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  1. Everything clicked for this era (minus the leaks) except the commercial appeal, but the leaks may have had a big impact on that outcome. Imagine if LFL and GT had both been able to come out with no leaks or forced early releases. Would have been epic
  2. We could still get something Rebel Heart related so probably a bit too early to shut it down until we are sure she's moved on
  3. Can't leave off Devil Wouldn't Recognize You, Masterpiece, or Fallen Free if we get another STR
  4. Definitely needs to be different and weird whatever it is she does and I also want some long 6 minute+ tracks. Ideal would be a 9-11 track album with a few really long ones that grow. She's been introspective on her career for RH and it's been a theme but I think she can move on from that with the new record.
  5. The performance actually made me love the song so much more because at first I wasn't obsessed. I'll never forget when her dancers came marching up onto the stage/cross/heart right next to me and that intro. The thing about Rebel Heart that I think makes it so good is that it has a ton of bangers. Usually there's a couple to a few on each record but this one has a lot. Confessions for example may be a better record but Rebel Heart has way more bangers. It might have the most of almost any record she's released tbh
  6. We all love this era so much but just imagine how perfect it would have been without the leaks and if everything came out how she intended it? Then again this era is almost defined now by the leaks and the pre-Christmas 2014 6 track surprise but I will always wonder. We got such great imagery this era
  7. Unapologetic Bitch and has been since the December release. Song is a fucking jam. Then probably LFL bc I listen to it every day
  8. LFL is such a fantastic song and I truly believe if she had been able to drop it around the Grammys and on Valentine's Day like planned it would have gone Top 10. The leak fucked RH all together. We some times forget that LFL is a Valentine's Day song or was supposed to be. The whole concept is so perfect for it I still don't understand how Beyonce can do whatever she wants and make 12 videos and not ever have a single thing leak. Same with her Formation release, but Madonna's last two main singles leaked 3-4 months beforehand
  9. Solveig did give us IDGA, but he also gave us the worst lead single she's ever made and honestly helped Madonna squander her biggest audience ever for a new introduction to her new music and a massive radio deal she'll never get again. GMAYL is unforgivable. I honestly fantasize about LFL and the Matador/Bulls theme getting that kind of exposure. LFL at the Superbowl would have slayed
  10. When did I ever say Rebel Heart isn't great? It is great and I like what Diplo contributed a lot but I was talking about the next record.
  11. Honestly not trying to be argumentative I just believe she makes better music with musicians, songwriters, and producers. There's a reason why Diplo collabs with Ariel, an actual musician
  12. Because it matters to the quality of the production? She makes better music with musicians and songwriters than Solveig types. Everyone on this forum knows that lol Hence why some music critics have called out the DJ collabs on reviews for MDNA and RH
  13. Mirwais is not a DJ. He's a producer and a songwriter..... Shep is also more a producer than a DJ in the sense of how Solveig is just a DJ or Benassi is mostly just a DJ.
  14. Stuart is technically an electronic musician so he's not a DJ. Kanye isn't a DJ but I'm saying the main producer of RH is Diplo who is a DJ and almost everyone he brought to the table as collaborators were DJ'S. Except for Ariel who's kind of an indie musician. Hard Candy I thought Timbaland was mostly a DJ but he's not looking at it now but tbh Hard Candy isn't that great anyways. My main point is that her last two records have been heavy on the DJ's. With one of her worst collaborations ever -----> DJ Martin Solveig. Almost all her best music is made with none DJ's
  15. Well, in all fairness he wasn't able to complete a lot of his work because of the leaks. His "directors cut" of BIM is %100 better and more fleshed out than the album version.
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