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  1. My choices for the public would be: 1. Vogue 2. Like a Prayer 3. Frozen 4. Hung Up 5. Ghosttown Personal choices: 1. Skin 2. Paradise (Not For Me) 3. Love Profusion 4. Jump 5. Messiah
  2. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    I post Snapchats of my “boring” uncle life every day but I also manage to go to a university and have a full time job. Do you never wonder what else Madonna could be doing? You don’t know because she does post anything about it. To answer the question to the title of the thread, no she is not trolling us in terms of having a blast raising her kids and spending quality time with them. But she IS STAYING tight lipped about an album she has been working on. We won’t know anything about it until Spring, I’m sure of it.
  3. We need another dark hair era

    Just anything but blonde. Like, I will still love her as always if she goes blonde again for this era, and it’s really not a big deal, but it would be a nice change if she went with a different color. That’s all.
  4. Is Madonna Trolling Us?

    She said months ago that she was in the beginning of a process of a new album! She said she was getting inspired in Portugal and was contemplating some ideas. I believe she’s done some writing, composing, etc. Doubt she was just sitting there with her twins the whole time as she would want us to believe based on her Instagram! They DO attend school you know!
  5. We need another dark hair era

    The first one! But you could have used a better picture 😂😘
  6. We need another dark hair era

    This is one ugly wig, not to be confused at all with what Madonna’s real hair would have looked like as dark. Wigs actually don’t look good on her at all.
  7. We need another dark hair era

    Not all women look good as blondes. In fact, many women actually look older with lighter hair because it washes them out and makes their faces look wider, more round! Considering that Madonna likes to wear light make up and enjoys fillers and plumping creams, her face often looks round and evenly toned. Blond hair in that case does her a disfavor and you can see it in the second picture the most! Darker hair actually SLIMS out a person’s face, brings out their facial features more, such as eyes, NOT wrinkles! So this popular belief that blond hair makes older woman younger is just false! It doesn’t work for every woman, especially Madonna! Her golden locks actually make her face look more round and washed out! I am against her going too dark, but I genuinely believe that if she went with a medium brown, curly, straight, doesn’t matter, her face would immediately look slimmer and younger! Her eyes and her smile would pop out more as well. Brown hair just gives that illusion of a more natural look! Older women with blonde hair look obvious for coloring their hair. Which is not always a bad thing, but a thought of “grey coverage” comes to mind. Also, more eye make up actually looks better on Madonna! In the first picture she wears a lot more make up than the second and she also looks better because of the prominent dark hair roots. Personally I would love M to try something like this, brown long hair and some bangs.
  8. We need another dark hair era

    Maybe not black but long chocolate brown straight hair would make her look like a goddess!
  9. Omg thank you so much!! Like for real, big fucking deal, she’s 60! So what? MOVING ON! New album!! New era!! New Madonna!!
  10. Miley's demo "Like Madonna"

    Also, it’s not Rihanna. It’s clearly Miley Cyrus’ voice especially in the verse that follows.
  11. Miley's demo "Like Madonna"

    I think it sounds amazing and it should have made its way! The more Madonna, the better! Especially if it’s the other pop princesses giving her respect and attention! The song could have been a hit! Don’t understand some fans saying “thank god it didn’t happen”. Whatever.
  12. She better come back to Nashville! It was her first time EVER visiting Nashville during the RH tour and I remember her apologizing for that to Nashvillians and making a promise to never again skip us. The Bridgestone Arena was full!! People love her in the south! This is after all the music city where Elvis is alive on every street lol p.s. I bought 11 tickets for myself and my friends to see her 😂
  13. The only thing she said is “2018, I’m coming back”!!!! That’s it! And a few months ago she announced she was in the earlier stages of a new album.
  14. This is inspirational! Thank you for sharing! ❤️😘
  15. Guys, greatest hits tour almost sounds like a farewell tour. I think (I hope) we’ll have a new album and a world tour dedicated to that album.
  16. Well considering how many times these “boys” have broken her heart, I’m not surprised the song has grown to repulse her in some way...
  17. Exactly! Also, her skin all around her body looks more youthful and radiant with a bit more weight gain.
  18. Madonna new album in 2018

    Imagine Madonna wearing a dress covered with roses, or her hair braided with a few tiny little wild flowers, basically her simply embracing some bright colors this era. 🌸 I don’t think she’s ever done anything so feminine before. It would be refreshing to see her just relaxing for once and just enjoy being a girl. 💅🏻An album full of beautiful acoustic songs with some electric beats and sounds would be a dream come true for me! 💕Add a couple of dance hits to the mix and it’s a gem of an album! 💖✨
  19. I think she’s been writing songs and melodies behind closed doors. I think she has been contacting producers to work with. If March is too early, definitely Summer! She could record the album in Spring and release it in June or July. I don’t want to worry for an entire year of 2018 about leaks.
  20. Madonna new album in 2018

    I’m in for a colorful album cover this era! 😍
  21. I’m guessing a new album is coming in March and touring begins in the Fall. When she said she’s coming back in 2018, she definitely meant a new album. When she said to Anderson she’s coming for him, she meant to give him another chance to dance with her on the stage again, so yes, tour 2018 as well. It makes sense to me that: Spring 2018 - new album (Pretty in Pink) Fall 2018 - world tour (Dancing with the Queen) ☺️
  22. Yes, this is very refreshing and it suits her so well 🌸💖💝💕🌹🌺❤️😍
  23. Thank you for sharing this! I love you!! ❤️💕😘I woke up to this video and it just gave me so much life! I LOVE this new Madonna! 😂💕🌸✨🌺❤️❤️ “I’m a fat soccer mom” omg baby SHUT. UP. Because you are gorgeous and you’re just beaming with this fantastic energy!!
  24. I’m actually kind of pissed right now at people demanding that she be skinny again. It’s her body!! She looks gorgeous, healthy, happy! Mind your own damn business mathafuckers!