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  1. On my IPod & IPad I have the two combined: The Immaculate Holiday Collection Holiday / Lucky Star / Borderline / Like A Virgin / Material Girl / Crazy For You / Into The Groove / Live To Tell / Papa Don’t Preach / True Blue Open Your Heart / La Isla Bonita / Who’s That Girl / Causing A Commotion / Like A Prayer / Express Yourself / Cherish / Vogue / Justify My Love / Rescue Me Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go listen to it now!
  2. Every time I see this thread towards the top, I get excited as if someone has heard some info...sadly nothing!
  3. The legendary CHER

    Love Cher’s new song “Walls”
  4. An actual single release of Spotlight as opposed to radio airplay only...and perhaps another unreleased song sequed on to the end of side two as much as I loved anything from WTG...I can see it was still too new being only released months earlier...they didn’t want to take away sales from that
  5. It was Ray Of Light played in Burlesque
  6. Of coarse you know they played ‘Borderline’ in two different scenes of the latest episode of Will & Grace
  7. At the time, I wasn’t used to overlapping Vocals in a song except background singers....and I was in no way religious, so I had no idea what the word Madonna meant or represented....so I was under the impression that ‘Everybody’ was sung by a black girl group called Madonna....Had no idea what she looked like, but I was so hooked....rushed out and bought the 45....then the 12er! (To this day the song is close to my M Top 10, if not in it)
  8. IMO, I feel it was her ex that made her....I have and love all the releases he did with her before the infidelity.....Come On Over (both US & International versions), The Woman In Me, Up!, and Greatest Hits...too bad it wasn’t an amicable split....I really don’t think this release will be 7, 8 or more hits deep like the others (Of coarse I’ve loved Mutts work with Def Leppard, Bryan Adams, Billy Ocean, Michael Bolton as well!)
  9. I’ve always loved P!nk more than Britney (whom I believe was way overrated, especially in terms of singing voice)
  10. Belinda Carlisle

    I’m with you on the Go-Gos...I was never into them (didn’t pay much attention except for the few early 80s top hits) but when I heard “Mad About You” in 1986...I fell in love with Belinda! And in 1987 Heaven hooked me! God bless Stevie Nicks for setting Belinda up with Rick....that truly was a match made in....Heaven!
  11. Belinda Carlisle

    I was so stoked to get her fantastic reissued deluxe albums in hardback book form, with single versions, extended mixes, lyrics, videos, interviews, videos.... love her....only wish US had adored her as much as the UK
  12. Top 10 Madonna Music Videos

    No particular order.... Express Yourself Like A Prayer Material Girl Music Ghosttown Papa Don’t Preach Open Your Heart Vogue This Used To Be My Playground Take A Bow / You’ll See (snuck in the sequel)
  13. Borderline....loved the episode! Karen & Grace in the shower like Lucy & Vivian
  14. It's a shame all the accolades for a lot of her projects now weren't revered then!
  15. Hmm...what do you know.....jeans, tshirt and glasses