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  1. Definitely further proves how big this era would have been if everything hadn't leaked in advance. Can we please get a lead single next time that doesn't leak 3 months before release or more lol?
  2. The time in her life, the place that she resides in in terms of the persona she carries, all of that was channeled into sheer gold with the Rebel Heart demo. To me it's magic in a bottle and it was not used like it should have been. That song followed by Ghosttown and then maybe LFL or BIM or UB would have been huge
  3. I still believe someone sabotaged the record because they were scared of how successful it would be. Is it a coincidence her best record in a decade was sabotaged so badly?
  4. Awesome to see RH getting praise recently and especially after the Grammy snub. It's so hard to believe that Ghosttown wasn't massive for her. Everyone loves that song, it should have been her first #1 since MUSIC
  5. For just an arena tour she's not doing badly at all and we still don't know what kind of money she may pull in during the Asia leg
  6. Anyone expecting a new record before some time in 2018 is crazy. I doubt we will get a new one until then or until early 2019. Rest of 2016 will probably be dedicated to the film, and then she's gotta put it out there and promote it which will probably be 2017. So unless she starts working on the record in 2017 there's no way we'd get #14 in 2018 because it takes her about a year minimum to make an album. I really want her to work with one producer this time or a small team and make something really different. We are due for a weird album now after the grand/large Rebel Heart
  7. Unapologetic Bitch should have been the lead single I think too, because practically everyone that I play it for loves it a lot and no one thinks it's Madonna right away. Still my favorite song from the record.
  8. One of the best aspects of the final album version for me is Alicia's piano notes, just having that organic sounds make the song such a jam. Would have enjoyed more of that kind of direction with the song and maybe have it be a little longer. Other than that it's perfect and I actually listen to it pretty much every day. The most embarrassing thing is how much I sing it while doing the elliptical at the gym. People some times stare but I can't help it. lol
  9. That and Devil should have been the singles from Hard Candy
  10. USA Today listed Madonna and Prince as being the biggest snubs: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/music/2015/12/07/snubs-surprises-grammy-nominations-2016/76908840/
  11. The thing that annoys me the most honeslty is the fact that almost every album Taylor Swift has released has been nominated for Album of the Year. Madonna has received one Album of the Year nomiantion and that's it for Ray Of Light. What kind of bullshit is that? How did True Blue, LAP, Confessions, Music not get album of the year noms if fucking Red and Fearless did (which won)? Not to mention Flopga's first 3 records all getting one
  12. Definitely should have been another #1 for her. It's universally praised Really hope the album gets some vindication with some Grammy noms
  13. Awe boo. A new video would have been awesome but if she's going to release RH then it needs to be the avicii version tbh
  14. Guess I'm wondering more about what lies ahead, is this tour the new precedent or just mixing things up to do a larger stadium tour again down the road? Miss the days when it was virtually a guarantee that the new Madonna tour would outsell the previous, even if the era wasn't a huge success. It's great that this tour is getting such high praise across the board. Her tours usually do but this one is being received especially well. Almost a month until I see her in Atlanta!
  15. Awesome Chelle, can't imagine what it would be like to be up there with her lol
  16. So, will she do a stadium tour again after RH? Maybe I don't understand why the switch for this tour other than wanting to have a more intimate show. Seems hard to believe she wouldn't gross more than 200 million for a Tour. If RHT grosses less than the Confessions Tour then wtf happened lol
  17. I agree with this. I want her to make something weird with one producer/musician this time. Hopefully not a DJ. Make something avant garde that's experimental. It's been awhile But this article is great, another reason why I love her and why she's the best
  18. I don't get why Adele is so high, other than just sucking her dick because that's all anyone is doing currently but everything I've read about it says it's not nearly as good as 21. But to the people complaining about her being low, just be happy that she's on the list at all! A lot of albums came out this year and it's great to see it considered one of the 50 best. Really hope RH gets some grammy nominations next week
  19. Hung Up didn't even score a Record of the Year or Song of the Year nomination and that was huge and record breaking, so wouldn't hold my breath on a single from RH getting a nom =/
  20. They did because they were itching to try and write her off after AL (as a whole) flopped in the U.S.
  21. It's going to be her third Best selling Tour I'm sure, so doubt it will be that far off MDNA
  22. It is interesting that none of the Orbir tracks were released from MDNA and so far none of the Avicii tracks. RH should definitely be the Avicii mix if it's released as a single
  23. Devil Pray was such a missed opportunity for a Halloween release with a dark video
  24. Any nominations would be a boon for the record, especially if she got nominated for Best Pop album
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