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  1. I really like Kleinenberg's mix. Not sure about the others.
  2. The AVH and Mindskap mixes are the best of the bunch imo. I think Ghosttown just doesn't lend itself well to being remixed. None of the vocal mixes work imo.
  3. Totally blown away by Ghosttown. It's an instant classic. Everything about it works. M at her very best in all ways.
  4. The LFL performances keep getting better and better. This one was the best so far imo. Haven't watched the interview yet.
  5. - Devil Pray - Holy Water - Hold Tight - Addicted - Wash All Over Me
  6. I'm living for the Thrill remix! It doesn't have much of the vocal and I know a lot of fans hate mixes like that but the beat is sick! Can't stop playing it.
  7. I guess I'm out of the loop on the Ellen performances. I thought the first one was supposed to have aired today?
  8. I'm sure someone isolated the 95 minute Madonna portion. Hope it shows up soon!
  9. She sounded very proud of Ghosttown. Howard said it's his favorite from the album. She confirmed it's the next single. Video is being shot next week!
  10. Yes we need a YouTube link now. I wanna hear it again! Also I missed the first 15 minutes.
  11. Loved it! Howard's praise of the album seemed genuine. He was familiar with it at least lol. The throaty cold voice worked in her favor. She was relaxed. Great interview!
  12. It was really hard to watch, it looked like a painful fall. But after a few moments of regaining her bearings she carried on and gave a great performance! Aside from annoying gaga fans who nobody takes seriously anyway this will work in her favor. And most importantly, as she herself has stated, she's just fine. I'm so proud of her and proud to be a fan of the hardest working, most professional lady in the biz!
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