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  1. WTF she is the biggest star ever why can ´t she find someone who fully understands her music and produces fantastic live versions?
  2. Blame it on Kevin Antunes! Why does she keep him when all he does is lifeless versions of her songs. Why did no one tell her she sounded off at the rehearsals?
  3. What a record.. can´t get enough of it. After binge hearing God Control Future Crave and IDSIF I discover / re-discover the other tracks, there´s not a single average or bad track on the album. Totally falling in love again with Medellin, what a song.
  4. I want to avoid spoilers about the tour so I stay away from most of the threads as people tend to post things I dont want to know right now. Will change in September.
  5. Ok didn‘t get that you were joking. Agree noone should speculate on that. And she doesn‘t look depressed at all. And stage fright is normal isn‘t it.
  6. I hope she doesn‘t take that. It makes you addicted.
  7. The setlist and the performance including the vocals were fine. Some imperfections always happen. On her tour, we‘re going to celebrate her and everything she has given us over the last three and a half decades as she deserves.
  8. The video is so clearly pro gun control, you can´t get more literal than that. And she does those videos clearly not for profit she doesn´t need to. The world has gone crazy.
  9. Just brilliant. Immense replay value. And it´s the third (!) single from the album. Someone at Popjustice said it feels like an imperial phase and it does.
  10. I have to admit that Rauhofer did some good remixes back in the day ... no comparison to Tracy Young and Offer Nissim..
  11. She can now release God Control and Faz Gostoso. Perfect singles run.
  12. I totally disagree. Medellin and Crave were excellent single choices.
  13. Sure. But not every gay is the same. For me, the original American Life would be special in every situation, be it tour or pride.
  14. Please please please let her stay away from ANY fucking generic remixes. Rauhofer (RIP), Tracy Young, Offer Nissim... the absolute worst. Why alter any classic original mixes like American Life or Medellin? I PRAY that she uses none of those on the tour.
  15. It´s not a tragedy at all, if she does an awesome performance and sings well.
  16. That would be awesome. And I want it on the tour along other AL tracks such as Nothing Fails and Intervention plz.
  17. 1. Crave 2. God Control 3. I Don ´t Search I Find 4. Come Alive 5. Future
  18. Right now I have the feeling that God Control is the best song I have ever heard. Might be deluded tho
  19. Does she sing in a normal voice in it too? Or just vocoder?
  20. I totally need a double vinyl 12" Maxi Single of I Don´t Search I Find with: A Extended Mix (like 12 minutes) B Instrumental C Acapella D Dub Now! Release!
  21. I couldn´t resist.. the snippets of I Don´t Search I Find are awesome, and God Control is the disco sample we already know.. love it
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