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  1. Royal T

    Amy Winehouse (the artist)

    Why?? Let her rest in peace..
  2. Royal T

    Morrissey - early onset dementia?

    Also meanwhile in Oslo our Queen did this.
  3. Royal T

    Make your own mashups

    Thank you for this. This is really cool.
  4. she looks like Sofia Vergara, but more beautiful
  5. It would be amazing to have Wash allover me Demo in HQ
  6. Royal T

    *RUMOR* Rebel Heart Video??

    Please let this be true..
  7. Royal T

    New attack in Paris

    I live far far away from Paris but i'm still in shock. This is very sad. So many families lost they loved ones. This makes me sad. Why people so cruel. How can someone kill innocent person just for stupid religion.How barbaric. world gone mad.
  8. Royal T

    New TIDAL concert event?

    and what about this? can someone explain what is that? are we getting RHT livestrem. when? i'm so confused "#RebelHeartTour is on the West Coast- so we will be tuning into the #TIDALX1020 livestream….we are there in spirit! Make sure to watch on TIDAL.com!" -Madonna
  9. I found this on Tumblr Check out all 8 of Madonna’s submissions for the Grammy nominations 2016. The official nominations will be announced on December 7th.