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  1. Guys, I am not defending her wrong acts, just saying in this Interview she spoke intelligently and was very polite. This is true as well as what you are saying.
  2. Well, I didn't watch Big Brother so I can't say anything...at least in this interview she was not dumb...
  3. It is pretty scary but it is also somehow interesting to listen her tell her story. I can't judge her. You guys can hear a little bit of her story in this interview (original Portuguese but there are subtitles): P.S. I have to add that she is very eloquent and polite. The host is mostly bad but in this interview he was very professional though
  4. Great review. Madame X is amazing. I haven't stopped listening to this album since its release.
  5. Amazing album. I love it and since day one I knew it would belong to my Top 5.
  6. I keep repeating myself as well but this album is amazing and it is already an essential Madonna album. Since the very beginning I have the feeling that the album is too short that only shows how incredible this album is.
  7. I am still in love with this album and listen to it regularly.
  8. nice, let me show you the city ...but, you're not a serial killer...are you?
  9. Taurus and Virgo (me) match very well if you know what I mean P.S. I used to find Lecter somehow sexy
  10. Almost an year after its release my love for Madame X only keeps growing, other than in comparison to her last releases (although I love RH). This album confirms more and more why it belongs to my Madonna Top 5 (even if there are some small things I don't like). Last week I listened a lot to my Top 5 and realized how Madame X matches to them and why it is with no doubt one of her best records.
  11. This is already a Madonna classic. Amazing track and video. There is nothing like this song outthere
  12. Thanks. I used to be not sure about Greta but now IMO someone like her is important nowadays. And it is (unfortunately not surprisingly) scary that people are attacking her while, as you wrote, the governments and industries ( and normal people too) don't give a f*** for what is happening to the climate. This particluar situation may have been an error from Greta and her team, but it doens't change the fact that she plays an important role in helping changing peoples' mind now.
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