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  1. I said some lyrics at work last night from Where Life Begins and people said that it sounds like something Gaga would say. What?? That got me so mad. Well, obviously you would think that because the ugly ass cunt has built her entire career off of Madonna’s image! I’m seriously still waiting for karma to bite Gags’ ass off, chew it up and spit it out like the trash that she is!!
  2. Reputation is a decent album. “I did something bad” and “delicate” are my two favorites this year. I love Witness more because I only skip about 2 songs on there. I skip about 5 or 6 on Reputation.
  3. No one cares about Gags. She never became the “new Madonna” in despite of virtually building her entire career off of Madonna’s image! What she needs to do is publicly admit this and apologize to Madonna! The end!
  4. Can you guys please change the title of this thread? I honestly wouldn't want M to see it and misunderstand the meaning behind it. I mean I know I'm being paranoid and she wouldn't care, not that she even logs in here but the title, it just drives me crazy. I want Madonna to release a new album in like 2017!!!
  5. If you take all the songs that have the word dark in them (or darkest), you will end up with 11 solid tracks, a number very common in Madonna's previous albums. I put the "dark" songs together, listened to them from start to finish and realized how melancholy the album would have been. It's definitely not a happy album, but I wouldn't really call it sad either. The "dark" songs are all about surviving, not losing hope, hanging on, staying brave, moving on... Interestingly, it made me think Madonna was in a dark place when she wrote all these songs, but she knew better as not to give up and to keep her focus on the Lighf. I donno. You guys might think this is weird. But considering that she's a Kabbalist, there are no coincidences in Kabbalah. Her putting the word "dark" in these 11 tracks (13 if you include Beautiful Scars and Addicted) must have a reason, some type of hidden message. It's definitely intriguing. Regardless, what would you guys think if Rebel Heart only consisted of these "dark" songs? 1. Living for Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Illuminati 5. Joan of Arc 6. Hold Tight 7. Iconic 8. Inside Out 9. Veni Vidi Vici 10. Messiah 11. Rebel Heart Bonus: 12. Beautiful Scars 13. Addicted
  6. 1. Ray of Light 2. Rebel Heart 3. American Life 4. Confessions on the Dance Floor 5. Music 6. MDNA 7. Hard Candy These are the 7 albums I live for!! That is all!
  7. Mine too!!! I love the part: "Angels cry, throw their halos from the sky", it's just so moving and poetic. The melody is beautiful too. It's a shame she couldn't release this song.
  8. Yeah and I think it's not a coincidence that Adam Lambert has a song that goes "my heart is a ghost town". Please Adam, we all know you were the first to download those leaks.
  9. No rest!!! As soon as the tour is over she needs to start writing songs. I'd love her to relax while doing it though. Like, go to Brazil for inspiration for instance. Learn some samba and bosa nova beats. Get in touch with the secrets of the ocean, the capoeira, the Goddess of the Sea Iemanja 💦 Write some eccentric lyrics reflecting on the beauty around you!! Omg, a boy can dream...
  10. Rebel Heart (The "Dark" Edition)

    Ugh! Never mind! You guys don't understand what I'm trying to say so I'm just not gonna sweat it lol
  11. Rebel Heart (The "Dark" Edition)

    Same!! I tried to make a "consistent" edition lol Never got into it!! I think the album is perfect as it is!
  12. Rebel Heart (The "Dark" Edition)

    No one is trying to convince you that her songs are miserable. What I tried to say in this thread was that all the songs that she put the word dark in them have something to do with some kind of struggle she went through or is going through or is trying to avoid.
  13. Rebel Heart (The "Dark" Edition)

    Dark is not necessarily evil you silly! Dark can be a hardship in life. And Madonna put the word dark in these 11 songs, not me.
  14. Rebel Heart (The "Dark" Edition)

    Yeah, that's why I put dark in quotations. I don't think they're all dark, but there's something about Living for Love and Hold Tight for instance that makes you think she's been through a lot of darkness and she's learning to "carry on" and "hold tight", with all her "beautiful scars"...
  15. It will be so fitting with the Marthin Luther King day!! I really hope she sings it!! In any case, I've no doubt she will do some type of tribute to him! "I walk in the footsteps of giants - remember the man who had a dream! I stay in the shadows of those who gave their lives so we can be free!" - Madonna "Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you. Be the change you wanna see in the world! You cannot blame what you see happening in the world on anybody else. It's time that we all stand together. One for all and all for one! We all play the same part! We all want to be loved!" - Madonna
  16. Yay!!! Which section? I'm in 101 with all of my friends
  17. Yes... I forgot that Freedom is just a demo lol So she definitely won't perform it. But it would have been fucking amazing!!
  18. Dr Lector omg 😂😂😂
  19. The Greatest Moment of RH ERA!

    Definitely Bitch, Im Madonna performance!! She killed it and reminded everyone that she's the Queen!
  20. Btw, I wonder how many of you may agree with me, but I'm pretty sure the Rebel and Heart songs are within the following categories. Rebel: 1. Devil Pray (as a Rebel you question everything, including drugs), 2. Unapologetic Bitch (Takes a rebellious heart to tell your ex to fuck off) 3. Illuminati (A Rebel digs up the truth, seeks for the answers) 4. BIM (know who you are) 5. Iconic (to be a true rebel is to know what you're fighting for) 6. Holy Water (This song is ironic. A rebel knows irony firsthand. I always think of this song as a dedication to Lasy Gaga for instance.) 7. Veni Vidi Vici (she talks about the essence of her Rebel Heart here. She didn't listen to what people said and did what she wanted) 8. SEX (a rebel is not ashamed of exploring their sexuality) 9. Rebel Heart (obviously talking about why she's a Rebel and always has been one and always will be) Heart: 1. LFL (living for love, obviously comes from the heart's desire for love) 2. Ghosttown (love song) 3. Hold Tight (love song) 4. Joan of Arc (wearing your heart on a sleeve, letting your vulnerable side out) 5. HeartbreakCity (A heart in pain over loss of love), 6. Body Shop (this one is a story about how a one time fling turned into a love affair) 7. Inside Out (love song) 8. Wash All Over Me (Finding humility after realizing that some things we can't control. That comes from the heart) 9. Best Night (going on a date with someone and hoping it's real) 10. Messiah (Understanding the metaphysical relation of a woman to a man. In Kabbalah a woman represents a vessel that receives, like the moon, and a man is like the Sun that gives the Light to the moon. But this type of submissive surrender would mean raising the bar for someone who truly deserves that kind of love, someone who is ready on a soul level to meet his soulmate. Kabbalah teaches that we all have our soulmates but we won't meet them unless we are spiritually ready for each other. You meet companions in life, but they are not really your soulmate. To meet your true soulmate and RECOGNIZE him, it means you must become like the Messiah. In Kabbalah we are all Messiahs, but we fall short because of Satan, or the ego, and never achieve that kind of spiritual level. As a gay man I still relate to the song because it is not about physical bodies. It's all on the soul level. Even then, instead of 'I'll be a queen safe in your arms', to me I want to be made feeling like a prince if I ever meet my King. But I could go on and on about this song. There is a lot of deep meaning and symbolism. It's a true masterpiece!! I also love the male background vocals in the demo version, but the album version is amazing too)
  21. I wish she would have released the album in this form and order: 1. Iconic 2. Living for Love 3. Best Night (transitions perfectly after LFL) 4. Hold Tight (perfect translation here too) 5. Unapologetic Bitch 6. Illuminati 7. Bitch I'm Madonna (whether we like it or not, this one gave a lot of fuel to the era and we just can't do without it. It's a great song anyway.) 8. Devil Pray 9. Ghosttown 10. Wash All Over Me 11. Joan of Arc (much better when consistent) 12. Body Shop (perfect transition) 13. Inside Out 14. S.E.X. 15. HeartbreakCity 16. Veni Vidi Vici (great consistency after HeartbreakCity) 17. Borrowed Time (this song makes the album more complete and adds more meaning behind the phrase Rebel Heart. It also makes a beautiful transition between VVV and Messiah!) 18. Messiah (beautiful conclusion) 19. Rebel Heart

    I agree with those of you who say her vocals are better in the final version of WAOM. In the Avicci version her vocals were overpowered by the beat. But as a ballad, she makes it sound gorgeous! Also, I still think the meaning behind the lyrics have to do with the events in the world, rather than her becoming older.