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  1. Love “Come Alive”, but unfortunately that remix sucks.
  2. Not sure if it means something but Tracy Young remixed Come Alive...
  3. I agree. I used to like him, but since the way he came across with this, I’ve lost respect for him. He’s a bit of a dick isn’t he.
  4. Hope this means the song will get a proper single release. Send to radio and remixes please!
  5. Some remixes are out there, well Offer Nissim has one at least.
  6. Im intrigued to know where you heard these. As far as I know, Radio 2 only played those tracks when Madame X was their ‘album of the week’. I honestly don’t think ‘singles’ were sent to radio apart from ‘Medellin’.
  7. Can we get some radio play in the UK? I think her ‘team’ only sent Medellin a year ago, then nothing.
  8. These really are the best set of remixes she's released for some time. Rediscovering the DJLW remix today..It goes OFF!
  9. I feel like she will come full circle and do another 'Confessions' with Stuart Price. Wishful thinking i know. After she went political with Mirwais on American Life, she then went full-on dance pop with Stuart with Confessions. Also after a horse injury, but this time a knee injury...
  10. Yes. The fact that it still hasn’t been sent to radio and will be one of the long list of tracks that should’ve got a full on single release, makes me sad.
  11. I think they sent them to DJs before it hit #1 on the dance chart. Most of the remixes made their way to https://www.dirrrtyremixes.com
  12. Remixes for IDSIF are out now Cute that at the bottom of the artwork they have dedicated to Orlando Puerta
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