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  1. Devil Pray when M and Cher 'sing hallelujah' together? Hahaha
  2. it's all about the emotions baby and another great performance! most songs she's performed are from the "heart" part. I wonder when will the rebel side make an appearance?
  3. Unapologetic Bitch Bitch, I'm Madonna Devil Pray Best Night S.E.X. Devil Pray Rebel Heart Wah All Over Me Ghosttown Living For Love
  4. From the 19 tracks: 1. Unapologetic Bitch 2. Best Night 3. Rebel Heart 4. Wash All Over Me 5. Ghosttown I haven't listened to the super deluxe tracks in full only heard the teasers from M Youtube page.
  5. another good interview and great performances.. I think the Ghosttown performance here was very emotional and much better overall compared to the Canal+ and that LFL perf - WOW Madonna from Girlie Show is back!
  6. the "yes baby" at the end part is always on repeat for me.. that sexy, raspy voice of hers could really turn any gay man straight
  7. so excited about this. cannot wait for her instagram tease.
  8. Devil Pray Bitch I'm Madonna Unapologetic Bitch S.E.X. Best Night Rebel Heart Ghosttown
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