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  1. Musicinferno

    Florence & The Machine

    The new songs are from the High As Hope sessions but didn‘t fit in the mood of the album. Can‘t wait to hear Moderation live in March!
  2. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    Sure. But that´s part of their charm. Besides, they released one album a year.. so the one or the other subpar track must be excused... others wait for YEARS to release a new record.. #soon
  3. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    Of course it´s a matter of taste and Dancing Queen is probably highly overplayed but I would say it´s one of the best pop songs ever and also one of their finest. Benny and Björn were asked in one interview which songs they considered their best and they said Dancing Queen and The Winner Takes It All, I tend to agree, although I have a special love for One Man, One Woman. I too think that Arrival / The Album was their peak (love later albums too though).
  4. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    Another question, hard to answer I know but here it is: Do you have a favourite? Agnetha or Frida? I really don´t have a favourite, they are both so brilliant and unique, and sound so good together. It must have been hard for Frida when at the end of Abba, all the singles chosen had Agnetha on lead...on the other hand, during Arrival all the leads were by Frida..
  5. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    Jazzy, it didn´t feel like a massive flop in Europe back then, maybe it was different in Australia or the States. One Of Us was quite a big single, although less successful than the Super Trouper singles. But then, in the 80s, it became uncool to like Abba.. maybe it was good for them to stop at that point. Anyway, I saw a TV special yesterday on German television and that was really interesting, god I love their music and I always get so emotional..
  6. Musicinferno

    Kanye West

    I don´t believe that he has mental health issues. He´s rich and not too intelligent which makes an unfortunate combination..
  7. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    Thanks for all this! If It Wasn´t For The Nights is my favourite track on Voulez-Vous! That dancing in the first video tho
  8. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    OKOKOK all those 50+ most favourite tracks are much too easy to do! Now pick your Top Ten! Here´s mine: 1 Dancing Queen 2 One Man, One Woman 3 S.O.S. 4 Fernando 5 The Winner Takes It All 6 Knowing Me Knowing You 7 The Name Of The Game 8 One Of Us 9 Summer Night City 10 Thank You For The Music
  9. Musicinferno

    Justin Timberlake thread

    One can only hope that he ´s not Madonna‘s drummer anymore!! She should have fired the whole „band“, first and foremost Mr. Antunes after the S&S disaster.
  10. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    What a great list too! As you say it´s easier to name the songs one doesn´t like.. for me that would be I Have A Dreram and Two For The Price Of One..
  11. Musicinferno

    Summer 2018 Music Tours

    For Barcelona too: https://www.ticketmaster.es/event/florence-the-machine-entradas/11801
  12. Musicinferno

    Summer 2018 Music Tours

    For Madrid, Golden Circle tickets are still available: https://www.ticketmaster.es/event/florence-the-machine-entradas/11799
  13. Musicinferno

    ABBA thread

    Thanks! What are your favourites?
  14. Musicinferno

    Summer 2018 Music Tours

    They come to Spain in March (Barcelona and Madrid). I have seen them live on their last tour and I loved it. Besides, the new album is great - so I ´m even more excited for the coming tour.
  15. Musicinferno

    Summer 2018 Music Tours

    Janelle Monae Florence and the Machine