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  1. velvet

    Prague - November 7

  2. velvet

    VIP package gift?

    it does look great!
  3. velvet

    The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    she is doing fine, it will probably end up being her third highest grossing tour
  4. velvet

    The BOXSCORE thread [part 1]

    she is doing amazing
  5. velvet

    what an entrance!

    Very simple, but so beautiful . She can pull anything off
  6. at least we got a great tour performance
  7. would be awesome, if she released Avici versions of songs
  8. My favorite song on Rebel Heart Wish she performed it live
  9. velvet

    Portland - October 17

    It was a great show. One of the best crowds that I experienced at her shows
  10. velvet


    Messiah should be a single would be great for a soundtrack for the Hunger Games
  11. Inside Out SEX Messiah Joan of Arc Rebel Heart
  12. velvet

    Rebel Heart EP

    where can get that EP?
  13. velvet


    amazing song, one of the best on the album, definite grower
  14. velvet


    Love this song, made me cry when first listened to the demo. Could be an amazing soundtrack song to major movie like Hunger games