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  1. I saw her the first time up close at the private gig in Paris '03. She was magnificant! Tiny, elegant, much more beautiful irl. She looked flawless as did her skin. Not at all too muscular or something. She was so magnetic with those eyes and all. I will never ever forget that night.
  2. Does anyone know if they submitted the DVD for grammies? I think the submissions have been leaking...
  3. Haha, I agree with the most said above about M's horrid styling etc. But the song utself is kind of good and catchy! And the mv is great compared to many today's mvs... except for the weird choreo M has O.o.
  4. Thank you! It woud def deserve it though unfortunately she's never really been the grammy darling....
  5. Oooh Take a Bow is so glorious! I did love the DVD, I have no other complaints but the LDLHA missing (I know it's prob copywrite thing). Just out of curiousity, do you think the RHT can be nominated for a grammy? When is the deadline for submissions?
  6. Madonna new album in 2018

    I truly think it would be a wonderful and fresh variety to things to do a more music driven era (hopefully even a bit alternative) with a totally new live/performance format. She is THE innovator after all. It could be a residency or theatre production. Or maybe something in between (like couple of residencies, Vegas, New York, Paris, London, etc or a Broadway &West End show and the sell it to tv and get and Emmy & Tony haha). The reality is, she wont chart well no matter what hence why not do something out of the box. And secondly, she has toured the world TOO much in the past decade and so eroded the demand. As we slightly saw with RHT. Sure, there are still new markets to explore, but why not give it a break before everything is depleted. :)
  7. Madonna new album in 2018

    All sounds perfect! :)
  8. Madonna Instagram Thread

    This is cool!
  9. Katy Perry thread

    I know Im repeating myself, but I just cant understand why everyone seems to be against Katy/Witness. She's dropping like a stone one charts and keeps getting horrible reviews. The album is really really good though... i just dont get it.
  10. Katy Perry thread

    I really can't understand where all this hate for her and Witness is coming from?! Its really a great great album. I enjoy it tremendously.
  11. Finally we have a date yay! But the cover... oh hell. Its horrendous, sorry :(
  12. The Lady Leach Thread

    That was sooooo bad :DD
  13. Please you lovely North Americans, spare us Europeans from the agony and upload a torrent. Pretty please