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  1. Funny how these Trumpsters get so outraged about people making cruel jokes about the president. They've been saying far worse things about Obama and Hillary but they have always justified it as not wanting to be political correct. But Obama was president and Hillary was the wife of the president. So what is their logic? You nolonger have to be political correct but don't say a bad word about us? That's exactly how a dictatorship works. And they have been spewing venom about pretty much all minorities in the US but now we have to shut up? Trump has said far worse things considering Johnny Depp only cracked an insensitive joke.
  2. Yes you are right. It is. We don't like Trump, duh!?!
  3. Yes I totally see it but it's still perplexing to me that people can't see through that. Of course the wealthy are not stupid and know how to pull the strings with their mass media brainwashing machine but are people that stupid? Or are they simply evil? Or only ignorant? When are they going to wake up? If Brexit does turn out to be a real tragedy for this country economically and people are going to suffer in the process who are they going to blame then? When you start on the wrong path it gets easier to follow the same logic after all. I see hope in Jeremy Corbyn but for him to be in power he will need a coalition; Labour alone won't win a full majority. And he said many times that he won't accept a coalition. This country is so divided that I can't see people to come together and fight the system.
  4. Exactly. The major problem is inequality in our societies but everybody seems to be stuck moaning about immigration. It just doesn't make sense.
  5. You talking about tabloids though. Everybody knows it's rubbish and no one would take that seriously. And we all know how nasty people get and they would say anything to shake off the blame, to point fingers and singlehandedly destroy anyone who opposes them. you believe what you want to believe
  6. Enough already of her. She ll step down. Mark my words. And yes reason why Tories failed to get a majority is down to their austerity policies ( mainly cuts in public sectors like school, hospitals, police, etc) and Brexit. May& co talks of hard Brexit didn't go down well in a country which seems to regret Brexit. There was way too much disinformation over Brexit. People went to vote with no clear outcome of the consequences. The other day this man said he thought the country would get richer because they would stop sending money to the EU. lol The divorce bill wasn't mentioned once during the referendum. Millions were promised to the NHS out of EU money. It was a complete shamble and the nasty right winged British tabloids and newspapers were at the centrepiece of the outcome of the referendum. People are starting to wake up. Finally.
  7. This should be on the news
  8. They're a disgrace. Their agenda is so transparent I don't even understand who they're trying to fool. They're the lowest of the lowest.
  9. Well, you might have a good point here if Gaga songs were released for free. Miley Cyrus released a full album on Soundcloud for free. She can use any other platform she likes to give her fans a chance to hear her music free so the charts wouldn't matter.
  10. To be honest I'm not surprised... Americans must be the most ignorant people on earth. Obviously NOT all Americans but I have to say their level of intelligence is underwhelming to say the least. There was this show on tv some time ago where they would ask Americans on the streets questions about general knowledge and the answers those peeps were giving were the dumbest things I had ever heard. I was shocked. Some of those people go vote and they can choose whoever they want. I think a lot of the appeal with Trump for many Americans is his celebrity status; a reality TV fixture with millions in the bank and an empire to run. Any person with a degree of intelligence would question or even doubt each and one of his so called "achievements" but dumb people would just fall for the hype.
  11. Trump hasn't learned that his little group of deplorable US citizens IS a minority itself. He ll never be a popular president if he keeps satisfying only his little niche of racist, bigoted, pollution denying, sexist, homophobic, guns loving idiots! Globalisation is what made America great in the first place but he can't grasp that concept because ultimately he wants to take America to the times when it was not so great. He's a complete idiot.
  12. This. Let's not forget how Ivanka has made herself famous and super wealthy thanks to daddy Trumps dodgy deals. She's not a stupid woman; she knows she's there for the feel good factor Trump supporters need to keep their conscience at bay. Their hypocrisy should be a criminal offence.
  13. This. But we all know how fickle American audiences are... they'd rather be shocked and concerned by art, comedy, entertainment than pay attention to real issues.
  14. Fight the real enemies.