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  1. Musicinferno

    Florence & The Machine

    That´s how I feel about it - HBHBHB is one of my favourite albums of all time, so I don´t feel this one is on par or superior, it´s just different and I love a lot of the songs. I say : Great are: June, Hunger, Big God, Grace, 100 Years, The End Of Love, No Choir. Good: The rest. I want to listen to it all the time and I´m so looking forward to the tour!!
  2. Musicinferno

    Florence & The Machine

    The new album is great! Favourites on first listen are 100 Years and The End Of Love.
  3. Musicinferno

    rate the tours

    This. Her best vocally and the best musical reinventions. I always wonder whether people who rate it so low have seen it live or whether they judge it from the Lisbon recording. I will rank only the shows I have seen live: 1. Re-Invention 2. Blond Ambition 3. Confessions 4. Rebel Heart 5. Drowned World 6. MDNA 7. Sticky & Sweet Pt. 2 8. Sticky & Sweet Pt. 1