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  1. Fake. This audio from Madame x tour
  2. Tracy Young remixes terrible. The same beat on repeat. I still don’t understand how she get Grammy nomination for that I rise remix
  3. Already sounds same as every his or Tracy young remix, nothing interesting just another garbage 🗑
  4. It’s good. She’s on a new magazine cover but yeah nothing new. Same hairstyle same grillz same eyepatch and clothes.
  5. Madonnas team really deleted this performance from her YouTube channel, I wonder why??
  6. new crave remix, but as always nothing good. Lame and boring
  7. We need to start spamming guy and M to make this single.
  8. Maybe there is edit only madonna version without that men speaking? That song is perfect and he’s running everything.
  9. I still can’t believe Dark Ballet and Batuka have music videos. I don’t search I find and Faz Goztozo don’t have
  10. Silly question but why God Control video doesn’t have Vevo logo like others videos from Madame X era?
  11. + yes, batuka is great song but i don’t think deserves to have a music video. I also think I don’t search i find must have video
  12. Ok this is so cool. She looks charming and playful, and people think this was worse than Norton ?? Stupid people always trying to find a way to hate on M. Fuck them all.
  13. I know right??i think M told him to play that song before show started, cuz future is the new Candy Shop.
  14. Fuck that ugly eyepatch. I thought she doesn’t like to repeat herself it’s getting ridiculous when she wears it in interviu
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