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  1. I feel so sorry for the kids but the world needs to know I'm curious if Janet is going to talk about it or mention Michael during her speech on R&R Hall of fame thing
  2. I just remembered how big MJ was in Germany, seeing him on every Bravo magazine cover lol @strictmachine yes I agree
  3. I think she didn't even watch it at that time she promised to do a recap of a second part, but she didn't. Maybe she did watch the whole thing later lol
  4. MJ fans are so delusional its scary. They better take some time to process that lol Last night I texted one guy about the doc, I knew he was a fan, I told him I saw the film and he was hysterically mad, calling me after midnight...
  5. I was all pro MJ when I heard about the doc, but now that I've watched it... he did it. Chronology of events, letters, calls, their relationship, you don't need any other evidence. Brilliant quote yes
  6. M_Sinner

    Eurovision thread

    I agree this one is classic though
  7. M_Sinner

    Eurovision thread

    @Msig Homophobic jury completely sabotaged Luka's performance for Croatian final, Roko will be representing Croatia
  8. M_Sinner

    Eurovision thread

    No similarities Btw you should work somewhere for Eurovision!
  9. M_Sinner

    Troye Sivan

    Corbinfisher set
  10. M_Sinner

    Troye Sivan

    M could use this youtube premiere reminder
  11. M_Sinner

    Years and Years

    Palo Santo is my fav album this year