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  1. Ah stop, 2 BILLION views? 13 million likes - I think the likes count might be the true view count. 2 billion!
  2. Listening to the album now, so far really enjoying it! You'd never guess the age of the girl by her music, she seems a lot more older than she is. Also, it sounds nothing like whats on the charts at the moment... or years even, refreshing!
  3. That is creepy, especially when I look at MJ in that still shot and his eyes look just like JamesSafechuck
  4. Watching that documentary, more than once he gave me Marilyn Monroe. I think it was a combination of the eyebrows, the baby voice and the ditziness. When he first opened his mouth in the doc, myself and my son just shuddered and cringed! He’s so fucking creepy and it was like full on South Park. My son only managed 10 mins of the show, he was so disgusted and awkward sitting there with his mammy listening to it!
  5. Ireland’s entry feels a little bit junior, kinda poor mans Duffy. Not feeling it. So far from what I’ve heard, I’m liking the Netherlands entry!
  6. I keep expecting this to be some sort of masterplan double bluff sort of thing, but thats just not happening? Really, whats going on with him?
  7. What does that even mean?
  8. fucking miss firing now! Your best one was after you’d seen the miss piggy’s in the Mariah thread!
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