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  1. Don’t know if they’ll actually take into account men who have been sexually harassed, assaulted etc....I highly doubt it.
  2. then boiled his head for dinner with vegetables and gravy This is old news...just wondering if any insight on this woman... 2 years ago planned on making movie about her...did they? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3452277/Hollywood-movie-Australia-s-female-cannibal-Katherine-Knight-cooked-boyfriend-s-head-gravy.html
  3. If the album has year long longevity like they used to, Iconic would be great anthem for next years Olympics "if you tried and fail get up again...."
  4. maybe they'll put out a double A-side remix as the 3rd single: Unapologetic Bitch I'm Madonna after all they are both Diplo tracks
  5. i'm wondering with the Kanye & Drake collabs, and for the most part, Rebel Heart being well recieved, if we're in for a rerelease come Nov. With perhaps Queen & Autotune Baby added back
  6. lets hope the live feed dont go blank just as they introduce M like that Austrailian shit!
  7. without credits or lyrics, it doesnt give the consumer a reason to purchase the cd....they just stick with digital and inside photos can be found online as well i don't understand why M hasnt put lyrics in since ROL its not like they can cost that much to print, so many reisssues now days are printed with write-ups of artists career, singles info, photos & lyrics i was really disappointed Celebration didn't have them as it was advertised as if they were going to be included in booklet
  8. a good incentive would be to have a nice booklet with lyrics, photos & credits
  9. or the "Heart" on the other arm to balance it out
  10. so if all editions are explicit....none to be sold at say Wal-Mart where millions go daily?
  11. where is that Brazilian article with the songs divided into "Rebel" & "Heart" sides?
  12. a couple artists off top of head did same thing for standard release... Lisa Stansfield "Affection" was a bonus track Culture Club "Luxury To Heartache" & "Colour By Numbers" were left off albums
  13. I just realized that the reason for removing "Queen" from tracklist might be because LG had the same titled song on Born This Way
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