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  1. I’ve bought: Super Deluxe Box Set 2CD Deluxe HMV Deluxe CD Black Vinyl Rainbow Vinyl Clear Vinyl Blue Vinyl I’ll buy the standard CD when I next go to the supermarket. I’ll buy iTunes deluxe on Thursday night after a week of streaming the album through Apple Music. Surely I’m a good fan!
  2. I also thought this same, this would have been fantastic.
  3. I actually thought the same to the point I convinced myself she sampled this from Truth or Dare.
  4. It SLAYS, honestly, I can't describe what this song does to me, I actually can't believe it exists it's so good.
  5. Ha I didn't even know who Anitta was but all the negativity on here did not give me high hopes. I stand corrected, I've had this on repeat on my lunch break.
  6. Never really cared for the original demo but it’ll be interesting to hear how it’s changed when my deluxe CD arrives.
  7. Just finishing I Rise now, this album is definitely an adventure from start to finish, it’s quite surreal, a lot to take in, I loved every second but definitely need repeated listens to break the album down. So glad to have her back with a new album! Highlights on initial listen have to be God Control, Crazy, Faz Gostoso and I Don’t Search I Find. I cant wait to to learn every second of this triumphant album.
  8. It’s out now on Apple Music UK, let the first listen commence, I’m not ready!
  9. This last hour is literally dragging. I swear 10 minutes feels like half an hour.
  10. Just under 3 hours to go! I’ve decided I’m staying up late to listen to this at midnight with a few beers. F**k being tired for work tomorrow.
  11. I’ve had this song stuck in my head all week, especially the line “I’m going through it I know you find the tragic in it” and “died a thousand times, managed to survive”, I just can’t get these lines out of my head, I love her delivery. I don’t know why this song doesn’t get enough love.
  12. I’m waiting until Friday, it’s only a few days away.
  13. I ordered white vinyl from her store, I’ll be getting HMV exclusive CD from HMV. Rainbow LP and Box Set from Amazon UK. Oh and blue vinyl from the US.
  14. That's sad, I enjoyed randomly hearing Medellin on Radio 2, even if it was a botched radio edit.
  15. He won't do anything about it, just like Crave is still skipping on Youtube.
  16. I was actually thinking earlier "where are these surprises?!" There was so much speculation earlier this year, Netflix doc, visual album, and obviously a lot of filming has been done so I'm still hopeful some of this could still happen. Remember "think outside the box"? Unless that was referring to the Madame X residency tour.
  17. The more I thought about it, this s basically the conclusion I came to, the bonus tracks on disc 2 are clearly in the style of the fado style, so you could be right.
  18. My only question is why would she give us 3 additional bonus tracks rather than saving them for a potential 2nd album?
  19. @Mensch has been right about a lot of stuff, Thank you for sharing this info, it’s all so exciting. Regarding a new album, did you say it was more of a remix album?
  20. He has been very quiet, but he's posted a couple of things and was at Eurovision with her.
  21. Does Bruce have many different formats of his album? Hoping promotion starts happening very soon, it kind of feels like nothing is being done a side from a few performances. Like wasn't Crave supposed to hit radio this week? has it?
  22. I had this issue on Friday, eventually got half way through until it skipped again, I DM’ed Guy on Insta, even though he’ll never read it. This will be affecting the streams massively.
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