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  1. Mariah Carey/KFC/Lots of Steak thread

    Now we can all be like Mariah for Christmas 🎄
  2. Oh that’s very good, uncanny! Only thing weird looking is the one strong arm and one weak arm..
  3. We called it! We said in no time she'd be back to doing her stupid shit! Her fans are the dumbest people on earth!!
  4. He wanted Lana so badly, Lana even wrote a song about it.. I bet she's jealous
  5. A movie star and a pop star hanging out and working together and not once did a tabloid suggest they were lovers!
  6. Janet Jackson thread

    @Rugbyguy great read, thanks for posting!
  7. Mariah Carey/KFC/Lots of Steak thread

    ... a few moments later..
  8. Yep, more “gifts”. Side earner - I hope the tax people, as well as the insurance people, are keeping an eye on her.
  9. I think she got that chin to hide that nose, then got those lips to hid that chin. She, in the end, has the face she deserves.