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  1. This is my first album era as a fan and I'm so excited!! Bring it on Madonna!
  2. Yes, I totally agree with this but I'd be all for intense like secretproject! I think Madonna's at her best when she's at her most artistically creative and fearless and surprising.
  3. Were you wearing heels, thigh high stockings, and a long coat as well?
  4. I've always wanted to jiggle my boobs like she does in the TUTR video.
  5. Really? I never knew about that wow.
  6. I'm sure they see a handful of comments as notifications every time they log in and they probably block the really awful ones that come up sometimes. I just hope that because there can be thousands and thousands of comments they see mostly positive, supportive ones and don't worry too much about the others.
  7. I guess that helps explain why Madonna decided to perform onstage with Gorillaz at the 2006 Grammys - they were nominated and won for best Pop Collaboration.
  8. She'll probably do a special one off performance of Human Nature for its 20th anniversary.
  9. She did but it was just a minute of Open Your Heart during the gay wedding segment with Macklemore and Queen Latifah. Hung Up in 2006 was the last performance of new material during an awards show in the US.
  10. It's like there's a whole group now that chat with and support each other. It's really rather cute.
  11. Why are many of you so pessimistic about Madonna's approach to the album? She's spent more time on this album than she has on many others and seems to be focusing solely upon it. She also seems super enthusiastic about working with Diplo and other creative people. Besides, while it's tempting to look back at earlier trends, she's always remained relevant by changing tactics and continually surprising us. It's a completely different musical world than it was 10 or even 2 years ago and Madonna realizes that and knows how to adapt to changing trends better than anyone else. Have some more faith in her, please.
  12. It'll probably be a much less crowded release time as well so she can get a lot more media attention and focus.
  13. I really wouldn't be surprised if she's filming all of the videos and getting all of the promotion ready in advance - that would explain why this album has been taking so long since she hasn't had many other distractions. I think Beyonce's album has set a precedent for creating fully realized and visualized albums and eras by the release date.
  14. Haha I felt inspired to put together a whole setlist. The casual fans would so hate this one. The Unapologetic Tour Pussy Rain (video introduction) Where Life Begins Candy Shop Holy Water Bitch Thief of Hearts Gang Bang Unapologetic Bitch Human Nature Two Steps Behind Empowerment Heartbreak City Don’t Tell Me Beautiful Scars Rebel Heart Express Yourself Redemption Joan of Arc Live To Tell Devil Prays Messiah Like A Prayer Rebirth Ray of Light Music Holiday Living For Love
  15. Followed by Thief of Hearts // Gang Bang // Unapologetic Bitch // Human Nature The Bitch section
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