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  1. you think i'm fuckin around, i'm italian! omg, i love it!!!! one of her best pictures ever!!!!!
  2. Great mashups, thanks for all the links!! If she ever does 4 Minutes in concert again, it should be this mashup version, as one of her "guitar songs" Robin Skouteris is a Madonna masher upper extraordinaire! His Gang Bang mashup is epic! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RrAx-G4KpKA
  3. I guess at least they're acknowledging it. I don't understand why liberal media like msnbc always ignore M. And it's very purposeful too, like it was pointed out earlier this speech is viral and yet they are still ignoring it. (if it was Beyonce tho...)
  4. These shows will be incredible, wish I could join all of you who are going
  5. It would be great to have these shows filmed, but unlikely with the additional time required for the extra security, since it would make the show run way too late. Madonna_fan1988, just want to remind that NYC also had 3 sold out shows back to back! (even though one happened to be in a different arena in the same city) NYC really really deserves to have a dvd!!! But obviously it won't be this time around unless she adds some more shows later...
  6. If I remember, MDNA has some great fan recordings from Philly which I think was the first US show.
  7. The Virgin Tour. All the others have a complete recorded version available, but I think the only recording of the VT that is available is missing some songs, so the only way to experience the full concert is to get on the time machine
  8. She's doing Sean Penn era classics on this tour, no chance she'll add a Guy Ritchie era love song besides, I disagree with your premise that any of those other songs need to be taken out; just add to the rotation, don't bench anything...
  9. I love AL (song), but agree with this. Things might have turned out so differently...
  10. Incredible! This song is like a religious experience. not even remotely joking
  11. loved this in s&s tour. the visuals were great also!
  12. would love to hear your mashups!! i wish i had the talent to make them
  13. i was hunting for a good madonna/garbage mashup i'd come across a while back (didn't find it yet), and stumbled across this pretty cool mashup of living for love vs. rescue me https://soundcloud.com/user-917906924/madonna-i-believe-in-the-power-of-living-for-love-mashup
  14. 40 is too daunting to do in one shot, so i'll add 10 at a time to my list until i get thru all 40: 01. Frozen 02. Express Yourself 03. American Life (original, not the flag video) 04. Like a Virgin 05. Secret 06. Into the Groove 07. Die Another Day 08. Vogue 09. Love Profusion 10. Justify My Love 11. Bitch I'm Madonna 12. 4 Minutes 13. Give Me All Your Luvin 14. Cherish 15. Like A Prayer 16. Don't Tell Me 17. I Want You 18. What It Feels Like for a Girl 19. Oh Father 20. The Power of Goodbye
  15. you're welcome! thx for sharing What It Feels Like for a Bad Girl! at first i thought it was gonna be a mashup of the two M songs
  16. I agree, I think it's too apples and oranges to work well together. It's a strange choice of songs to combine. I think Secret and Love is a Losing Game could work really well together.
  17. Thanks for sharing, I really like these two mashups!! The Verve one is growing on me too. As for the Adele, it would have to be an extremely phenomenal mashup to get me to listen to her song. I'm one of the five people on this planet who just doesn't like the sound of her voice (Set Fire being the only exception). It would be cool if someone mashed up M with Amy Winehouse however. Also, forgot to share this one that I used to listen to all the time: Scissor Sisters - Let's Have a Kiki / Madonna - Vogue: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8s0TEcBYUwk And this one that someone shared in a different thread a couple months ago: Madonna - JML / Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-IsVhrEScg
  18. Awwwww, she gave Chris a rose, that was very sweet
  19. BIM / Gang Bang: https://soundcloud.com/skin-bruno/madonna-bitch-im-madonna-vs-gang-bang-skin-bruno-mashup I like the idea of it more than the execution, tho some days I really love the way it was done
  20. Erotica / Justify My Love / Waiting: https://soundcloud.com/guyomremixes/madonna-justify-my-love-guyoms the only thing I would change is the ending, it should end with the 'Erotic-a'
  21. Just came across this mashup today and really love it. (happens to be a cover also) Have you come across any amazing M mashups? Would love to hear them! Hozier - Take Me to Church / Madonna - Like a Prayer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v37UgzwIAG8&
  22. You will absolutely love it! I so so much want to see it again!
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