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  1. Another idiot suing for millions for the most ridiculous reasons. I hope this case is thrown out and they are forced to cover all the legal costs out of their own pocket. Absolutely disgusting
  2. It's all down to Corbyn unfortunately. He was nowhere to be seen during EU referendum. Most likely he wanted Brexit just as the Tories did. Brexit would not happen if it wasn't for him. Shame on him.
  3. I love the remixes. Love the retro vibe. Love the added male voice. And 'finally enough love ... Yeah, it's coming' part is just pure magic.
  4. After 2 years and almost £2000 spent on application I got British passport, so yeah - fuck Brexit and all the idiots who still support it.
  5. I actually would like journalists to do their job properly and challenge Madonna and other stars and ask difficult questions. Instead, all we get is constant ass kissing.
  6. How fucked up you have to be to post a negative comment on that video. Especially after what just happened in America.
  7. Loved this song from the first listen.
  8. I don't search I find gets my vote. Absolutely love that song. It's sexy and melancholic at the same time. And it really takes me back to Erotica era.
  9. I loved it. No idea why she was so nervous though. Her upper lip kept quivering. Never seen that before in any of her interviews.
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