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  1. Well the Brits voted for Brexit, so they can start cleaning the toilets themselves. Ignorant idiots.
  2. Such a tragedy. Those poor people trapped in their flats for hours before they died. I just don't understand why they couldn't be saved.
  3. So we have 18 months before this film bombs. 18 months of over hype and constant praise from 'insiders' and 'anonymous sources'.
  4. Angus Robertson will be missed. This country needs more politicians like him. And I absolutely loved him during PMQ. Theresa was shitting her pants whenever he was about to ask her a question. The look on her face
  5. Anyone who still wants to vote for Tories is a c**t.
  6. Enough with that clown already.
  7. Love house is my jam. I remember being totally obsessed with that song.
  8. Britney's Baby one more time shits all over Gags whole discography.
  9. American Horror Story: the Vatican
  10. She never wrote a single song in her entire life.
  11. Are her tits new? They look massive.