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  1. Exactly! I thought to song and album had been reassessed and now considered up there with her best.
  2. Where is this American Life disdain coming from? I thought it was a lost classic?
  3. Funny how, if the album was released this week, it would have been number 1. But oh well, I'm past caring, the album is great, she got a US number 1, we've got a tour to look forward to so, yeah. Copied this from Popjustice. 1 Lewis Capaldi 19,003 7,918 11,0852 Will Young 16,7063 Bruce Springsteen 13,8984 Mark Ronson 10,8005 Two Door Cinema Club 9,6076 Billie Eilish 7,2357 The Greatest Showman 6,3908 The Raconteurs 5,7589 P!nk 5,705 10 Elton John 5,448
  4. God Control Medellin I Don't Search I Find Dark Ballet I Rise
  5. It is strange to think her singles don't make much impact anymore, especially when she always effortlessly got a hit in the UK up to Celebration, but things have changed, streaming has turned the charts upside down, and Interscope literally distribute the product as bare minimal as possible. It's not just Madonna though, Pet Shop Boys, Kylie, Janet, Depeche Mode, even Bruce etc, have no charting top 40 singles in the past few years (except Dancing, which was due to a major push, and literally scraped number 40), but... their albums do sell, and quite well, which means there is still a big fan
  6. I agree, I discover lots of gems on Radio 2, Shazam is in use quite a lot. I discovered Bananarama's new single on Radio 2 is an absolute bop just the other day, I was reluctant to listen to them before this.
  7. I can’t believe 1 week after the album release and we have 4 music videos, and I CAN NOT wait to see this one, we are spoiled this era.
  8. I can't wait for this, hoping for a Wednesday release.
  9. Agreed, the albums flows perfectly from start to finish for me, I couldn't imagine it any other way, except maybe the inclusion of Ciao Bella. Where as, I struggled listening to Rebel Heart track list, as it's so uneven and jarring, I could never perfect that ideal track list, there'd be good songs left off purely because they didn't "fit the vibe", and I'd feel bad for leaving them off.
  10. Can we get a flush please? 2 posts and already off to a negative start.
  11. I’ve been hammering the album all week but I’d like a few more days before I make up my mind, songs are still growing on me. Today it was Bitch I’m Loca.
  12. I loved her explanation for Dark Ballet, burning saints and then praising them when they’re gone “we need to stop doing that”.
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