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  1. MADAME X IS OUR MOTHER, OURS TOO Tnx for posting
  2. So what, it's totally fine. You're a fan, of course you're going to support her in every way. We need to respect other people's opinion. She didn't even start with a proper promo tour yet, it's going to be a fun ride!!! I'm not blown away with the singles, but this is sort of a beginning and I can't wait to experience the rest of this era ❤ Crave got potentional for the radio hit, it seems general audience like it @vertigokane Good promo! Tnx Versace
  3. This is Madame X! This is what I want I want to see her wearing outfits from the trailer during promo tour She's not wearing a bra
  4. I like that edition too The other one with the flag looks lazy and meh
  5. mine also, now I listen to that remix more than original version
  6. This is a mockup, fanmade 100% confirmed, I know that fan
  7. Yeah, SNL def not, many singers receive a backlash for a bad singing, it's not safe xD I doubt she's going to perform at MTV MA Jimmy, Ellen, Dan Wootton interview, Pride... Short interviews EXTRA, ET, Today, GMA WE WANT MOREEE
  8. I wish he used more outdoor scenes (BEAUTIFUL SHOTS!!!) than the scenes when she's dancing around
  9. https://www.madonnarama.com/posts-en/2015/03/11/askmadona-on-instagram-qa-overview/ Btw 16 DAYS TILL DARK BALLET Medellin is till in top 10 on iTunes in Italy hahah Italy deserves the residency shows!
  10. I noticed that too and I think he retouched her neck (I'm fine with it) also in the preview
  11. Thank you very much! I see God control, Dark ballet and Killers are everyone's fav
  12. I was happy when she commented on the song few years ago and said it wasn't released as a single cause it's not radio friendly the North remembers I won't read the reviews till album release
  13. Well we need larger scanned photos and a translation lol
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