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  1. Inturbulence

    The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    Sticky and Sweet was a perfect storm of factors - riding high of 4 Minutes/Hard Candy, her first stadium tour in yonks, her return to South America, the global economy being stronger then (particularly in Europe(. Not even Beyonce, Gaga, Celine or Cher (with their 100+, 200+ dates tours) came close to it. Same thing with U2... the 360 Tour was built on The Claw gimmick. They were unique tours with unique circumstances, and expecting M and U2 to repeat that in 2015 is ridiculous. For an arena tour in 2015, RHT is performingly excellently. More importantly, she's rekindling the love for her live performances from the general public, which places her well for her next tour. The only acts outperforming her are Taylor Swift and One Direction, and they are arguably where she was at in 2008. Thirty, maybe even 20 years from now, with inflation, someone will come along and break S&S's record. It's inevitable. If you're not going to have histronics on that in the future, why wail about it now? Just enjoy the tour for the awesome spectacle that it is, and be glad she's still on top of her game.
  2. If she's doing Iceland, she might as well do the Faroe Islands
  3. Exploring new markets is great and all, but the economics of a Madonna tour mean that only cities with a certain level of economic purchasing power can support her tour. In Asia, of the places that she hasn't toured yet, that would be Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Mumbai. Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta, maybe, but the religious factor would prevent that. In Africa, it would only be Cape Town or Johannesburg, and maybe Cairo. In South America, it would be her usual markets. Guyana and Haiti are too laughable to even consider seriously.
  4. Guyana? Madagascar? Mauritius? That is certainly not happening!
  5. Inturbulence

    The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    Considering that the Euro is weaker against the US$ this time round, it is good! She should hit US$ 120 million by the time she finished Europe, US and Mexico.
  6. Inturbulence

    The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    What I'd like to know is if the final gross for the date is based on the technical sell-out number of tickets sold, or the actual number of tickets sold. ie. if the technical sell-out number the MGS dates was 28,371 over two nights, but say she actually sold 30,000 tickets... if the final gross of US$ 5.2 million tied to 28,371 or 30,000 tickets?
  7. Inturbulence

    Vancouver - Oct 14 - Rogers Arena

    She did Secret?! OMG!
  8. 1. Ray of Light 2. Bedtime Stories 3. Like A Prayer 4. Erotica 5. Rebel Heart 6. Confessions on a Dance Floor 7. Music 8. Madonna 9. American Life 10. True Blue 11. Like a Virgin 12. Hard Candy 13. MDNA The top 3 are interchangeable depending on my mood. RH, as great as it is, doesn't feel quite as 'tight' or as 'evocative' as the top 4.
  9. Where on earth did those new dates come from? And why Córdoba, and not Buenos Aires? Sounds like wishful thinking to me. But on the off chance that it's real, the only April date so far is New Delhi. Which means she could possible add other Asian dates like Mumbai, Singapore, Seoul and a couple of other Japan shows!
  10. Inturbulence

    The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    Carta, is the gross number for each date reported tied to the technical sellout/ticket figure (ie. If 15,000 tickets required for technical sellout) or the actual sellout/tickets (ie. the 15,000 tickets plus whatever else is sold above that minimum?)
  11. Inturbulence

    Will she add and change things this tour?

    She joked about taking requests before Ghosttown in Quebec City. I would love to see her to You'll See or I'll Remember!
  12. There are definite gaps in NA and Europe where a second date was planned - Chicago, San Jose, possibly Denmark - but didn't materialize due to softer sales. It's probably a holdover from the MDNA press (very late starts, the darker themes), high prices and that she's been touring consistently every 2-3 years so demand is softer. A gap of one day between cities in NA and Europe make sense because the tour is arranged geographically and distances are smaller than in Asia, where there is a 2 day gap between cities to allow for equipment transport over a greater distance and jetlag from the travel. That's she getting amazing reviews for this tour and the show is warmer and more interactive this time will bode well for her next tour. The die-hards will always want to see Madonna but my impression was that the general public and casual fans were turned off by MDNA, and RH should restore some of the lost demand there for future tours.
  13. Inturbulence

    Madonna in QUEBEC CITY

    The level of energy in the crowd is..... soporific.
  14. Inturbulence

    NYC Sept. 19

    I wonder how Kelly Ripa feels. She'd kill to be the unapologetic bitch and it's Anderson! Lol
  15. Inturbulence

    Will she add and change things this tour?

    She did Ghosttown! Before Rebel Heart! Yay!! Switch it up! Keep it fresh!