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  1. It seems like I have way less than everyone else...guess I'd better get to searchin and see what I've been missin'
  2. I just happened to notice with all the albums, remixes, unreleased songs, etc. that I happen to have 400 Madonna songs in my that I missing a many do you have?
  3. don't get me wrong...I don't think anyone should have to worry about "too old" '"act your age" etc comments...I don't understand why celebrity age is mentioned in 55, or so-and-so 64....why don't they just report so-and-so is in a movie, or dating someone...age has to be mentioned in every line and that Piers......
  4. I really love Cher...although I'll never understand why it is she can do (or wear) whatever and the GP doesn't seem to be fact they praise her...but God forbid Madonna does something....the whole world erupts and thinks M should act her age...WTF? Cher is like 13 years older....but people don't say Cher is some old hag grandma of 71. It's like Cher has earned her badge...but Madonna is way beneath every other Celebrity in Hollywood!
  5. she don't "watch" but she loves RuPaul....yeah she's just kissin gay ass!
  6. I wonder if he pocketed a big chunk of the $175 million budget?
  7. I don't know why but reading all of this just makes me tear up for real I feel like that dude that said "leave Brittney alone!" but for Madonna after all these years...this shit still is going on...but when it seems like all the celebs that hate her are coming out in just seems to get to me and where the hell are her peers that should be coming to her defense? I know she is probably just slagging it off but it burns me up that there is nothing that we can do about it
  8. well like all the panned shit-storms M has endured....she'll critically make it through like was stated from Erotica/Sex to Evita/Ray Of Light...from American Life to Confessions from Hard Candy to Rebel Heart....she'll take the high road against the fuckers remember being told Elton said she doesn't have a chance in hell to win GG for Masterpiece...
  9. maybe he's kissing M up so she can take Rocco back... He will be needing a to party on with friends!
  10. I love this song more than LAP & it's not lost to me EY is at top of my list (album version) right up there with ITG!
  11. aren't the grillz the longest she's ever worn as a fashion statement? Plus, I thought they have been fazed out hell the gold tooth, the nose ring....even the mole didn't last this long...I thought she likes different looks
  12. Won't be long now and this year will be half over!
  13. look at there...someone stole exactly what I said!
  14. God how I wish she'd make a "You Can Dance Too"