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  1. RIT>The rest
  2. Loneliness has never been a stranger to me .. Oh i can relate to this
  3. I can't. How I love this song. I can't believe I discover this song last week.Every time I listen Bedtime Stories album I skip this song. How stupid I was. Who else love this song? I can't be only one.
  4. Oh my Lord. This would be perfect Devil Pray music video.
  5. Very Kylie Minogue. But also sound like Madonna. Anyway i like this.
  6. That was epic. This is what real fans do. Lets do it again
  7. and they don't care about her legacy at all
  8. I'm tired of this mess.. They NEED to upload all the videos on madonnavevo. ASAP
  9. omg prox, thank you so much. as always you so generous
  10. Candy shop.
  11. Maybe someone can share this image in HQ. It would be so amazing. I really love this photoshoot and i want this pic so bad. Please 🙏