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  1. Hear hear
  2. I still can't believe this film is being made... Bradley Cooper, have you lost your mind??
  3. Now she's going to brag about Million reasons going platinum even though she bought probably 80% of it herself. I'm so fed up with her bullshit.
  4. Just two days after MPs rejected Lords amendment to have a final say on UK EU deal David Davis admitted that the government HAS NOT assessed economic impact on no Brexit deal.
  5. I think Gaga herself and her team don't want to buy it at full price.
  6. So did that bitch perform at the Oscars?
  7. I don't think she was ever bullied in her teens. Instead she was spoilt rotten by her parents. She probably played on their emotions by always either throwing a hissy fit whenever she didn't get what she wanted or by playing a victim . Her career since Marry the night flopped is a never-ending pitty party.
  8. She's no longer at number 1 on Us iTunes.
  9. He looks like a cross between a vampire and a zombie.
  10. There's a reason why most covers of her songs sound like shit.
  11. She paid to perform at the Super Bowl. That's the only reason she got the deal. And I hope as the result it spectacularly bites her in the arse.
  12. I think she's not allowed to play the original Born this way version anymore. Something must've happened behind the scenes. Maybe Madonna's team threatened Gags with a lawsuit. It's always a capella or a boring piano version. Which is very strange since it was supposed to be this huge gay anthem.
  13. I thought her rolling around in bed trying to be sexy was ridiculous.