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  1. Favourite La Isla Bonita?

    Live Earth.
  2. Adele thread

    What average collection of songs, I really dont get the fuss with this album. And only ballads and a few midtempo is all she can do? I mean... Even Whitney and Mariah had great uptempo songs.
  3. Im so excited about the new song with Kanye wish theres a new song with Drake too, but i guess is just a Best Night remix.
  4. Rebel Heart Tracklist

    Yes, that always been the release date for that edition on cdjapan.
  5. Rebel Heart Reviews

    House beats on the final version of Wash All Over Me???
  6. Deluxe iTunes Version & Super Deluxe CD Japan Edition from CDjapan.
  7. Rebel Heart Super Deluxe Edition is already on amazon: Audio CD, March 10, 2015 $29.98 Product Details Audio CD (March 10, 2015) Number of Discs: 2 Label: Interscope Records ASIN: B00T73ATFW http://www.amazon.com/Rebel-Heart-Super-Deluxe-Explicit/dp/B00T73ATFW/ref=sr_1_3?s=music&ie=UTF8&qid=1423109390&sr=1-3&keywords=madonna+rebel+heart+super+deluxe :-)
  8. In Mojo magazine they say they heard two versions of Living for Love, the first Deep House 1989 style and the other one more EDM and layered (I think this must be the iTunes version). Both the magazine and Madonna agree they prefer the first one, so...why did she release the second one?
  9. I think that must be the early version Madonnadrama and DM listened. Sounds so Avicii, I hate it. I keep my fingers crossed any of the other producers reworked all the Avicii songs.
  10. Overlooked Tour Performances

    The Look of Love (WTG) Rain (GS) Nobody's Perfect (DWT) Forbidden Love (CT) Like It or Not (CT) Lucky Star (CT) I Don't Give A (MDNA)
  11. What's your least favorite Madonna tour?

    Who's That Girl / Girlie Show / S & S So boring to watch.
  12. +1 And maybe he is going to make new versions from old songs for the upcoming tour.
  13. Thanks Whoopie! A lot of Madonna fans need to understand that. And sorry, but that song We R Superstars is a cheap copy of Moroder/Daft Punk sound.