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  1. It also concerns me she wasn't thinking of her next album during that long gap, but luckily we got Madame X!
  2. My brother keeps saying I Don't Search sounds more like Bedtime Stories era more than Erotica, I keep telling him, No, it's Vogue / Erotica era with elements of Music! He's not having it, I've tried explaining the synth strings, clicks, spoken verses screams 1990-1992 Madonna!
  3. I Don't Stream I Buy I couldn't resist, I do stream really, I've been streaming Madame X all week.
  4. Okay thanks, I'll leave Amazon Music playing the album on repeat at work all weekend.
  5. I'm kind of okay with the album being number 2 in the UK simply because she'll be number 1 in the USA, I think that's a much bigger achievement for her, I'm sure Bruce would also rather have a number 1 in the USA over UK any day, as you know, it's a much bigger country and it's their homeland. The UK aren't worthy of her, fuck their general hipster attitude "I know it all, what I say is all that matters and everyone has to agree with me or I'll delete them from Facebook, Madonna needs to fuck off", I'm so over it.
  6. This is great, is it just me or does she say to the person holding out the True Blue vinyl "I have a new record".
  7. Speak for yourself, I Rise is top 5 for me, Funana definitely is not.
  8. I've kept quiet about this topic, but I think you're right Kim. A few people I've spoken to at work, out and about etc have said they won't be bothering with her album after her Eurovision performance, just the other day I asked a work colleague if he was going to get Madame X, he has often stuck up for Madonna over the past few years, he replied "not after that awful Eurovision performance, that song was terrible, did you see it?" So I agree with you Kim, I think it has effected her reputation this era. Regarding promo / Kylie, there was a heavy push on release week of Golden, Stop Me Fr
  9. Really? I often cut listening to the album just to go back to God Control quite regularly.
  10. This is my last hope. Hopefully there was a delay getting these numbers over, it doesn't make sense, so many fans have had to buy the deluxe box set from the UK Madonna store and Amazon UK. These figures would surely count to the UK sales?
  11. I've got it working, it's limited with Prime Music, I've upgraded to Unlimited for 30 day free trial.
  12. I was about to stream all day from my Amazon Prime account to discover only Crave is available from the album??
  13. Okay, I really DID NOT care for this song at first, and it didn't bother because, it's a bonus track on a separate disc, away from the main album, but, upon third listen, I quite enjoy it now, it's got a great beat in the middle, and the fluttering "let's go DANCINGNGNGNGNGNGINGING" is an ear worm.
  14. I got an email from her store on Friday to say there was a delay with dispatch due to an issue with customs, and they sent the download link. My brother received his clear vinyl today, so hopefully we all will by Thursday and these figures will give the album a boost.
  15. Maybe those official store figures haven't been provided yet but will be by Friday? I'm hoping this is the case anyway.
  16. Cute interview, I really liked it, I loved the mimic of the beginning of the Drowned World video at the beginning. Where was the eye patch though?
  17. With all those formats? I wonder if the web store numbers have been taken in to account?
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