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  1. Liz Smith has Died [merged]

    Nothing on M’s Instagram :/
  2. Sorry can I just say something please -

    Ray of Light American Life Confessions on the Dance Floor Hard Candy Rebel Heart thats all
  3. What does the general public know about Madonna?

    Right? Talking about taking things out of the context. It’s beyond me! 🙄
  4. What does the general public know about Madonna?

    I always school people on who Madonna is. I’ve done that during presentations at my university too. But you have to remain friendly if you do that because people tend to associate stars with their fans. If you’re a jerk to everyone around you and they know you’re a Madonna fan, they will undoubtedly think Madonna is a bitch and not in a good way. I’ve had numerous people telling me that they used to think she wasn’t a pleasant person until they met me. Not trying to brag or anything, but I do personally believe there is a connection between stars and their fandom and people’s perception. Most general public love to share whatever they think of her with me because they know she’s my favorite and it usually goes something like: “she looks great for her age! She has a great body! You gotta give it to her, she’s a big star! She’s smart if she’s been doing what she’s doing for this long”, etc. Again, people have a lot more nice things to say about Madonna when they personally know one or two nice people who are her biggest fans.
  5. I agree that MDNA is listenable. I like to just play it sometimes in its entirety whenever I do something around the house and it never forces me to skip a song. There are songs that I absolutely love and sometimes I literally crave to listen to them. The concept of MDNA is actually very similar to Rebel Heart. Both albums are great representations of Madonna’s two sides, the rebellious and the romantic. Both albums, however, can be confusing because they’re all over the place, like Bedtime Stories. I prefer albums with a theme, best examples of which are Ray of Light, American Life, Confessions on the Dance Floor and Hard Candy. Yes, Hard Candy! It had a theme and sound unique to the album. And this is what I’m hoping get with Madonna’s 14th album release. But I’ve also learned to stop wishing and just letting Madonna offer her own take on where she is creatively in her life.
  6. This made me laugh out loud lol you made my day 😂
  7. Hi Madonna, how’s it going? I’m Nick, it’s really nice to see you on the same plane, what a surprise. How are kids doing? Are they doing good in school? When is David going to surprise us with a single? My sister and I are loving your MDNA products by the way. I wanted to take rose mist with me on the plane but they didn’t let me 😂 oh you have one on you? What? They let you but not me? Rather transparent, wouldn’t you say? 😂
  8. Kim Kardashian channels Madonna

    Omg I’m dead 😂
  9. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    It’s like everybody in this party shining like 👁
  10. Kim Kardashian channels Madonna

    You’re not the only one. These people are like cancer in our society. Money, money, money! Fame and glory that’s undeserved. I think it started with Paris Hilton, who by the way thinks everyone outside of her rich people circle is an effing peasant.
  11. Kim Kardashian channels Madonna

    I’m glad she’s giving Madonna the attention from the media and all but.... that’s one ugly Madonna. Sorry...
  12. Madonna in Rio de Janeiro

    Is nobody going to point out that the policeman staring starlight into the camera is my future husband??? 😱😍♥️ P.S. wanted to correct the autocorrected “starlight” but I’m just gonna leave it there actually ☺️
  13. "You have too much facial hair!"

    I wanna transition 😒