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  1. I'll give it a listen, I'm also enjoying Offer Nissam's remix.
  2. I think the Thomas Gold Remix might be the one for me, although I haven’t finished going through them, but I’ve had this one on repeat. Glad it got rid of that annoying brat too.
  3. After a few weeks away from this album, I put it on today and I just love it. I'm also really enjoying the new I Rise remixes, I've got a long weekend break coming up next week and I can't wait to rinse this album and it's remixes with friends and album, making it that late summer album it deserves to be.
  4. I do quite enjoy the Tracy Young remix, however, I'm keen to hear these new ones released on Friday. I'm hoping we get remixes for a few more songs so I can make cute companion remix EP to go with album.
  5. Boring remix, I’m surprised this is done by MNEK.
  6. I felt she calls him "old man" as a way of pointing out he doesn't get told to retire and give up because of his age, because he's a man. Where as she gets it all the time.
  7. I like the remix edit, gym playlist, added.
  8. I still can't get enough of I Don't Search I Find. Although I had Come Alive stuck in my head today.
  9. I really wish I could listen to this. Oh well, I’m thankful for that Instagram account which uploads her song descriptions, even if Who’s That Girl commentary wasn’t really anything.
  10. Great job, quite a lot of surprises. And what an interesting listening experience that would make, I’d say the top 13 would perfectly make your 13 track “standard edition”.
  11. Is this a copy and paste from Madonna Infinity?
  12. This is iconic, I'm obsessed, I need this on a calendar.
  13. I don't get it either, and I'm wondering if those toxic members from Madonna Infinity are now flocking over here.
  14. God Control looks great judging from the audience footage, I hope they upload a pro shot version.
  15. I loved the crowds reaction when she started singing American Life, the gays love her!
  16. Yes please. Erase her from the track. I feel harsh saying that, I loved her message being at the beginning, but she handled this all wrong.
  17. Is I Rise cancelled by Madonna now? I’m not frustrated her voice is at the beginning of the song and through out, how ungrateful, did she even know Madonna used her speech?
  18. What a lovely documentary, very insightful, love the visuals, and short black hair Madonna has really grown on me. I hope we get a music video with that style, she looks gorgeous.
  19. I also think the reaction of the original setlist got back to her, I wonder if the word “joyless” was used to describe it?
  20. I think I’m a little blinded because the Ex Madonna hater I converted last year is obsessed with this song and knows the rap off the top of his head ha! I love the Felix Da Housecat remix, I’ve been digging in to her remix back catalogue over the past few years and this is the one for me.
  21. Ah, I thought that might have been the case! Either that or that she wouldn’t be number 1 this week.
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