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  1. Sie ist eben Madonna.Bitch. http://www.sueddeutsche.de/kultur/neues-musikvideo-bitch-sie-ist-madonna-1.2528469
  2. 8 mio views? WOW! thats really cool! i think there are many people who watch this video only one time or two times... i think 10 mio. could be realistic.
  3. yeah, whats that? a positive review from laut.de...thats not so normal for this site! http://www.laut.de/News/Madonna-Bitch,-Im-Madonna!-im-Video-18-06-2015-11489 edit: on the vevo-site there are 3mio views on youtube has the vevo-video 4.2 mio....?
  4. nice video... really crazy! but the parts of the other celebrities are a little bit cheap..
  5. 5 days and no teaser? but yes...we need a teaser and we need a ITunes-Version (Diplo-Mix)!
  6. 1. Confessions On A Dancefloor 2. Ray Of Light 3. Rebel Heart 4. Like A Prayer 5. True Blue 6. Music 7. Hard Candy 8. MDNA 9. Bedtime Story 10. American Life 11. I'm Breathless 12. Madonna 13. Erotica 14. Like A Virgin
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