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  1. This is my favourite song of the album. When I first heard this song with my headphones on I got goosepumps. And I instantly had lots of pictures in my head and a certain feeling. There are not many songs out there that can do that.
  2. Rainbow Vinyl Edition is available on fnac now. Strangely they use the RH cover at the moment. https://musique.fnac.com/a13470219/Madonna-Madame-X-Double-Vinyle-Arc-en-Ciel-Edition-Limitee-Deluxe-Vinyle-album
  3. On Amazon Germany you can download the song without pre-ordering the album.
  4. Definitely the vogue rap: Greta Garbo and Monroe Dietrich and DiMaggio Marlon Brando Jimmy Dean On the cover of a magazine Grace Kelly, Harlow Jean Picture of a beauty queen Gene Kelly Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers dance on air They had style they had grace Rita Hayworth gave good face Lauren, Katherine, Lana too Bette Davis we love you Ladies with an attitude Fellows that were in the mood Don't just stand there let's get to it Strike the pose there's nothing to it
  5. I hope she will end the tour with queen. Imagine that phrase 'may god bless you all' when she disapears. It gives me goosebumps.
  6. According to livenation.co.uk a second show in Prague has been announced! It's the following day, Nov 8th.
  7. The Loudness War: This Video describes the Loudness War very comprehensible.
  8. What was the original tracklist for mdna? I've missed that.
  9. S&S 1.0: Frankfurt, Germany S&S 2.0: Munich, Germany MDNA: Vienna, Austria
  10. Great song and lovely look in the video. And that Calderone remix hasn't lost its gorgeousness ever since it was released. One of her best remixes.
  11. Music - 7 Impressive Instant - 9 I Deserve It - 6 Amazing - 2 Nobody's Perfect - 1 Don't Tell Me - 7 What It Feels Like for a Girl - 6 Paradise (Not for Me) - 8 Gone - 9
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