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  1. Looking for Mercy Extreme Occident I Don't Search I Find Come Alive Ciao Bella Crazy God Control Future Killers Who Are Partying Dark Ballet Crave I Rise Batuka Funana Medellin Back That Up to the Beat Faz Gostozo Bitch I'm Loca
  2. totally agree... Come Alive is essential, one of the best tracks for me but these two really don't do anything for me.
  3. Favourites at the Top 1 Looking For Mercy 2 I Don't Search I FInd 3 God Control 4 Ciao Bella 5 Crazy 6 Extreme Occident 7 Funana 8 Come Alive 9 Future 10 Killers Who Are Partying 11 I Rise 12 Medellin 13 Dark Ballet 14 Crave 15 Batuka 16 Back That Up To The Beat 17 Faz Gostoso 18 Bitch I'm Loca
  4. This is still one of the best Madame X songs for me, its a crime that it's just a bonus track. I've removed Faz and Loca from my playlist as they are inferior to the 3 bonus tracks. Even Crave is one I skip, the bass is too loud in the mix and the production isn't as good on this as the rest of the album.
  5. I can't believe out of all the great songs on the album people wanted Faz as a single?
  6. Faz is ok but Bitch I'm Loca should have been on the bonus disc and not on the main album. These two are definitely my least favourite songs on the album. Ciao Bella is way better and should have been on disc one. Even Funana is better...
  7. This weeks Top 5 Ciao Bella I Don't Search I Find Looking For Mercy Crazy Funana
  8. My replacement Clear Vinyl arrived today in much better packaging and in great condition. Listening now and it sounds like a great pressing. My only issue now is why the plain black inner sleeves for the Vinyl when the CD had so many wonderful photos in the booklets ?!
  9. Still one of my favourites on Madame x... top 3 for sure
  10. I complained about the condition of my vinyl and they're sending me another one! Hope they package it properly this time to avoid damage.
  11. If she’s going to do another music video, I’d prefer one for Crazy or Looking For Mercy over this one.
  12. Clear Vinyl finally arrived today in pathetic flimsy packaging, every corner dinged and creases all over it... Will never buy from the official store again.
  13. My clear vinyl was supposed to come today... nothing... better arrive tomorrow!
  14. OMG American Life was A M A Z I N G I so need this tour to come to Australia !
  15. I'm gonna need a full length CRAZY video with the accordian...thanks
  16. Oops , I read on multiple sites that it was Dino singing on this !!! Well whoever it is he has an amazing voice! And I stand by the rest of my comments on this song, its too good to be a "bonus track", but at least we have it at all.
  17. imagine making reaction videos... I mean, how empty is your life ?
  18. Finally just received an email that my Clear Vinyl has been shipped and will be at my house Monday!
  19. This is one of my faves and really should have been on the main album. It sounds great directly after I Don’t Search I Find. Dino’s vocals are amazing and sexy.
  20. It wouldn’t matter what type of music Madonna put out at this stage. There seems to be a huge amount of people who want to drag her down no matter what she does these days. i think it’s just a reflection of their own sad lives to be frank, their loss!
  21. I wouldn't know. My Clear vinyl that I pre-ordered from the official store hasn't even been shipped yet !
  22. I’m not really into remixes these days, most sound really generic. Extended album versions on the other hand... yes please!
  23. Yep I have no need for the regular CD as it omits my 2 favourite songs. luckily I get that gorgeous artwork on the vinyl
  24. I’m shocked Ray Of Light didn’t get a number 1 in the US?
  25. Boys For Pele is my favourite Tori Amos album too...masterpiece! Madame X grows with each listen, I wouldn't change anything but some songs do stand out. I adore Extreme Occident, Looking For Mercy, Crazy, I Don't Search I Find, Come Alive, Batuka and God Control... all 10/10
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