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  1. Avicii has passed away

    Awe so sad, so young, so talented 😔
  2. Madonna’s Instagram

    This is simply gorgeous
  3. They say in 2005 the Emancipation of Mimi outsold Confessions. I’ve no idea if it did in the US but ww my money is 💯 on Confessions!
  4. What if the album is a soundtrack for the film?
  5. Lambs are not happy with this one! They’re disputing 2005 saying it belongs to Mariah.
  6. For those who don’t follow MNation on Twitter ...
  7. Madonna’s Instagram

    Oooh we’re getting closer!! Now, I’m either reading it wrong, or she’s telling us to fuck off!
  8. Madonna’s Instagram

    I would, but she’s using Arabic!
  9. Madonna’s Instagram

    Her body is actually spelling out the name of her new album
  10. Madonna’s Instagram

    That’s the first thing that jumped to my mind!!
  11. Madonna’s Instagram

    What are those hats? They look like cops 👮‍♀️
  12. Sounds good! Does Mercy James do ballet? She could cast her.
  13. Madonna’s Instagram

    To much filler in her foot... she’ll never learn!