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  1. That breakdown at the end is giving me life. It would be great to have a version that uses the album version but incorporates the darker qualities of this version.
  2. I see the artwork as more of a nod to her history, with the bangles from the first album covering her face, also representing her being suppressed or caged or silenced
  3. Still waiting on hearing the Blood Diamonds version of 'Trust No Bitch', loved what they did for 'Devil Pray' especially
  4. So today is the day. Fingers crossed for even a couple of nominations
  5. Avicii version would be a great idea and would give people an incentive to buy the single...it's also very radio friendly (not that it makes any difference)
  6. Well deserved! It might not have been the hit it deserved to be, but at least it's getting some recognition. Grammy nomination to follow?
  7. I'd love to hear the rumoured final version of 'Trust No Bitch' with Blood Diamonds, hopefully it will see the light of day at some point
  8. It's time to drop a new video now isn't it? Hopefully when the tour kicks off...fingers crossed for 'Devil Pray'.
  9. It MUST be 100M now?! Hope this makes the news, it'll be great to have some positive press for M
  10. That Nick Deboni remix has had nearly 125 000 plays on his Soundcloud now, that's pretty cool. I hope she uses the remix in some way as its really great what this kid has done. Reminds me a bit of the Summertime Sadness remix that was massive a couple of years ago
  11. So it seems to be going at a million a day still, this time next week we should be looking at her first Vevo Verified Bitch
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