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  1. Like lambs to the slaughter, I’d suggest these 2 #Lovers take this down before the onslaught. The nasty comments are starting.
  2. The reductive Trump of Pop

    Why is it that since ArtFlop, everything Smelly Gaggy has done has been a long drawn out affair? She was always ahead of herself up until 2013. And I don’t want to hear anymore about Fibro MyAss or Lupus etc etc thank you very much.
  3. I didn’t realise how bland and boring (and also annoying) Stop Me From Falling is, I put it on for my mum because she likes country and she told me to turn it off.
  4. Were they drunk when they made this? How cheeky!
  5. The Time Bomb video is evidence of her going around Soho (the gayest part of London) completely unbothered.
  6. Just heard the new single, that’s it, I’m cancelling my preorder,
  7. Kmart Mango - Gaga obsession continues...

    I've been in Australia for 4 weeks and I've heard Dancing played on the radio once.
  8. Drowned World Tour appreciation thread!

    Just watched Drowned World tour for the first time in a long time. Gets me every time she randomly picks up a shotgun and shoots one of her dancers. I was a kid when she did this tour, so getting a ticket to go was impossible, but I truly enjoy watching this and reflecting on that Madonna era. Even if she was married to that dick head. im also rewatching Ciao Italia and Blonde Ambition, I really do love those drawn out synth pad moments of Live to Tell and the end of Who’s That Girl.
  9. Looking for a gif of gaga being pushed out of a wheelchair. Anyone have it?
  10. Rumours on popjustice that the Vegas residency is in talks of getting cancelled.
  11. Spice Girls thread

    Wasn’t there apparently loads of drama on set for the Headlines video? Like Geri constantly having the take meditation breaks?
  12. It’s the fact she dragged this crap out, cancelling not once but TWICE! She should have nipped this in the bud when she cancelled the first time, there wasn’t even a refund option. She’s finished now. i actually feel bad for all the people who had paid for flights, trains and hotels a second time.

    I don’t know I’m not a fan by any means, all I know is he was number 1 for a few weeks in the U.K. which means people are streaming him. i suppose it helps that Bland Sheeran features on the track. i heard promo starts in Feb so surely any day now? It’s all very slow.
  14. But her FibroMyAss could easily 'flare up' up in Vegas, she's a liability, are they really going to give her the residency when her cancellation record is growing bigger than Jancel's in a much shorter time period? P.S. Loved reading those GagaDaily threads, most of the fans are deluded, I applaud the ones who dare ask questions.