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  1. Londonbeat - I've Been Thinking About You
  2. todsmod...I feel the same...look at the very beginning when she'd win an award, she seemed humbled. But after a few it's almost as if "I knew I'd win" I've seen the same thing with Mariah, Janet & LG....they just act like they are the prettiest, greatest dancer, best no one can come close
  3. I think she buys nominations....I have a feeling she will be nominated for a Golden Globe for best actress Musical or Comedy
  4. I wonder if she'll try to compete and sing "Evergreen"
  5. Judy, Barbra.....and now Gaga she better get raked over the coals for this....but something tells me the critics will give her rave reviews.... if Madonna had even considered following 2 iconic stars / performances, she'd had her ass handed to her before the show even premiered
  6. It was still fun watching Debbie & Tiffany go at each other (they were pegged as rivals in the 80s) that sy-fy is all. cheesy, cheap, fake....but it has become a place for past celebrities....Olivia Newton-John has a cameo in the next Sharknado 5
  7. I just saw a 2006 movie that Debbie was was called Coffee Date she has a small role...but memorable one of little sweet Debbie's lines "Do you wanna fuck or not?" lol It is a gay themed movie of a guy who is mistaken for gay....(Deb is turned on by that) it's actually a love story (friendship) between a gay man and straight man
  8. be sure to check out the one with Tiffany "Mega Python Vs Gatoroid and I just found out myself...that she was in original Ghostbusters... as an uncredited extra "birthday girl in tavern on the green" LOL
  9. the last one if I remember was like a year ago...she was a music teacher and don't forget she played Katy Perry's mother in music video LFN
  10. she's been in several Sy-Fy channel cheap B-movies...and couple lifetime type she was in several Broadway etc. productions
  11. I have always loved her and have no idea why she didn't make it big Some of my favs from her are: Jam Packed ; Rock The House ; What About Me ; Don't You Want My Love ; This House Is Not A Home ; Always And Forever ; New York Eyes
  12. I think she a cute enough little actress...not saying she's Julia but I've enjoyed a few of her movies that Sy-Fy one with her and Tiffany...ending pissed me off!
  13. Don't forget she produced also....she is still the record holder for youngest to write, perform, produce a #1 record "Foolish Beat"
  14. According to Edsel Records (FB) Debbie Gibson will have a box set out Debbie herself posted a message video on FB to announce be released sometime in the fall to commemorate her 30 years in business with rare songs, new songs, only a U.K. Release though!
  15. Now do a Kim Wilde comparison (whom I love just as much)