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  1. Especially the Der Spiegel review at the end, where he writes that Madonna couldn’t do an evening on the piano or a concert in a church and her fans would prefer a singer / songwriter album LOL sorry what bullshit is this.. Actually we shouldn’t read that and listen without prejudice. I love all released tracks so far. Much more than anything on the last two records.
  2. Yes, it’s disturbing. But then again, it’s just the opinion of two people.
  3. As expected, Der Spiegel gave a bad review, maybe the worst of all. Hard to read. What an asshole.
  4. Agree. I love all 4 new tracks, I listen to them much more than I listened to ANY MDNA or Rebel Heart track.
  5. It hurt but, after all this over the top bashing and hating, I feel the tide starts to turn, many articles appear that are positive and ridicule the haters. Madonna is THE role model for resilience, that’s what I love about her, so let’s get over it. Feels good when the pain goes away.
  6. Eurovision is crap. Maybe 200 million watch it but it’s crap. Winners rarely make it. Exception ABBA. I wouldn’t have watched if Madonna wouldn’t have performed. Move on already. Where is your resilience friends? Look forward to the album and the tour.
  7. But it´s time to move on. She’s human. I love her even more after all this, sorry for German - es belustigt mich - wie sich die Hater gerade selbst entblößen. She and we will be fine.
  8. Just think that the Austrian government resigned after a scandal, but the most read article on der Spiegel was Madonna didn’t sing on key. I had to laugh
  9. Top 10 now on iTunes Germany, it seems it ´s the most successful where they criticize her the most.
  10. I still wonder who is responsible for the arrangement. Madonna? Kevin Antunes? Why is he still around? I mean, she is the biggest star on the planet, isnt she able to find a decent musical director?
  11. Listening to Medellin, Crave, Future to cure the pain.. it´s working love them all, best music in years, and still 6 more Mirwais tracks to look forward to.
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