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  1. I iTunes Matched in 2012 and it mixed up masters when matching 80s / 90s albums, e.g. The Cure - Wish, most the album is the standard album master, however, the singles High and Friday I'm In Love are the 2001 remastered Greatest Hits version are really loud compared to the rest of the album, ruining the listening experience.
  2. tasteinmen

    David Bowie's Black Star video is still so epic

    I Can't Give Everything Away still breaks my heart, I think it always will, from the very first opening note.
  3. tasteinmen

    Dolores O'Riordan has died at 46

    She drowned in a bath tub due to alcohol making her fall asleep. Bless her.
  4. I stream on the go with Spotify premium, love the playlists and the convenience, but I rarely ever listen to albums on it, for albums I buy vinyl and sometimes a CD if there’s a deluxe edition worth getting. honestly I don’t feel as though I can appreciate an album properly unless I’ve actually bought it physically so I can hold it, and put the needle on it.
  5. Been listening all weekend. Both vinyl (at home) and CD in the car. I’m in love.
  6. But I wouldnt consider "Directors Cut" a "remaster" - those were, as Wiki puts it, ".....remixed and restructured, three of which were re-recorded completely...." Those can be fun to hear but I dont like wasting full release cycles on them. Tack them on with something else, fine. Wasnt into Kylies orchestrals or George's. A Director's Cut also came with the remastered versions of The Sensual World and the Red Shoes, mine is a 3CD set.
  7. I’ve started collecting the new remastered vinyl, I listened to Station To Station the other day and it sounded great, looking forward to my New Career New Town box set arriving tomorrow, I’m fascinated by this era. Hopefully that glitch on Heroes is fixed. For me, a new reissue / remastered pressing all the way, I’ve had so many original pressings that initially look fine but then tend to to have excessively loud cracks and pops, and other issues like jumping on the first song (usually the hit single). Also, the latest batch of reissues have been on sale in HMV recently, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for deals.
  8. tasteinmen

    Years and Years

    Great album, red vinyl for me.
  9. tasteinmen


    It was available, I only heard about this release on the day while queuing, I managed to get it in Manchester.
    1. jonski43


      Really? I thought they'd be around £20 so that's good. Thanks!

    2. tasteinmen


      I think it depends on the store, the one I went to everything was at least £25. Such an expensive day.

    3. jonski43


      That good to know. Don't feel so ripped off!

  10. tasteinmen

    Record Store Day (21 April 2018)

    Thanks! I got them all except Suede.
  11. tasteinmen

    WTF...now the demise of CDs?

    I can't find my copy of Gold Experience, and now it sell rather high so it's not like I can replace it.
  12. tasteinmen

    WTF...now the demise of CDs?

    I feel as though this whole “end of CDs” thing is being forced upon us. I’ve seen social media meme posts such as “things I no longer have in my house”, CDs and DVDs being one of them, and all the comments were people declaring they still have all their CDs and DVDs. I don’t know anyone who is CD free.
  13. Someone sent me the Kylie link on Popjustice, do you want it? I'm happy to share.


    1. vocalism


      Yeah I'd love to check it out!

  14. tasteinmen

    Bowie vinyl reissues

    I want to get Low and Heroes but think I might wait until they are £12 on amazon. Also waiting to find out if Heroes has been fixed. Last I heard the botched discs were replaceable through the label. I got Hunky Dory as a gift but haven’t opened it yet. I mainly use my Nothing Has Changed Vinyl when in the mood for Bowie.