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  1. What accident? I thought the wheelchair stunt was supposed to be some bone diseases type thing?
  2. THAT'S the cancer song?! Holy moly
  3. Tribute alert 🚨 Elton has been taken into intensive care with a rare and deadly infection.
  4. Sonja was supposed to be Joanne's friend and gaga got to know her later in life.. apparently they talk on the phone everyday. This is what she was saying at the start of the Joanne promo...
  5. That's how they got me to listen.
  6. Her song came on while I was in the shower earlier, so first time for hearing the thing in full. At first I didn't even twig it was her, then it dawned on me! It reminded me of a kinda song record labels give to the pop starlets as a launch song to start their careers with. Very girly, kiddie pop cuteness type thing. So not gaga and not a ra ra or mo mo in sight... she can't have wrote it?!
  7. I think you really see the work she's had done better when she's talking in videos or just stood beside someone else. As a stand alone 2D image she looks fine.
  8. 🦋FE FI FO FUM🦋
  9. Must be those 10 dollar wristband she sold them.