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  1. i have been listening to this song for the past six weeks. I absolutely cannot get it out of my head. It's brilliant! Who cares if its "too safe"? This is fucking music
  2. Tidal seems ridiculously overpriced to me. 20$ a month for hifi-music-quality?
  3. i love Madonna to bits, but a comparison to Nazi Germany is just wrong
  4. Sorry to disappoint. Neither Saturn or MediaMarkt in Germany have Queen and Autotune:
  5. Great. Now I can at least cancel my UK super deluxe order. mediamarkt is here in switzerland as well, i will check the tracklisting when the cds get to the store. i can do shipping for any of you guys
  6. I love Urban, I loved Hard Candy, I love the rest of Rebel Heart but Iconic tries to be too many things in my ears.
  7. LOVE this. pure perfection. every word, every note... my favorite after Devil Pray
  8. I wasnt feeling it a few days ago and I am still not feeling it today. I love the intro by Tyson and then Ms first lines. I get all ready to dance but then the Iconic/Ironic chorus with that horrible Urban beat sets in and it loses me there.
  9. They cannot be selected... they are greyed out like the rest of the album
  10. The additional tracks didnt download in my iTunes even though I preordered the whole album. How do I unlock the new tracks?
  11. If this entire album isnt put out on iTunes after the Grammys I am gonna cave in and listen to the leaks. Cant take the wait anymore
  12. I am still holding out and havent listened to the leak. But I do hope this whole album will be put out on the 9th.
  13. I have decided not to listen to the new leaks at all. I dont want to hear a bunch of familiar, retweaked tracks when the album comes out. I hope I can pull though when I am bored during christmas break lol.
  14. It's dancehall elements not reggae that is rumored to be in the new music. And by the way, dancehall elements can be A-M-A-Z-I-N-G just check out Diplos Major Lazer stuff... or Groove Armada:
  15. My Shazam (Switzerland) recognized Rebel Heart! And there is no credit for Avicii here. Best part: Release date is 2014!!!
  16. 48 hours away from this forum then this happens! youtube removed the clip! where can i hear it???
  17. I think the Katy-Rumour died with the surprise-release-on-May-26-Rumour. A single with Katy would have made sense if it were released yesterday with V Magazine. Now there is no IG post or evidence to support it now
  18. The violatedrebelheart one is fake. My shazam identified it as this weird band called "Pritam & Himansh Kohli & Rakul Prest Singh"
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