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  1. Miley Cyrus

    its very cute it has a potential for killer dance remixes
  2. Ariana Grande

    loved her performance at BB, second favorite after Madonna's
  3. wow so good should be released officially
  4. Prague - November 7

  5. Things that damaged Madonna's chart performance

    She will still end up making more money and have more influence this year than any other artist
  6. VIP package gift?

    it does look great!
  7. The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    she is doing fine, it will probably end up being her third highest grossing tour
  8. The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    she is doing amazing
  9. at least we got a great tour performance
  10. Secret, its such an underrated masterpice
  11. would be awesome, if she released Avici versions of songs
  12. Tonight I'm in this sort of mood...

    Raw, real and beautiful
  13. My favorite song on Rebel Heart Wish she performed it live