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  1. Routa

    Barbra Streisand

    Happy BD Barbs!
  2. Routa


    She was really good in Coachella! Im truly starting to like her
  3. Routa

    Barbra Streisand

    J'adore! Loooove her! A true talent and Star.. That damn voice gives me chills!
  4. Routa


  5. Agreed. And sorry to ALL who love The demo. Its a hidiously generic almost eurovision type horribly dated avicii rehash gay disco tune. She would have been murdered for that. -_- Its awful.... Maybe The final edit is a bit boring or something but its still sonically a vast improvement. Sorrynotsorry Edit, UPS this was appreciation thread so maybe I shouldt have said that...maybesorryafterall
  6. Allready did Oh how different this topic ended up being than I thought :/ I had no idea he was such a nutbag... Too bad.
  7. You guys are being mean :D At least I will welcome you hififreak! I did the same thing, I lurked here for a looooong time before actually started to post.
  8. I believe you as a fellow Scandinavian! Wait a minute, are you even Scandinavian?
  9. Oh what a glorious performance! LOVED IT! And she looked soooooo beautiful!
  10. Hmm, I can't decide should I stay up and watch... It allready like 0.30 here in Finland.... But I do have a day off tomorrow... Hmmm... And slightly OT but I agree with above posts that she might have a renegate pirate theme! And that would make a really cool tour part too! She ahsn't been a pirate yet
  11. And the score keeps dropping.... :/
  12. Routa

    I wonder why

    It's quite similar or it does remind at least me of that particular beat, but I don't think it's a direct sample per se. And also that beat is pretty common 'sample' on so called public domain beat samples on many devices that are used to produce such things But yeah I did notice it too and I do like it!
  13. Oh cool! Btw, a little OT but what I would really love is for her to have a flaming bright RED hair for the tour at least. I think it would look fabulous on stage.