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  1. I want her new album already!!! Why is she taking such huge gaps between albums??? Dark Sky Island vinyl is hanging on my wall by the way!! Love it!!!
  2. Reason I asked is because I’m following Alekseev and he mentioned being on Eurovision.
  3. Ok I don’t really listen to hip-hop but to insinuate that it’s a negative kind of music for young men to listen to is so racist. Hip-hop has several different styles and not all of it is about anger! Jesus!
  4. He looks more effeminate in the My My My video but that’s the point. Haven’t we all (gay men) ever felt wanting to just let go and be all effeminate and submissive while still remaining masculine enough? It’s hard to explain I guess but he translated that very well in the video. That’s how I feel when I bottom even though I prefer to top. I know it’s tmi but all I’m trying to say I guess is that I relate to this video. And I absolutely love his lips. Yum. But! I like The Good Side more!
  5. Just how old is she tho? I always thought she was like 25
  6. Omg that's the chick that totally copied Gaga and Britney and then didn't even give them credit on her music video called "Its Madonna Bitch".
  7. His album is very hipster pop and it somewhat reminds me of Ray of Light. It's like if Ray of Light and + by Ed Sheeren had sex and made a baby.
  8. Can you guys please change the title of this thread? I honestly wouldn't want M to see it and misunderstand the meaning behind it. I mean I know I'm being paranoid and she wouldn't care, not that she even logs in here but the title, it just drives me crazy. I want Madonna to release a new album in like 2017!!!
  9. 1. Ray of Light 2. Rebel Heart 3. American Life 4. Confessions on the Dance Floor 5. Music 6. MDNA 7. Hard Candy These are the 7 albums I live for!! That is all!
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