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  1. Single-Disc Celebration

    This Radio Edit is also featured on GHV2.
  2. 3 out of 5 were singles so not most! Damn, now i'm back to watching the Bad Girl video on repeat!! Watching the video back, I've always been curious about this. Are we supposed to see the crane that lifts Madonna and Christopher Walken up at the end? I always assumed they were on a seated crane looking down on herself.
  3. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    Aren't those the same prices the touts on eBay were charging?
  4. The Blonde Ambition version, I would collapse. That synth-heavy intro...
  5. Bad Girl Rescue Me I'll Remember Causing a Commotion CHERISH All non-ukulele versions
  6. A playlist I created a couple of years ago with the new songs slotted in: 01 NEW SONG 02 Frozen 03 Ghosttown 04 Time Stood Still 05 Masterpiece 06 Love Profusion 07 What It Feels Like for a Girl 08 Miles Away 09 You Must Love Me 10 Bad Girl 11 NEW SONG 12 The Look of Love 13 Joan of Arc 14 The Power of Good-Bye 15 Nothing Fails 16 Gone 17 Wash All Over Me
  7. M shades Cherish

    Madonna: "I'll Remember??? Please... Nobody remembers that..." *Goes to check the bi-monthly I'll Remember appreciation thread*
  8. I watched a full part of the interview, but didn't hear the part she mentions 2018 doing a tour etc. She started work on Rebel Heart early 2014, obviously there were delays, the recordings seemed to go on all year... I'd love it if 2018 was a more contained situation a la Like a Prayer.
  9. M shades Cherish

    *Plays Cherish 10x in a row and pretends she never said that*
  10. M shades Cherish

    Yet she's obsessed with Candy Corn Shop.
  11. Madonna new album in 2018

    Why am I getting 1998 vibes from this news?
  12. M shades Cherish

    I won't stand for this, Cherish is bliss!
  13. Madonna new album in 2018

    Tease. 2018 Q4 would be an absolute dream.
  14. Madonna Vinyl Prices

    I thought the same, my brother picked up ROL from a sainsburys in London 3 weeks after release. LAV seemed to be the more scarce vinyl. Even still, it’s not like it was like Kylie’s Fever, when they were gone they were gone + never been released on vinyl before.
  15. Another appreciation thread for Into the Groove. But... as suggested in the title... Does this song have the best middle 8 section ever???