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  1. I love this! love Britney machine, plus her music gets more exposure
  2. Miley Cyrus

    its very cute it has a potential for killer dance remixes
  3. Katy Perry thread

    its her version of Candy Shop
  4. she should go back to selling her cheap clothes on HSN and just shut the fuck up
  5. its available for preorder on amazon I couldn't find on US Itunes is it official?
  6. love the jazzy feel of this mix thanks for posting
  7. One of my favorites. agree she needs to perform it live along with TUTBMP
  8. Promise to try This used to be my playground Mesiah
  9. Ariana Grande

    loved her performance at BB, second favorite after Madonna's
  10. I think she should sing This used be my playground with full orchestra and choir with images of Prince in the back ground.
  11. it is on ok cover i question why did they made a cover?
  12. wow so good should be released officially