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  1. HOLY TRINITY | Erotica

    Deeper And Deeper (Vogue's little sister) Rain (beautiful layered song) Waiting (I so desperately wanted this to be a single...I'm a sucker for her talking in her songs)
  2. He's A Man Hanky Panky (it was afterall a single) Sooner Or Later (it won an Oscar...one of her best live performances) (would've been Vogue obviously!)
  3. Express Yourself (my 2nd all-time fav of her....right behind ITG) Cherish (one of the sunniest singles ever) Like A Prayer (took her to a higher level)
  4. HOLY TRINITY | True Blue

    Open Your Heart (love, love, love this Billboard #1) True Blue (epitome of the 50s/60s girl group sound) Where's The Party (another one that got away)
  5. Like A Virgin (crawled her way to the top!) Material Girl (one of the most Iconic videos) Stay (the one that shoulda been)
  6. HOLY TRINITY | Madonna

    this one (along with TB) is my favorite album....so I find it seriously difficult Everybody (cause this one started M on her quest) Holiday (she knew she wanted to "rule the world") Lucky Star (it was given a second chance....and soared into Billboard Top 5)
  7. this year is flying by...what like only 5 months left....she better get on the stick!
  8. Cher was at S&M's wedding!
  9. On FB, Madonna asked....

    Sorry...it just seems liked it was hers...as all the instagrams from her appear there
  10. On FB, Madonna asked....

    It was on my FB feed... 8 hrs ago Instagram of Madonna
  11. On FB, Madonna asked....

    I guess she doesn't constitute IB as being a studio album
  12. Which album is your addiction?
  13. She could guest star a few episodes on "Empire"

    This is the album that brought me back to her....i fell in love with "Madonna" back in late '82...but didn't quite get the pop/rock sound of "Like A Virgin" in '84, so I gave away my "Virgin" cassette...I wanted the same sound (dance)....but after hearing/seeing "Live To Tell" in '86, I learned that she was like a musical chameleon....and when "Papa Don't Preach" debuted on MTV....I was hooked for life....I repurchased "Virgin" so I had her complete discography....and when the "True Blue" album was released, I was so infatuated with the cover...that is when in my world, Madonna dethroned Donna Summer and became my favorite artist!