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  1. Light Up My Life So Blind I Can't See Light Up My Life Noone Can Help Me Now An 80's classic through and through.
  2. I noticed this as well. It's because the interest in Somalia and its struggle as a country is no topic. The media has always been good at manipulating our interests. Especially now with social media people will always tag along to what's trendy and popular. Sheep indeed... I mourn with Somalia.
  3. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Says the man who's been divorced twice and has children from three different wives and countless of affairs all along. Somebody please, restrain me!
  4. Trump / US politics thread 🚽

    Why would God pick the USA when the well known USA was built by killing the true natives of those lands? Are people this dumb they don't even know their own country history? How can they be patriotic and love their country when they don't even know its origin? Are those people brainless? I would expect that way of thinking from hillbillies but government officials?
  5. No. As far as we know Loved is still looking for main producers and distributors. Or at leas they haven't been confirmed officially.
  6. I'm sorry to hear about your experience. I think a lot of it comes down to personal experience and how we cope with it.
  7. Yes some people are still barbarians. What's your point? That a civilised society doesn't have rapists? But aren't these rapists coming from our civilised society after all? I repeat these individuals get treated through a sex offenders program. Why are you not considering that?
  8. Define power and define sex then. Has anyone here ever heard of sexual instinct? Seems like I'm the only one to have sexual instincts... People still haven't understood that sexual instincts don't work the same for anybody. Some people are sexually deviants. Yes Vikings were sexual deviants. Sex has got everything to do with rape. Do you know where rapists and peadophiles are getting rehabilitated? In centres with sex offenders programs. I repeat sex offenders programs.
  9. I didn't mentioned instant sexual gratification for nothing. It's instant sexual gratification which drives these men to do what they're doing. And I feel propelled to say that in no way we can justify these people's actions. For some peeps sex has become such a huge instinct that it's taken all over them and their thinking. Even if he enjoyed the power of sexually abusing these actresses and getting away with it that doesn't take away the fact that it's his insane sexual desire which led him to sexually abuse these women. Many men -and women- can't control that urge. Rape is a very instinctive crime. Even the planning of raping someone is seen as deviant sexual fantasy. Of course there are situations where sex is the weapon and not the ultimate goal. For example the starlet who would throw herself to a director to get a part in one of his films is using sex to get what she wants. Mind you I'm not saying it's the case with Weinstein but those are also well known realities. There is not just only way to look at it. There are a lot of grey area in the subject. It's more complex and intricate than we might think.
  10. I see it completely different. I see power as the actual weapon. Sex is not the weapon. Sex is their goal. They use power to get sex. Ultimately these pigs instant sexual gratifications are what truly matter to them. They would use anything to get it. So yes they would use their power or money and even physical violence to get it.
  11. What makes you think I don't live in the real world? Because I have a different mentality? Exactly the point I'm making then. Let's carry on with the way that we are going and see if it sticks when we all know very well things are getting messier and messier on a regular basis. Let's not take responsibility. Let's not try to change. Thank you for exposing the truth.
  12. But isn't rape an extreme form of sexual misconduct? What part of your brain can't accept that? Even grabbing someone else's ass is a form of rape if it's not consensual. Why do you keep banging on saying that rape has got nothing to do with sex? I mean isn't rape a sex crime after all? And to stay within the context Weinstein has been accused of many sexual misconducts. Not just rape. Of course rape is the extreme one but he's also been accused of proposing sex contracts. So yes sex is very central to the story. Of course society wants to focus on the rape issue because it's one of the most despicable crimes and it's much easier to condemn and feeling totally mainstrean about it. It's what the lynch mob mentality does after all.