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  1. I know Im repeating myself, but I just cant understand why everyone seems to be against Katy/Witness. She's dropping like a stone one charts and keeps getting horrible reviews. The album is really really good though... i just dont get it.
  2. I really can't understand where all this hate for her and Witness is coming from?! Its really a great great album. I enjoy it tremendously.
  3. That was sooooo bad :DD
  4. It is indeed quite strage that all.of a sudden Million Reasons (to hate her) shoots up on itunes, like seriously #9 on US? oh reeeeally...
  5. Wait what's that?! Is it real? Thats so creepy... Never seen that before O.o
  6. Where did The previous thread go? Well anyway I'll ask again, does anyone remember Rebel Heart debuts in important markets for reference sake?
  7. So pathetic to discounts The album and also The promo singles to artificially also boost The TEA points for bb
  8. Rolf I love her
  9. Or they coud joke about The Shark on The left for two weeks an forget about The whole thing
  10. So its official. Apoarently The turd is headlining Superbowl -_- I just don't get why nfl denied it like two days ago, seems pointless. I cant believe ppl still think she's of some value...