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  1. God Control, Medellin, I Rise, Crazy, Crave
  2. watching one of her singles climb "back in the day" was always exciting and kept the momentum going...but sadly she doesn't chart anymore
  3. What’s next on the agenda? Single release....another video...documentary....appearance? Anyone know?
  4. It would’ve bookend her discography nicely with her black & white debut
  5. Im thinking a video of sorts was filmed for this song with the Accordion playing Madame X persona
  6. so the Tracy Young Remix of I Rise never made it to ITunes?...I can't find it anyone know what happened?
  7. If it is in fact released today...it’ll give me something to look forward to after working from 7am til 10 pm tonight (15 hr shift)
  8. If your a fan....you’ve seen her die before on film
  9. and Medellin makes it 47 #1 Dance Songs! I have no doubt "I Rise" & "God Control" will follow suit if they ever release that Tracy Young remix, followed by Pride
  10. Reminds me of the real life tragedy of the massacre at a gay club in Florida
  11. Medellin/Living For Love Dark Ballet/Devil Pray God Control/Ghosttown Future/Unapologetic Bitch Batuka/Illuminati Killers Who Are Partying/Bitch I'm Madonna Crave/Hold Tight Crazy/Joan Of Arc Come Alive/Iconic Extreme Occident/Heartbreak City Faz Gostoso/Body Shop Bitch I'm Loca/Holy Water I Don't Search I Find/Inside Out Looking For Mercy/Wash All Over Me I Rise/Best Night Funana/Veni Vidi Vici Back That Up To The Beat/S.E.X Ciao Bella/Messiah Soltera/Rebel Heart Madame X - 11 / Rebel Heart - 8
  12. she could do other territory dance music...Greek, French, Swedish, etc
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