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  1. Casey posted on his Instagram the original opening speech he received from Mirwais, it was basically a bit clunky and Mirwais asked him to "American-ise" it. He got dragged on the post because he basically revealed he didn't actually do that much.
  2. Mirwais wrote the lyrics, Casey just changed a few words to make it sound more “American”.
  3. I love this album more 1 year later and I loved it when it first came out. It still sounds so fresh and new to me, the era doesn't feel over.
  4. Love this song so much, never got it when people said they don't like it.
  5. It’s sad this is official as the edit point is really bad and not even in time.
  6. So is it safe to say this is an official single? It wasn't very clear. The Kue remix is great, definitely adding that to my playlist.
  7. I wonder if this is because they'll be putting it on the Madame X tour dvd / blu ray release?
  8. Again, I have no issue with the whispering, I've never once thought "oh she's overdone it with the whispering", each to their own, but considering many fans adore this song, suggests it's a good song.
  9. This... is not it. God Control is a disco banger, the overproduced noise you talk of, I don't hear it.
  10. I'm so happy for her! I really hope she uses this as an opportunity to get a remix compilation out or something. I'd love a compilation like Depeche Mode's 2x remix compilations.
  11. I'm happy for her, and happy that a song from Madame X is responsible for this Grammy, I'm also pleased to learn Madonna was actually involved in the remix, so I think it's fine to say this award applies to Madonna.
  12. Great minds! Hopefully this is something that could happen, but at this point I think we were lucky to get I Rise on vinyl.
  13. I would love an RSD remix EP including the 3 bonus tracks: 1.) Medellin (Offer Nissim Madame X In The Sphinx) 2.) I Rise (Thomas Gold Remix) 3.) Crave (Tracy Young Dangerous Remix) 4.) I Don't Search I Find (Craig Cs Found Vocal) 5.) God Control (Whatever we know what the best remix is) 6.) Funana 7.) Back That Up 8.) Ciao Bella
  14. It's Tracey and Benassi for me, I hope this gets a vinyl release like I Rise.
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