revolution in her own terms... she would be unstoppable. Shes got more talent in her little finger than Jay Z in his whole body. Yes maybe Jay Z is the mind and the producer but Beyonce has supreme stage presence; shes an exceptional singer and dancer.
  2. Great news. Lets hope they will support her new material when its out.
  3. Ray Of Light 20 : Let's Fantasise...

    Yes Has To Be has to be included but only when she tours Japan.
  4. Trump / US politics thread đźš˝

    Somebody please give her back a taste of her own medicine...
  5. Ray Of Light 20 : Let's Fantasise...

    Does it have to be exactly in the same sequence as in the album? And yes but no encores or other hits. Only Ray Of Light material. Revenge, Gone Gone Gone, Like A Flower, Arioso, LAAPTMR are a must, too. She can toss in Beautiful Stranger for good measure.
  6. Madonna on Spotify

    This. They need to strike some deal with Spotify or promote her music more on it. Hopefully theyre learning and theyre going to do something about it with new music coming.
  7. Wasn’t such a bad thing 2bh. Obvs he got annoyed with fans getting so hype they would try to touch him or play the piano
  8. Another day. Another mass shooting in America.

    Yes it is. More and more companies should join in. If the government won’t solve this gun control issue someone else got to do it. People alone don’t have the resources and the power. These big companies selling guns have blood in their hands too. It’s about time they take responsibility and change things. Hopefully this is the beginning of something.
  9. Another day. Another mass shooting in America.

    This woman should be ashamed of herself. She’s defending her greedy ass as if she truly believes she’s guilt free. This woman’s hands are full of blood. This woman makes a profit out of mass shootings. Never forget that. They can’t say mass shootings are fake news so now they’re saying the media loves mass shootings. Truth is people are saddened and outraged by them. Don’t get it twisted.
  10. Kmart Mango - Gaga obsession continues...

    I have to agree. The whole thing was a disaster.

    And how do you know for a fact? Did you treat Kylie Minogue yourself? You actually believe cancer treatments don’t leave any sort side effects? Have you ever known anyone going through chemotherapy? Have you gone through it yourself? What makes you so sure that cancer treatments don’t leave you with a permanent hair loss?

    Why is it a shame though? I’m not saying you guys intentionally were taking the piss out of her for having cancer. But it’s a fact that people lose hair during chemotherapy. I wasn’t trying to spoil your so called fun. I was trying to make sense of her hairline talk because seemed like everybody was having a laugh without even considering that maybe she has no hair in the front because of those cancer treatments. And yes even if it was 15 years ago chemotherapy can leave permanent side effects. This is the only Kylie Minogue thread after all I couldn’t open a new one to talk about it. Of course people get pissed off because they feel they have been called out but all I was saying is that some people would have found that level of bitching really low. I’m sorry if you can’t see where I was coming from. And I wasn’t taking any dig at anyone in particular to be honest. It was just the direction of that particular “conversation” I didn’t like and I felt I had to say something.

    Don’t understand why there’s so much laughing and redicule around this woman hairline. Didn’t she have to go through chemotherapy for her cancer treatment? I don’t want to be a Debbie downer here but some jokes are quite sick. I get that some people dislike her and don’t find her particularly inspiring (me included by the way) but to get so low takes some new level of bitchiness.
  14. Another day. Another mass shooting in America.

    I’m sure Madonna message was deeper than that. Didn’t she release a statement about the use of guns as props for the gig? Madonna’s always been anti guns.