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  1. Just listened to Dark Ballet. Interesting concept, nice touch with the classic interlude, but not my cup of tea. Missing the hook and the catchy verses that would make me go back and listen the song over and over again, like Crave, Medellin and Furure. For me, this is the weakest of all Madame X releases. Looking forward to the album next week!
  2. Yeah, maybe you are right. The winners of the past couple of years were very diverse, not only culturally but also musically. I absolutely love Medellín, but it is a grower song. Its success lies in the second/third/fourth listen. At Eurovision you need a song that gets people hooked at the very first listen
  3. Medellín doesnt fit for Eurovision. I wonder if she will pick another song to perform
  4. i thought it would end again in cha cha class, like the end of the dream
  5. I think they are referring to the clunky rhymes, which I actually kind of like, they have become Ms trademark. I remember the reviews complaining about „Nobody Knows Me“ : „I‘m not that kind of guy/Sometimes I feel shy“... there are many more like these
  6. Actually Maluma is huge among teenagers here in Germany/Switzerland.
  7. I love both covers but prefer the one with the dark hair and MADAMEX over the lips.
  8. The song will also premiere on Spotify. just saw the link on her instagram. Does anybody how that will work on Spotify? Is it also a stream?
  9. How do you know for sure that repeated streams by the same user count indefinitely?
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