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  1. Madonna Instagram Thread

    This is cool!
  2. Katy Perry thread

    I know Im repeating myself, but I just cant understand why everyone seems to be against Katy/Witness. She's dropping like a stone one charts and keeps getting horrible reviews. The album is really really good though... i just dont get it.
  3. Katy Perry thread

    I really can't understand where all this hate for her and Witness is coming from?! Its really a great great album. I enjoy it tremendously.
  4. Finally we have a date yay! But the cover... oh hell. Its horrendous, sorry :(
  5. The Lady Leach Thread

    That was sooooo bad :DD
  6. Please you lovely North Americans, spare us Europeans from the agony and upload a torrent. Pretty please
  7. Madonna Carpool Karaoke

    I loved it! the moooooves, my god
  8. I feally hope LDLHAM and other cuts will be on the DVD. its fine if they were cut for the broadcast but damn if they are nit on the release... Excited nontheless!
  9. It is indeed quite strage that all.of a sudden Million Reasons (to hate her) shoots up on itunes, like seriously #9 on US? oh reeeeally...
  10. I loved it! Sure it wasnt all perfect and rehearsed to death but so what? At least we got to see it and its different and new. What a gift for us fans. I really dont get the bitchy whining here?! This is pretty much the only place I've see such trashing... What an ungrateful bunch of ppl. -_- Now back to rewatching! And enjoy all the imperfections as much as the perfections
  11. Madonna - AMAs?

    I doubt it though... Shouldn't we have heard something? Would be great ofcourse, but yeah, I don't think so...
  12. Oh fuch yeah! So excitedfor this. Now let's hope they promote this as much as certain someone's. It was literally every where as a "promoted" release/news on sm.