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  1. hyper

    Which tours have you seen live?

    DWT - Milan RIT - London & Paris CT - Hannover & Prague S&S 08 - Vienna S&S 09 - Munich MDNAT - Vienna RHT - Prague & Antwerp
  2. hyper

    New MIA

    I just had my first listen and I really like it. Need to listen more to give my verdict
  3. I wish he'd finally tour Europe properly ... guess there's not enough demand though
  4. hyper


    Massive Attack - Mezzanine 1998 was a great year, one of the best of my life so far.
  5. hyper


    I'm obsessed with her. "Touch" is my favourite & so far my summer song for 2016.
  6. First time in my life that I hear this name. Flush!
  7. The music is still great, though
  8. While it's just a drip of water on a hot stone, I still think it's remarkable that a Roman Catholic Pope made this statement. I applaud him. Could you imagine his predecessors saying something like that ..?
  9. hyper

    BREXIT vote aftermath

    It's all such an embarassing and unnecessary mess! Britain is like the guy who files for divorce but doesnt have his own place yet so he stays in the joint apartment and wants to take his time to find a new place.
  10. hyper

    Terrorist attacks at Istanbul's airport

    It's different in canada then. Here it's the top story and everybody is talking about it. Probably because it's geographically close & there is a big Turkish population living here.
  11. hyper

    Terrorist attacks at Istanbul's airport

    Of course people care. It's all over the news with live updates. Horrible and saddening- what is the world coming to
  12. Shocking and saddening news. I didn't think it would actually come to this. Equally shocking to read how unbelievebly ignorant and uneducated people on here are. I haven't read the entire thread but I'm truly shocked that people seemingly get their info from tabloids or blogs and have no clue about the EU at all. Issues like EU legislation, the eurozone, the single market etc. are discussed with such confidence & smugness only making it painfully obvious how clueless and uninformed people are. Thanks to Kim, rebelvv and a few others for speaking some sense. I'm out of here or I'll post something I'll regret
  13. hyper

    Michael Jackson Thread

    It's not about guilty or not, but about the sensationalist new spin that Radar put on an old report. I'm not sure what disgusts me more, the journalists' practises (i.e. twisting stories, tampering with photos etc.) or the people on here who hungrily lap it all up as if it was factual information coming from a serious news outlet like mindless sheep. So I guess there's some truth to Madonna being a lazy drunk falling around on stage, too ..?