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  1. Royal T

    Amy Winehouse (the artist)

    Why?? Let her rest in peace..
  2. Royal T

    Morrissey - early onset dementia?

    Also meanwhile in Oslo our Queen did this.
  3. Royal T

    Make your own mashups

    Thank you for this. This is really cool.
  4. No. She said dvd comes out on her birthday
  5. Less then one month till DVD release and still no info or some promo. What a mess.
  6. Remember when she said that 2017 will be very busy year?Yeah right. So, How do you like those apples?
  7. ^All this. Is this a joke?
  8. Some one please tell this aldo guy that his work really sucks. I mean he's the worst. I think anyone can do better job with paint progam.
  9. Royal T

    rate the tours

    RIT>The rest
  10. Best: VOGUE (RIT SST MDNA Super Bowl). Live to tell (confessions). Like a prayer (SST). Worst: Hung up (SST and MDNA).
  11. New links to downlaod DOWNLOAD: One File: https://mega.nz/#!w5...oDOL9H0d1VaTaII One File Without Speech: https://mega.nz/#!85...lzGOdILFxfTMAm0 Track By Track: https://mega.nz/#!Vx...qe2qJoUe1Or_eaU
  12. I just can't this is to much. Holy Water