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  1. Rebel Heart is done regarding singles and promotion, move on... I'd love a new album too but realistically its a couple of years away at least. STR 2 or a TOAC type album is likely and would at least give us something to chew on in the meantime…. All she has to do is pick a track listing and go into the studio and finish up a couple/few new songs from the RH demos. A soundtrack song is also very likely.
  2. Now the RHT is over, this album/era is officially done... I don't mind if we have to wait a year or two for the next proper album. But... I would love something like STR 2 in the interim. She could call it "Tears Of A Clown", a mix of her best ballads since STR 1 plus some new songs... Tracklisting would be something like this: 1 Send In The Clowns (new song) 2 Frozen 3 The Power Of Goodbye 4 Intervention 5 (new song) 6 Drowned World (Substitute For Love) 7 Between The Bars (studio version) 8 Joan Of Arc (Acoustic) 9 Paradise (Not For Me) 10 (new song) 11 Gone 12 Time Stood Still 13 Has To Be 14 Queen (new song) 15 You Must Love Me
  3. Queen is amazing,it would have fitted the theme of the Rebel Heart album perfectly. Better than a lot of the other official songs too.
  4. Body Shop It always puts a smile on my face when it comes on. Also Messiah, Joan of Arc, Devil Pray...
  5. Nothing else is going to happen with this album promo wise except for the remaining tour dates and a tour dvd. Next...
  6. I'm ready for the next album... I want another downtempo affair, something like Bedtime Stories or even Something To Remember version 2.0! Or even an Orchestral type album! Enough hip hop/dance for the moment please...
  7. More and more lately I wish this had of been 2 separate albums... A Rebel album and a Heart album. I just don't think the songs gel well together, and I end up disliking the Rebel songs because of it. If all the Rebel/Sex songs were on one album I think I'd enjoy them more. For me the Heart songs are superior in every way and make the Rebel ones sound tacky in between them...
  8. I really love most of the songs on Rebel Heart but it's too long for a classic album. I usually skip past my least favourites these days... ( illuminati, bitch I'm madonna, sex, holy water) Body Shop is IMO the best Madonna song in a very long time, also adore devil pray, unapologetic bitch, messiah, wash all over me & inside out. Not a big fan of kanyes production, think she should have gone with someone else...
  9. Rebel Heart has many great moments/songs but as an album I find it too long and a few tracks just shouldn't have made the cut. Ray Of Light Like A Prayer True Blue Bedtime Stories American Life Erotica Music Madonna Like A Virgin Confessions Rebel Heart MDNA Hard Candy
  10. I can't stand Candy Shop. Body Shop is one of the best and most surprising songs on Rebel Heart, a clear Winner!
  11. So… is there any reason at all to believe there may be a video for DP ? Or is this all pure speculation?
  12. In order: Devil Pray Messiah HeartBreak City Joan Of Arc Wash All Over Me
  13. Loads of problems with sound quality for me for the last 3 albums. Getting worse each time. I never noticed anything like this with previous albums. The worst thing for me on RH is the volume fluctuations (BIM too loud, Wash Over Me too low) Also distortion on Rebel Heart track.
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