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    1. jonski43


      Really? I thought they'd be around £20 so that's good. Thanks!

    2. tasteinmen


      I think it depends on the store, the one I went to everything was at least £25. Such an expensive day.

    3. jonski43


      That good to know. Don't feel so ripped off!

  1. Someone sent me the Kylie link on Popjustice, do you want it? I'm happy to share.


    1. vocalism


      Yeah I'd love to check it out!

  2. I thought it was illegal to have alcohol in your system in public areas? A work colleague of mine was arrested for leaving her apartment with alcohol in her system, she was warned by the police if she left her apartment after drinking she will be arrested, she then left her apartment to catch a flight and was arrested.
  3. A work colleague just posted on FB that he's on his way to Dubai for his "holibobs", in the picture he's drinking beer with his girlfriend, how I wanted to comment saying "it's illegal to have alcohol in your system in that country, be careful!!", but he'd just think I'm a dick.
  4. How awful! A gay couple I worked with in London moved to Dubai a couple of years ago, I don't understand it, I'd be on edge the whole time if that were me.
  5. Ha you may find yourself beginning your collection again!
  6. Yes I personally would, I managed to get it £13 in 2012 but it's higher now and no longer available on amazon UK.
  7. MDNA vinyl seems to be hard to come by recently, and Hard Candy for that matter! Glad I got them when I did.
  8. I'd love a soundtrack song in the style of I'll Remember and TUTBMP, Time Stood Still has this vibe but a newer one would be great! If she were to release a STR2 the main problem would be it'd be filled with album tracks only fans know, if you look at STR track list there's quite a few hits (CFY, TAB, LTT) and several songs that haven't been on a studio album before, so it worked, humanracin I like the basis of your track list.
  9. Now the era is over I want a new album! But in the meantime I'd be happy with some sort of compilation with a few new year songs to keep us happy, hope she does this.
  10. Aw I've loved the RH album thread, remember when the songs leaked and constantly refreshing to get the lately news
  11. I miss seeing the video on MTV and hearing it on the radio, LFL was one of my anthems last year.
  12. Blood Diamonds, love what he did to Devil Pray and Borrowed Time.
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