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  1. as a Brazilian myself I have to laugh, so that my tears of shame get held
  2. Guys, I am not defending her wrong acts, just saying in this Interview she spoke intelligently and was very polite. This is true as well as what you are saying.
  3. Well, I didn't watch Big Brother so I can't say anything...at least in this interview she was not dumb...
  4. It is pretty scary but it is also somehow interesting to listen her tell her story. I can't judge her. You guys can hear a little bit of her story in this interview (original Portuguese but there are subtitles): P.S. I have to add that she is very eloquent and polite. The host is mostly bad but in this interview he was very professional though
  5. Great review. Madame X is amazing. I haven't stopped listening to this album since its release.
  6. Amazing album. I love it and since day one I knew it would belong to my Top 5.
  7. I keep repeating myself as well but this album is amazing and it is already an essential Madonna album. Since the very beginning I have the feeling that the album is too short that only shows how incredible this album is.
  8. I am still in love with this album and listen to it regularly.
  9. nice, let me show you the city ...but, you're not a serial killer...are you?
  10. Taurus and Virgo (me) match very well if you know what I mean P.S. I used to find Lecter somehow sexy
  11. Almost an year after its release my love for Madame X only keeps growing, other than in comparison to her last releases (although I love RH). This album confirms more and more why it belongs to my Madonna Top 5 (even if there are some small things I don't like). Last week I listened a lot to my Top 5 and realized how Madame X matches to them and why it is with no doubt one of her best records.
  12. This is already a Madonna classic. Amazing track and video. There is nothing like this song outthere
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