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  1. Hi! Well, it is a pleasure As you said you like baroque music I restricted my suggestions on this period ( I really had to control myself otherwise I would have posted hundreds of Cds ). Then I think you can slowly improve your repertoire But please get in touch if you want some more classical musical inspirations 1) Instrumental music: J. S. Bach Violin Concertos Brandenburg Concertos Antonio Vivaldi (and Jean Fery Rebel) The Four Seasons and The Elements Vivaldi La Stravaganza Georg Philipp Telemann Wind Concertos Quartets Arcangelo Corelli Concerti Grossi Jan Dimas Zelenka Sonatas 2) Vocal Music Vivaldi Opera arias Stabat Mater and other works Diverse composers and works "Enfers" Vivaldi and Handel Gloria and Dixit Dominus J. S. Bach Magnificat and Mass in F Major Pergolesi Stabat Mater and other works Handel Messiah J. S. Bach B minor Mass
  2. Oh my God! It is so nice to see this kind of post here! I am a musicain myself (violinist) and I obviuosly adore Vivaldi and the Concert you posted! Thanks If you want any suggestions of good music (and good recordings) just let me know
  3. Geiger83

    Laura Pergolizzi (LP)

    LP is really great. I hope she gets more recognition
  4. I have Spotify Premium and obviously listen to music on Youtube. But I still buy CDs, DVDs and Vinyl. All albums that I like (pop, classic or whatever the genre) I end up buying. I see many advantages of streaming but at the same time I feel that streaming makes music worthless- despite the fact of beeing a musician myself and working for a record company. For me it is very important to "feel" the product and to own it on good quality, with a beautiful and valuable package. Before the "streaming revolution" I regularly bought CDs, then I made a "pause" and started downloading and streaming music, but then I rediscovered how important is to me to buy and own physical copies. Today I would say I found a balance.
  5. Geiger83

    The internet has killed the pop song

    I always think about it and feel the same (though I have no kids). What I try to do now is to decelarate and spend less time on internet, especially concerning music...but I see my nephews and feel sorry then they only know this cyber world...
  6. Why isn't Heaven on the album?????????? Heaven is heaven! I love the lyrics! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3GoOCdItIE&index=40&list=PLGaxr_X5P50YN9zhtWSjF2VSpKd3QJYt8
  7. I was shocked by the fall but now I'm totally obsessed with this performance. It's truly one of the best performances by Madonna ever and the fall just added some dramatic effect to it...I can't stop watching it...
  8. Thanks, I love you The performance was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Please someone give me the link to watch the performance in HD!!!On youtube there are only LQ videos...please, please, please...
  10. Geiger83

    What should be the 2nd single?

    Hello! You're totally right...but as you see, if the information provided by Drowned Madonna is right, they seem to have chosen all the singles ( like I said before) and they're already working on concept, style,promotion and other details for a long time...maybe they can change one of the singles, but I'm pretty shure everything is on the making...that's how music industry works...Maybe they're releasing one or two more singles ( besides Ghosttown and Devil Prays) but they'll probably wait to see how the first singles are received...
  11. Geiger83

    What should be the 2nd single?

    All the release strategy is decided prior to the album launch, including which and how many singles will be released. Fans tend to think that Madonna ( or another artist, whatever) sits and thinks over and over, what is the next step. But that's not how it works in pop music industry. It's true that some recording companies release "promo singles" and change their minds in the process, I mean, those promo singles aren't supposed to be released as proper singles, but the audiences like them and then the original idea is changed, but the companies count on this possibility when they release promo singles, so that they can prepare an official release. But normally, and that's Madonnas case, everything is already decide months in advance. Madonnas team has already chosen which and how many singles will be released...it's a very complicated process, which involves designers, coreographers etc etc and A LOT of planing. They can't decide one or two months before the release. I understand that fans have this romantic idea...but that's not how it works...that's why people don't understand why Madonna ( actually her team) seems to make the "wrong" single choices, but the fact is, that everything is planned before the album is released...they have to count on promo...although they have market analysts they don't know 100% how the strategy will be received by the audiences...and that is one of the difficulties in releasing pop music...
  12. Geiger83


    Really? I've tried a lot of times and I always get this "blöde" message from Gemma...
  13. Geiger83


    Thank you Babe :* <3
  14. Geiger83


    I live in Germany and I can't wash the Video on VeVo because of Gemma...can someone give me a tip???Where can I see this videooooo?Please...