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  1. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    OKOKOK all those 50+ most favourite tracks are much too easy to do! Now pick your Top Ten! Here´s mine: 1 Dancing Queen 2 One Man, One Woman 3 S.O.S. 4 Fernando 5 The Winner Takes It All 6 Knowing Me Knowing You 7 The Name Of The Game 8 One Of Us 9 Summer Night City 10 Thank You For The Music
  2. My biggest wish is that she finds a new and fresh and creative musical director. Imo, Kevin Antunes is the worst thing that has happened to her. She should be celebrated in her concerts as she deseves, with exciting musicians or great reinventions of the songs, not just use album versions or horrible mash-ups.
  3. Musicinferno

    Justin Timberlake thread

    One can only hope that he ´s not Madonna‘s drummer anymore!! She should have fired the whole „band“, first and foremost Mr. Antunes after the S&S disaster.
  4. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    What a great list too! 🤩 As you say it´s easier to name the songs one doesn´t like.. for me that would be I Have A Dreram and Two For The Price Of One..😆
  5. Musicinferno

    Summer 2018 Music Tours

    For Barcelona too: https://www.ticketmaster.es/event/florence-the-machine-entradas/11801
  6. Musicinferno

    Summer 2018 Music Tours

    For Madrid, Golden Circle tickets are still available: https://www.ticketmaster.es/event/florence-the-machine-entradas/11799
  7. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    Thanks! ☺️ What are your favourites?
  8. Musicinferno

    Summer 2018 Music Tours

    They come to Spain in March (Barcelona and Madrid). I have seen them live on their last tour and I loved it. Besides, the new album is great - so I ´m even more excited for the coming tour.
  9. Musicinferno

    Summer 2018 Music Tours

    Janelle Monae Florence and the Machine
  10. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    So where do I start? When I was very small there was an ABBA Greatest Hits Double LP from a German TV show, which I loved that featured early hits of which I like most: S.O.S. (this is one of my all time favourites, one of Agnethas best) Honey Honey (especially the part where the boys sing 😂 I don´t wanna hurt you baby ....) Gonna Sing You My Lovesong and maybe Bang-A-Boomerang (it´s LOVE!), then came the Fernando single which is magnificent and one of Frida´s best, it was playing everywhere. Then of course Dancing Queen - no need to comment on that, from Arrival I love That´s Me (wasted on Dancing Queen´s B-Side) like an eagle flying with a dove.. and Knowing Me Knowing You ( I think it´s interesting that in ABBA´s most imperial phase ALL the singles featured leads by Frida) and maybe My Love, My Life. Then, on The Album I love The Name Of The Game and One Man, One Woman (which is maybe the biggest unknown gem of all ABBA songs, I LOVE the melody the vocals the lyrics even if they might be cheesy, and the strings at the end of the song). This is so huge. Then, of course, Thank You For The Music and Move On (which is maybe not their best song but it´s so uplifting). Of the disco songs that followed, Summer Night City is the one to go for, on Voulez-Vous, my fave is If It Wasn´t For The Nights. Then, on Super Trouper, the best song is The Winner Takes It All, probably their strongest track in later years. And, back then, I didn´t like it that much, but in recent years I liked Super Trouper a lot. Then, Our Last Summer. My name is actually Harry, but I don´t work in a bank! 😆 Lay All Your Love On Me is beautiful, too. The Visitors features beautiful songs too, the best for me is One Of Us. Second, Soldiers and then, Like An Angel Passing Through My Room. Past-Visitors, The Day Before You Came is beautiful too in its very special way. There are few ABBA songs that I don´t like, but those mentioned above are really special for me. Just counting, Agnetha 8, Frida 7, the rest shared, quite fair!
  11. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    I wonder (it´s frightening 😄), how do you who consider themselves real Abba fans, as I do, as I grew up with them and know lyrics to nearly every song, feel about the musical and the films? I saw the musical live in London in 2004 and was somehow able to enjoy it, but as you say, the girls harmonized like no others, and for me it‘s hard to hear anybody sing an ABBA song other than Agnetha and Frida.
  12. Musicinferno

    Florence & The Machine

    OK after 3 weeks of listening I have to say this is her best record. Tracks 3-4-5-6 on HBHBHB (Title Track, Queen Of Peace, Various Storms And Saints, Delilah) are still magnificent, but as a whole High As Hope is just amazing. It takes some time to get into it, but it´s so worth it.
  13. Musicinferno

    Florence & The Machine

    That´s how I feel about it - HBHBHB is one of my favourite albums of all time, so I don´t feel this one is on par or superior, it´s just different and I love a lot of the songs. I say : Great are: June, Hunger, Big God, Grace, 100 Years, The End Of Love, No Choir. Good: The rest. I want to listen to it all the time and I´m so looking forward to the tour!!
  14. Musicinferno

    Florence & The Machine

    The new album is great! Favourites on first listen are 100 Years and The End Of Love.
  15. Musicinferno

    rate the tours

    This. Her best vocally and the best musical reinventions. I always wonder whether people who rate it so low have seen it live or whether they judge it from the Lisbon recording. I will rank only the shows I have seen live: 1. Re-Invention 2. Blond Ambition 3. Confessions 4. Rebel Heart 5. Drowned World 6. MDNA 7. Sticky & Sweet Pt. 2 8. Sticky & Sweet Pt. 1