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  1. Avicii has passed away

    Ok I wasn’t aware of that. No I don’t wanna take “advantage” of his death. I cried all day and I’m still shaken by it. I’ve followed him since before MDNA! I’ve been a big fan not only of his music but of him as a person. He was very laid back and real. I also had a slight crush on him but thats irrelevant. But him passing really shook me up. That’s partly why I would want Madonna to do something MORE than just an Instagram post. Which I’m not judging her for it. It would just be kind of neat imho if she released his versions as an honor. She sang Prince’a song live!! Did she take advantage? Did she do that for attention? Really? Anyway, I can see your point as well. I really do. And if there are fans out there who don’t give a shit about him and just want to take advantage of his death, shame on them! But that’s not me and it’s not the place I’m coming from.
  2. Also Give Me All Your Luvin with Nicki Minaj. By the way, Minaj being present on both MDNA and Rebel Heart. Both albums dealing with a breakup/heartache. GGW is very similar in context to BIM. The message of Gang Bang is similar to UB. The overall production and her voice sounds similar too. Both albums have pretty aggressive as well as very mellow songs. And I’m not talking about upbeat and slow tempo. I’m referring to the overall message of some of these songs, which are similar in content on both albums. Just like Rebel Heart, you could say MDNA could also be divided into two parts, the heart (Masterpiece, Love Spent, Falling Free, etc) and the Rebel (Bang Bang, GGW, IDGA, etc)
  3. Avicii has passed away

    I understand both sides. I definitely see where some of you are coming from but let’s get real, if Madonna released his demos, mastered and polished, you all would be right on them! Would it be disrespectful? It’s debatable! And I don’t wanna debate about this anymore! It’s silly.
  4. What do you expect from our conversation when you keep trying to find ways to disagree with me 😂 You’re insisting on arguing instead of having a conversation, and I tried to explain to you that it’s really not a big deal, peace to yourself!
  5. Yes, it’s called expressing one’s opinion 😂 Definirely wasn’t doing an album analysis of any kind. Also Im glad you don’t see any similarity between the albums. 👍
  6. Avicii has passed away

    Don’t you want it remastered tho? And wouldn’t it be nice if it was available to everyone on iTunes?
  7. Madonna is working on new music.

    We would need Star Trek technology to decipher these lyrics 😂 But what makes me feel excited is that these songs seem rich with lyrics! I love the candle too. Don’t think we gonna get another Bitch I’m Madonna this era 😂👌
  8. To me they are similar. You can put GGW right next to BIM, Unapolgetic Bitch right next to I Don’t Give A and Gand Bang next to Holy Water, etc. Rebel Heart also has more rappers than MDNA; BIM, Iconic, VVV. Also songs like Illuminati, Best Night, Inside Out, Body Shop, etc., are all heavily influenced by RnB. So starting with Hard Candy and ending with Rebel Heart, we mostly have RnB and hip hop influences. Even Living For Love has an RnB sound to it. Ghosttown, Joan of Arc and Hold Tight are the exceptions.
  9. Avicii has passed away

    No for money! Not for attention! Just put it up as a free download on iTunes in his memory, which is not gonna happen anyway, so let’s just move on lol
  10. Avicii has passed away

    Ok I don’t wanna go on like a broken record BUT!!! This is 100 times better than the final version of a mess on the album.
  11. Avicii has passed away

    I see where you’re coming from, but she could release the songs for a free download or something like that. But you know, none of it is gonna happen anyway lol
  12. Actually, I would say the real trilogy is Ray of Light, American Life and Confessions on the Dance Floor. These albums have one thing in common, the most of the spiritual side of Madonna ever! We have Paradise from Music and Messiah from Rebel Heart, but none of these other albums are soaked with Kabbalah as much as the three mentioned above.
  13. Avicii has passed away

    I agree. Why not now? I don’t understand the logic of people thinking it’s somehow disrespectful. Avicii would have been pleasantly surprised to have seen his work with Madonna released. He obvioulsy felt a little guilty for not giving his 100% and if Madonna went ahead and released those songs anyway, it would have been very sweet on her part actually. It is HIS WORK! No matter what the lyrics say! And by the way, most lyrics are exactly what Avicii would have want the world to hear. Borrowed Time, Freedom, God is Love, etc. And there’s nothing wrong with Wash All Over Me. It actually makes sense. “If it is the end, then let it come”, accepting fate, letting go, trusting that whoever put us down here knows what’s best for us.
  14. I feel like Hard Candy, MDNA and Rebel Heart are a trilogy of its own. People give so much grief to anyone wishing Ray of Light part 2, but let’s be real, as awesome as Rebel Heart is, it’s pretty much MDNA part 2. Starting with Hard Candy, the two recent albums are all hip hop infused to no end. I enjoy them for what they are, and they are amazing! However! I would love something completely new this time around.