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  1. Your favorite transition in her albums?

    This one is great 👍🏽
  2. Your favorite transition in her albums?

    Forbidden Love / Jump & Dear Jessie / Oh Father
  3. Im all for that. I NEED to listen Shame on HQ and lot of other unreleased gems from all the eras.
  4. Favourite La Isla Bonita?

    Live Earth.
  5. Adele thread

    What average collection of songs, I really dont get the fuss with this album. And only ballads and a few midtempo is all she can do? I mean... Even Whitney and Mariah had great uptempo songs.
  6. Madonna w/ Niki Haris

    I don't agree and her solos from Like A Prayer on S&S and MDNA tours proves that. She sound so flat and souless compared to what Niki Harris made to that song on BAT.
  7. "Push" - Appreciation Thread

    I used to think was one of the worst tracks from COADF along with I Love New York, but since the last year the song suddenly started to grow on me.
  8. Overlooked Tour Performances

    The Look of Love (WTG) Rain (GS) Nobody's Perfect (DWT) Forbidden Love (CT) Like It or Not (CT) Lucky Star (CT) I Don't Give A (MDNA)
  9. What's your least favorite Madonna tour?

    Who's That Girl / Girlie Show / S & S So boring to watch.
  10. 01. Music 02. Confessions on a Dance Floor 03. Ray of Light 04. Erotica 05. Bedtime Stories 06. Madonna 07. Like a Prayer 08. American Life 09. True Blue 10. Hard Candy 11. Like a Virgin 12. MDNA
  11. Most: I'm A Sinner Least: All the bonus tracks from Deluxe versión, minus Beautiful Killer