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  1. I’m obsessed with this remix! https://youtu.be/AZhiVrSuWJk
  2. The lyrics literally give me life!! And her voice is so smooth, you can use this song as a tanning lotion
  3. I actually really enjoy Back That Up To The Beat. Such a fun song.
  4. Yes, suddenly Madame X is hella prophetic! It flipped everything upside down for me when covid-19 happened. Suddenly it all made so much more sense. And her performance at Eurovision cannot be a mere coincidence. Even Kabbalah teaches there’s no such a thing as a coincidence. The word itself means two sides of one coin. Madonna knew something and still does! I’m listening to her ever so closely. There’s hope. “Everyone has a spark”.
  5. Yes!! Finally someone said this. Albums such as Ray of Light, American Life and now Madame X have this unique energy about them that straight up tells us, this is her! This is the woman behind the alter ego called Madonna. This is the voice beyond Vogues and Hollidays. In all three of these albums she tells her alter ego to take a seat and she wears her heart on the sleeve. And it’s crucial we as fans recognize and respect that. And while she has done glimpses of this in all of her albums, everybody knows that these particular albums carry that specific Madonna energy that’s uniq to who she is as her own person, outside of fame and stardom.
  6. Agreed. Also, if MDNA would have been produced entirely by Martin alone, I think it would have been her most uplifting, upbeat, cheerful, summer album ever!! I don’t care what anyone says, Give Me All Your Luvin and Turn Up The Radio are extremely catchy and fun. Beautiful Killer is everybody’s favorite. This lighthearted Solveig sound throughout the whole album would have been a dream come true! Unfortunately, as much as I loved Orbit’s songs, and I’m Addicted, the album ended up having no direction. It was all over the place. Gang Bang, Masterpiece, I Don’t Give A, Falling Free.... all sound like songs from completely different albums, like wtf?
  7. This is the one song on the album that I’m still trying to like. For some reason can’t really connect to it.
  8. This song made me cry lol I did do my own edit tho. Like I shortened it and it’s perfect!
  9. Really funny lists! I’ll try to do a serious one, the one I think it could have been if M didn’t use play of words or wanted to come up with some alternate song titles 1. Nos Casamos (Feat. Maluma) 2. It’s a Beautiful Lie 3. Gun Control 4. Not Everyone Is Coming (Feat. Quavo) 5. Storm 6. Wild World, Lonely Path 7. Dangerous (Feat. Swae Lee) 8. You Must Think I’m Crazy 9. Stand Out 10. I Wasn’t Lost 11. Faz Gostoso (Feat. Anita) (no change to this title cuz it’s a cover) 12. Loca (Feat. Maluma) 13. Finally, Enough Love 14. Prayer 15. Rise Above
  10. My top favorite parts of the song are the first verse, when Madonna goes “you ain’t woke!....come give life!” She sounds like a wise Jamaican witch who smokes dope. Lol The trumpets! Oh my god those trumpets give me life! These two aspects of the song were my favorite from the first listen. But surprisingly, I’ve also grown to really enjoy Quavo’s verse.
  11. Interesting but Music is my least favorite Madonna song. I dont like the melody, nor the lyrics or the production. But I’m happy that general public recognizes and loves it. Batuka is the weird kind of Madonna that I totally dig. Awesome that Madonna’s candy shop got all kinds of flavors for all of us.
  12. I’d love to get my hands on the demos from Madame X
  13. I agree. I never get tired of Madonna’s use of repetition in songs. Somehow she makes it organic and natural. Not even MJ could do it. “Wanna Be Starting Something” anyone? Lol
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