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  1. M looks brilliant at the video. its a nice story and I love the style of it - but (for me) the cuts a too fast. but at the end its a really nice Video
  2. they play "Medellin" every day in on the biggest radio stations in Germany .... thank you Malumba
  3. hmm..its okay... a nice one... but not a #1-Material...
  4. on the german Eurovision site its confirmed since weeks...
  5. It was a very cute performance. the holographs and the four of five settings were really smart. You can see that she has fun - and that so amazing. It was not one of her best, shocking performances. It was smart, cute and professional - and she looks so young!
  6. that sounds so like ESC and a song with a message. Remember at the press release they called "I Rise" an anthem...
  7. heard it at the release day on WDR 2. And today they played the song for the first time after the 22th April - two times (12:26 pm and 11:39 am). Maybe its new in the Playlist?
  8. at the moment "Medellin" gets higher in the German iTunes Charts (#60) - dark green (before white and shiny green)
  9. I think she will perform "I Rise" at the Eurovision Song Contest... on the description stands that its an anthem... and "I Rise" sounds like a typical gay-song with a message - perfect for the ESC, haha... maybe its the song with the drags and after the song release ( 3th may) she will release the video a week later?!
  10. I want more gifs of this!!!! Anyone has the lyrics of the prayer at the beginning?
  11. would be nice... I really love that poem... it was inspiration for so many people - like Lewis Hamilton.
  12. 4.1 Mio. on YT actually after 40 hours... is that good? I have no references....and its "only" the audio-video...remembering that BIM was pushed so much on YT?! YT counts only 1 a day? I listen to it on YT the whole time when im at home because I thought it would be count
  13. it was played on German radio too...but only three times on the station "WDR 2"
  14. haha, really? its a teaser, not a song... we talk about the strategy and the success. and for me its part of it to see who will release too, sorry. calm down
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