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  1. M_Sinner

    Eurovision thread

    @Msig What do you think about Croatia's entry?
  2. M_Sinner

    Bjork thread

    I'll try to enjoy it
  3. M_Sinner

    Bjork thread

    She is set to perform her first concert in Croatia this summer! I don't like the new album, but I'm very excited
  4. M_Sinner


    Don't like it at all, sounds like a Vulnicura leftover
  5. M_Sinner

    Eurovision thread

  6. M_Sinner

    Eurovision thread

    My fav: Hungary, Italy and Moldova
  7. M_Sinner

    Eurovision thread

    Italy is my fav so far
  8. M_Sinner

    Eurovision thread

    The worst
  9. M_Sinner

    MIA - New album

    Album of the year in the making https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BpMXQPwXwlw
  10. M_Sinner

    Everything Eurovision

    Croatia trying to hard, the song is nahh but the singer has an amazing voice
  11. M_Sinner

    Everything Eurovision

    Interesting one, like it
  12. Breatheheavy 2. Madonna – ‘Rebel Heart’ In our initial review of Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’, we predicted that it may go on to be her most underrated effort yet and we haven’t been proven wrong. Failing to hit number 1 on the Billboard 200 or produce any meaningfully successful singles, ‘Rebel Heart’ hasn’t lived up to the dizzying commercial heights of Madonna’s previous musical endeavors. But musically? It numbers among the Material Girl’s best. Featuring classic Madge floor fillers about self-expression alongside her most experimental work since ‘Confessions on a Dance Floor,’ her 2015 LP is everything you could want from a Madonna album. Flitting between heart-wrenching balladry and balls to the wall arrogance, ‘Rebel Heart’ is a nostalgic retrospective of one of the most stunning careers in pop music history and treads the line between current and pandering far better than Madonna’s detractors would have you believe. – Aaron Butterfield Read more at: http://go.breatheheavy.com/uPMqn MUUMUSE 3. Madonna, Rebel Heart Rebel Heart was royally fucked from the start, leaking months before the album was even officially announced. Every step of the way, from falling down stairs to sad Meerkat premieres, felt like another embarrassment. And yet, all that was a perfect representation of the underlying theme of Madonna’s thirteenth studio album: “I’m gonna carry on.” Rather than opting to go any one way — spiritual, sexual, dark disco — Madge threw everything against the wall with her latest studio album, resulting in a thousand flavors of self-empowerment (“Living For Love”), apocalyptic us-against-the-world anthems (“Ghosttown”), bouncy, brag-filled statements of self (“Bitch I’m Madonna”) and heartfelt moments of vulnerability (“Joan Of Arc”) we haven’t heard from her in years. (And a song about golden showers.) It’s brash, beautiful, occasionally embarrassing and often inspiring — truly the very essence of M.