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  1. I was at this show and as she was indeed late, they have a curfew before the show has to end, she had to cut the show short and end the set quickly. there were a lot of pissed off people that night...
  2. Maybe it's now going to Netflix instead of the DVD release? It might explain her recent visit to the Netflix offices and the pre-order nowdisappearing
  3. Well she put ILNY Rock Version on IGTTYAS and I guess it would make people buy it. Wishful thinking I guess
  4. Will 'If I Had A Hammer' and 'TOAC' will be included on the CD?
  5. I do wish they'd use this iconic image instead. this literally took me two minutes to put together:
  6. I knew this would happen with the cover if that awful awful 'graphic designer', Aldo Diaz was involved. I guess nobody will see it anyway so not to worry...
  7. animalinstinct


    The first time I saw her live and this was the opening. Incredible. Everything I want from a Madonna live performance, the Klein visuals, the Gaultier costumes, the incredible dancers, the nod to Donna Summer, Stuart Price production, Equestrian theme and MADONNA ARRIVING OUT OF A MASSIVE FUCKING GLITTERBALL!!! Squeel.
  8. When are we getting to watch in the UK? Can we get onto Channel 4 somehow?!
  9. Wow this is really gonna dent the charts coming out so late. Billboard Hot Shot *new entry no.198 (1 week)
  10. That breakdown at the end is giving me life. It would be great to have a version that uses the album version but incorporates the darker qualities of this version.
  11. I see the artwork as more of a nod to her history, with the bangles from the first album covering her face, also representing her being suppressed or caged or silenced
  12. animalinstinct

    Predict the city where the DVD will be filmed

    This. How do we know she's not filming from all the stops. Fingers crossed for all the different songs she's sang in the acoustic section too, even as a bonus for the Blu-Ray
  13. animalinstinct

    I do not want a new Madonna album

    Just release the 'Iconic' video, it's art personified
  14. animalinstinct

    BloodDiamonds on Madonna/Rebel Heart

    Still waiting on hearing the Blood Diamonds version of 'Trust No Bitch', loved what they did for 'Devil Pray' especially
  15. animalinstinct

    RUMOUR: LiveNation to announce new 2016 tour dates?

    Actually I take that back. It would be Tidal wouldn't it *rolls eyes
  16. animalinstinct

    RUMOUR: LiveNation to announce new 2016 tour dates?

    I wonder if she'll pull a Swifty and put the concert on Apple Music? Coincidently, Jonas Akerlund directed it too.
  17. animalinstinct

    RH Tour Pictures!

    Some great pics here. Are you allowed to take a camera into the venue do we know? I see alot of people using iPhones but not digital camera's. I want to take my Nikon but worried that they may take it off me at the entrance!
  18. Fuck the Grammy's. It's still my album of the year.
  19. So today is the day. Fingers crossed for even a couple of nominations
  20. animalinstinct

    Manchester Arena UK 14th December

    Anybody else going to this? A friend has managed to get us hospitality passes! Thanks Mmmmm for setting up the topic
  21. animalinstinct

    Birmingham UK December 16

    Thanks Mmmmm
  22. animalinstinct

    Birmingham UK December 16

    Anybody going to the Manchester show? There doesn't seem to be a topic on here
  23. animalinstinct

    *RUMOR* Rebel Heart Video??

    Avicii version would be a great idea and would give people an incentive to buy the single...it's also very radio friendly (not that it makes any difference)
  24. animalinstinct

    RS 50 Best songs of 2015 #16 Ghosttown

    Well deserved! It might not have been the hit it deserved to be, but at least it's getting some recognition. Grammy nomination to follow?
  25. I'd love to hear the rumoured final version of 'Trust No Bitch' with Blood Diamonds, hopefully it will see the light of day at some point