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  1. Trump / US politics thread đźš˝

    Trump knows very well what he's doing. And the WH is all behind him because they all know and have the same agenda. They want civil war in America. If major riots break out they will implement martial law. That's what he's been looking for. So he ll be the tyrant and fascist he always wanted to be. Mr blame on both sides president has showed his true racist colours ( we all knew that but now there's no benefit of the doubt) and he wants all his racists, homophobes and bigots filled fan base to know that he's with them no matter what. His job has always been to empower them, to make them feel protected and highly supported. He seems to say "Racists, bigots, islamphobes, sexists, xenophobics, etc.. be who you are and fight to have your world back once again. I'm by your side" People sitting on the fence don't realise that the statues have little to do with it. Trump himself demolished important and nice art to build his properties all over NYC. Confederate history should have been treated exactly like Nazis history in Germany. Germans didn't have a problem getting rid of Nazis monuments... why Americans find it so hard to get rid of their nasty fucked up backwards history...is it because history hasn't changed after all? And the same principles that reigned high during the confederation times are still present in today America?
  2. There is more to it. And I'm glad someone picked it up. I can't say more because certain things go discussed privately as not everybody would understand so they would either dismiss them or redicule them but yes there are spiritual connections between Madonna and The Madonna. But I won't go any further with it.
  3. Yes yes yes. Social media is not different from society. It's exactly the tech mirror of society. Whatever is going on in social media is going on in the real world. Social media didn't start anything. It only enhanced whatever was out there in the first place.
  4. I think what some people are trying to say is that Madonna is working with already established dj's and producers. Diplo already worked with Beyoncé years before collaborating for Rebel Heart. Major Lazer which is basically Diplo already had hit albums out. Yes Sophie and Bloodpop were not mainstream and you could tell their sound was the most interesting but she only used them for a couple of tracks and never shared full production. This is in no way a Madonna put down. I'm happy with any artistic decision she's taking. I never go on the Madonna -should- have -done this -or -she -shouldn't -have -done -that bandwagon.
  5. Madonna Instagram Thread

    Yes! I was going to be really disappointed if she didn't say anything about Charlottesville. And once again good on her for shaming the US government.
  6. Yes but he's got nowhere to hide now. During his rallies people didn't take him seriously because everybody thought he was a laughing stock and he would never win. Now it's a completely different thing. He's president and he's been pressed left right centre to take a stand. The longer he awaits the more damages he will suffer.. Trump played with fire and he's bound to get burned. He used white power rethorics to get those idiots to fully support him and run a very biased online and political campaign to get him elected. They would fill his rallies and make him feel as popular as the next big superstar. Even his Make America Great Again slogan was a tongue in cheek shout out to all the people who wanted to go back instead of moving forward. No wonder all the racists and bigots followed him. Trump only option is to condemn his basic fan base or he won't last long.
  7. Right wingers who are sympathisers to these racists, bigots and white supremacists citing freedom of speech are just as bad and should be condemned in equal measure. You don't get your freedom of speech to spew out venom against other human beings. Why not give a platform to ISIS then? What about paedophiles? And rapists? Murderers? Robbers? Thieves? Shouldn't all those people have a voice and march to defend their identity as well? After all they're only evoking their first amendment right? Since when racism is something to be proud of? Isn't inciting racism a criminal act? This world is going crazy.
  8. Whatever love. You raised a murderous racist. Deal with it.
  9. Man made religions will always condemn homosexuality. It's the sex thing. When they say it's written on the * I always remind myself that Jesus never said a thing about homosexuality. If it was the worst thing ever for a man or woman to be why not mention anything? He condemned people with money; it's easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven. In front of Jesus eyes rich people are the worst. Theyre all hypocrites and yes Jesus condemned hypocrisy as well. So logically the rich and the hypocrites are greater sinners. These people say they love God but they don't love their "neighbours". They're liers. If they can't love their "neighbours" that they can see how can they love God that they can't see? To love is not to judge and if you say you love someone but deep inside you're judging them. Then that is not love; that is judging.
  10. North Korea is mad again

    But why is NK so confident about attacking the US? What if they would actually have had the bomb all this long and not telling? The way this is going is kind of scary. They need to start a dialogue and see what their problem really is. Trump is an idiot.

    This is exactly how I feel about LFL https://www.idolator.com/7667344/bigger-madonna-living-love
  12. UK Radio

    Don't think we can call David Bowie a dance / urban artist. I mean I don't know.. My point is if Living For Love was a song released by an up and coming new artist or an artist who currently enjoys a lot of airplay I'm sure it would have been a smash hit. In the end people believe what they want to believe but yes I do think the industry reeks of sexism and ageism and prejudice. We can all choose to look the other way... that's not my problem.
  13. UK Radio

    That again is a matter of taste. Some people might hate those songs and find them uninspiring or even hideous but if we think of all the crap they play on radio I'm sure that even songs like Celebration or GGW would get some decent airplay if they were released by Rihanna instead of Madonna. Yet again I think we are missing the point here. Living For Love is a great track and next to the average dance tune they're constantly playing on radio it had all the ingredients to be a massive hit in the UK. It was barely played.. and Ghosttown wasn't gettin many spins. Maybe Raido 2 had it on heavy rotation but other radio stations ignored it completely. Sure quality is essential but it became apparent to me that radio would rather play mediocre tunes of lesser artists although new (or younger) than Madonna's new music. I don't think it's a question of quality. I think it's more about which artist they're choosing to promote.
  14. UK Radio

    Ghosttown was deemed one of her best ballads in years still UK radio didn't play it. Living For Love had mild radio airplay. I'm not saying radio in the U.K. is ageist but it appears to me that since she turned 50 they have been playing her new songs less and less.
  15. UK Radio

    It's nice to see how legends and up and coming new artists share airplay. I wonder if it's similar in the US. We all know radio won't play Madonna latest releases but her classics will always be a fixture on U.K. radio. I'm shocked Bieber, Rihanna and Beyoncé are not on the list though. Goes to show their new songs get tons of airplay instantly but they will be quickly forgotten.