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  1. Can you guys please change the title of this thread? I honestly wouldn't want M to see it and misunderstand the meaning behind it. I mean I know I'm being paranoid and she wouldn't care, not that she even logs in here but the title, it just drives me crazy. I want Madonna to release a new album in like 2017!!!
  2. 1. Ray of Light 2. Rebel Heart 3. American Life 4. Confessions on the Dance Floor 5. Music 6. MDNA 7. Hard Candy These are the 7 albums I live for!! That is all!
  3. Mine too!!! I love the part: "Angels cry, throw their halos from the sky", it's just so moving and poetic. The melody is beautiful too. It's a shame she couldn't release this song.
  4. Yeah and I think it's not a coincidence that Adam Lambert has a song that goes "my heart is a ghost town". Please Adam, we all know you were the first to download those leaks.
  5. No rest!!! As soon as the tour is over she needs to start writing songs. I'd love her to relax while doing it though. Like, go to Brazil for inspiration for instance. Learn some samba and bosa nova beats. Get in touch with the secrets of the ocean, the capoeira, the Goddess of the Sea Iemanja Write some eccentric lyrics reflecting on the beauty around you!! Omg, a boy can dream...
  6. Ugh! Never mind! You guys don't understand what I'm trying to say so I'm just not gonna sweat it lol
  7. Same!! I tried to make a "consistent" edition lol Never got into it!! I think the album is perfect as it is!
  8. No one is trying to convince you that her songs are miserable. What I tried to say in this thread was that all the songs that she put the word dark in them have something to do with some kind of struggle she went through or is going through or is trying to avoid.
  9. Dark is not necessarily evil you silly! Dark can be a hardship in life. And Madonna put the word dark in these 11 songs, not me.
  10. Yeah, that's why I put dark in quotations. I don't think they're all dark, but there's something about Living for Love and Hold Tight for instance that makes you think she's been through a lot of darkness and she's learning to "carry on" and "hold tight", with all her "beautiful scars"...
  11. If you take all the songs that have the word dark in them (or darkest), you will end up with 11 solid tracks, a number very common in Madonna's previous albums. I put the "dark" songs together, listened to them from start to finish and realized how melancholy the album would have been. It's definitely not a happy album, but I wouldn't really call it sad either. The "dark" songs are all about surviving, not losing hope, hanging on, staying brave, moving on... Interestingly, it made me think Madonna was in a dark place when she wrote all these songs, but she knew better as not to give up and to keep her focus on the Lighf. I donno. You guys might think this is weird. But considering that she's a Kabbalist, there are no coincidences in Kabbalah. Her putting the word "dark" in these 11 tracks (13 if you include Beautiful Scars and Addicted) must have a reason, some type of hidden message. It's definitely intriguing. Regardless, what would you guys think if Rebel Heart only consisted of these "dark" songs? 1. Living for Love 2. Devil Pray 3. Ghosttown 4. Illuminati 5. Joan of Arc 6. Hold Tight 7. Iconic 8. Inside Out 9. Veni Vidi Vici 10. Messiah 11. Rebel Heart Bonus: 12. Beautiful Scars 13. Addicted
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