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  1. Collaborations that never happened

    I didn't know about it http://ew.com/article/2000/06/08/truth-about-madonnas-new-album/
  2. Collaborations that never happened

    http://www.mtv.com/news/506075/chris-isaak-to-record-duets-with-madonna-and-gloria-estefan/ Isaak told ATN that he will be recording duets with Madonna and Gloria Estafan in the coming months. Isaak will trade verses with the Material Girl on "Something Stupid," a song that none other than Frank Sinatra sang with daughter Nancy so many years ago.
  3. Collaborations that never happened

    Spin : What do you think of Goldie? Madonna : I tried to get him to work on one of the tracks from Ray Of Light. Nellee Hooper played a bunch of early demos for him and he fell in love with « To Have And Not To Hold ». We sent him the master tapes and he said he wanted to work on it by himself and then we never heard from him.
  4. Miley's demo "Like Madonna"

    I think it's Rihanna's demo, maybe it's from Anti era
  5. Collaborations that never happened

    Moby wanted her to sing New York, New York, but she was on a tour Kanye's song Highlights
  6. Sounds fake or like Rihanna lol
  7. Collaborations that never happened

    Who knows From Barbra's fan sites: In April 1993, fans were disappointed to learn that a rumored duet between Madonna and Barbra Streisand would not happen due to scheduling problems. The pair were to have collaborated on “Anything You Can Do,” an Irving Berlin standard from Annie Get Your Gun.
  8. She wanted to work with Eminem, but he said no. Michael Jackson Barbra Streisand, due to scheduling problems Pavarotti Madonna also said she turned down a duet with Frank Sinatra, because he wanted to record her vocals on a tape, rather than sing together in a studio. More?
  9. Was it really denied as a single release in order to sell more copies of YCD? It would have been huge, top 5 hit def
  10. Vogue from the tours ranked

  11. Intervention Little star DJ Superstar
  12. Like A Prayer from the tours ranked

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