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  1. Come on guys! Do you seriously expect Madonna to bring back producers from past eras? Whatever you expect, you’re only setting yourselves up for a disappointment. Just take a sit back and relax and watch her come with new material from producers with a fresh take on things.
  2. Do we have any creative people who could come up with some font ideas for this powerful album cover?
  3. That’s what I also thought. I totally dig it! 👌 Slay Queen!!
  4. Is this preparation for the new look for the new era or just the album cover? 🤔
  5. Thank you so much for making the playlist but something tells me the album won’t sound like any of these songs.
  6. Please don’t say you’re sorry 💅🏻
  7. Beyonce is the Kim Kardashian of the music industry. She’s so plastic, generic and most of all, safe, that sometimes I wonder if she’s a robot or something.
  8. Huge respect!! Bowing down to you, seriously! 🙌 Thank you so much for sharing! ♥️
  9. Ok, I honestly thought she’s RECORDING the music since she’s at the RECORDING studio! Lol
  10. I love you but this is just not true! Hard Candy was a brave move by her! It was a breakthrough for a white female artist and she totally started a new trend! REBEL HEART created a new sound that has been so obviously picked up by Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Both their albums sound like RH.
  11. Wow!! I feel so bad that Madonna is even aware of the negative fans’ meltdown. We should be celebrating that she’s back in the studio and encourage her with love and support!