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  1. Get Up is a great track. It's so autobiographical and well written. It represents so well that time in her life when she was a starving artist trying to hit the big time. I liked it more than all the others to be honest when I first heard it.
  2. By going to Florida and basking to his supporters applause and cheers Trump has proved to be the attention seeker everybody thinks he is. His supporters are idiots if they can't see they're only used as picture opportunities so Trump can say "Look I'm loved! They're cheering for me. There are thousands of them and only a few protesting outside. " Hes forgetting to mention the millions who marched against him. How can anyone in their right mind support this man? He's simply not stable mentally. He's a pawn into the hands of the far right and Americans are way too stupid to see that.
  3. Hopefully there will be a little interview in the Vogue Italia issue and she ll spread some light. Does anyone know if she's been scouting for producers or collaborators?
  4. I think he's great. Don't understand the hate.. oh well
  5. I think what some peeps here are trying to say is that her team has been making missteps that has damaged her current career by not reaching its full potential. Older fans know how big Madonna was and her past phenomal success is stuff of legendary proportions but kids today never experienced that. They never had a Madonna moment. It would be nice for Madonna to have a big impact once again. If anything it will establish her cult as a legendary artist even more so why not? I know Madonna might not care about that although I think deep inside she still does but it would be great to have another Ray Of Light happening or even Confessions. Of course it's harder in an ageist society/industry so even better for her if she can achieve that; to go against that mainstream knowledge and pave the way once again. This is not about her having a number one record or be relevant to the people who are buying Taylor Swifts or Adeles records. It's more about accepting Madonna as an artist and a woman in spite of all the hate and redicule and criticism, etc... And that's not even something I care much myself.. in fact I wouldn't even give a rat ass if she can't sell one record or ticket concert because all I want is new music from her but it was more a way to understand where other people are coming from.
  6. We are just entering a quite delicate territory now lol Lets go back and talk about her new album and the possibility of it within this year
  7. He gave better performances in his own reality TV show The Apprentice. As a president he comes across as a crybaby, a megalomaniac lunatic with no substance and integrity. He attacks the media because this man hates the truth. Thank God America is not Russia or North Korea because then we would have seen a bloodshed of journalists and reporters. The only thing I will remember from this charlatan of a president is "fake news". Even with the Russian issue he is so unprepared and idiotic with his theories. So for him he can either lick Putins ass and let him run free all over the world or cause a nuclear holocaust. No true diplomatic dialogues, no talks on sanctions, no stronger ties with the NATO countries? Is this how the Donald stands up to bullies like Putin? Americans must be shitting their pants knowing how volatile Mr Trump is. According to his logic we have learned that today Trump is choosing to let Putin do want he wants but maybe tomorrow he might get fed up and will use the nukes?! !? And of course the hint of war or military intervention is never far behind for Iran or North Korea. The president is not going to tell us what his intentions are. Yes the American people if not the entire world haven't got the right to know if he's actually going to cause a nuclear holocaust. But that's top secret. At least Russia can rest assured it won't be nuked. But all of that is nothing compared to how he treated those journalists. But the most outrageous thing is this man has still supporters; people who believe him and stand by him and his lies. And they even stand by his appalling behaviour. What a disgrace.
  8. But even so why not giving facts or where the press is being dishonest? It's like me being accused of something and I just go It's all lies! It's all lies! I mean Duh obviously when you get called out on something the first instinct is denial.
  9. Exactly. They would but since they haven't got the resources they just buy them from the west which thrives on the black market for weapons. Shouldn't the government go after those weapon making industries?
  10. This. Her team thinks it's still 1985. If they want to sell her new music they need to realise it's completely different now. Also, since M has been around since forever it's going to be extra hard if not impossible for her so they truly have to rethink the whole promotion thing.
  11. But if it's the West that gives weapons to terrorists. Even in terms of intelligence the biggest terrorist were all trained by the CIA or other western organisations. Does nobody ever wonder where all these ISIS soldiers get their rifles or weapons from?
  12. Yes I did same but as soon as Madonna herself released those tracks on ITunes I gave in and I listened to them. Although I loved all the tracks I felt as if something was missing. There was no first single with accompanying video. No clear direction for the album. And when even Madonna admitted to rush into the studio and master the tracks without being 100% sure if they were finished or not I felt kind of cheated. If each and one of the RH cuts were worked on a little bit longer she might have brought those songs to a complete different level and truly get the attention of the general public. I'm not saying the songs sound as if they're not finished because to me they're brilliant as they are but they might have reached their true potential with some extra work.
  13. The problem we have as fans is not knowing whether she is going to say she's recording new music or keep quiet as a surprise release seems to be more exciting these days. Also, the leak of RH months ahead of its planned release was a true catastrophe. As much as I couldn't wait to listen to new music those leaks truly killed the vibe especially from the first single perspective. In light of all of that we are here wondering if she's willing to share info and give us a glimpse into her project or keep everything under wraps.
  14. Why don't all these countries just agree on dismantling all their military resources at once? All countries in the world and yes including North Korea and Russia will have to sign a treaty to get rid of all the nuclear weapons, army, etc.. Why don't they spend all that money on public sectors where we need it the most? What's the point in having to breed these puppets and live under nuclear threats? Is the thought of peace so hard to accept and advocate for? If it's true that nobody wants a war so what's the point in keeping that threat alive? Thousands and thousands of years and still same old mentality. What a disgrace those people... making money by creating and selling instruments of death and then they swear by their pro life views. Shame.
  15. Yes always help the rich people get richer and fuck anybody else.. And then the current administration promised to get rid of the elite swamp... Whatever Nessie. And trust me those people don't care about dropping bombs or nuclear threats. They all have bunkers encrusted in gold. Its clear Russia has something on Trump and as soon as Trump will stop licking Putins ass a big clonfict might happen.